Best players
$9$331_10$10$Alpha$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$K o k o p e l l i [17$19$$28$K o k o p e l l i$29$Magmars
$9$1159_10$10$MIB$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$ZaMaNeM [17$19$$28$ZaMaNeM$29$Humans
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$LoGuS [17$19$$28$LoGuS$29$Magmars
$9$1245_10$10$Toxic$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$JPinhal [17$19$$28$JPinhal$29$Humans
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$Hatred [17$19$$28$Hatred$29$Magmars
$9$1159_10$10$MIB$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$_ROMAN_ [17$19$$28$_ROMAN_$29$Humans
$9$1159_10$10$MIB$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$bla3de [17$19$$28$bla3de$29$Humans
$9$268_10$10$Relentless$11$//$12$$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$-scar- [17$19$$28$-scar-$29$Humans
$13$16$14$Lord of the Battle$15$Acro [17$19$$28$Acro$29$Magmars
$9$1249_10$10$DevilGlow$11$//$12$$13$15$14$Legendary Conqueror$15$TotoK [17$19$$28$TotoK$29$Humans

Best clans


The Insignia of the Dragons 02.10.2015 18:13
Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward Humans and Magmars and dedicates a special event to the Dragons, who are always on guard and support the warriors in times of hardship.

The Insignia of the Dragon


Limited Time Payment Bonus! 29.09.2015 12:00
Warriors! For a limited time only bankers of the world of Faeo are offering you a very generous payment bonus. Purchase 150 and receive up to 85% more in bonus items. Buying 250 will give you up to 95% more value. Finally, when purchasing 500 you'll receive up to 100% of additional value!


Bankers' offer will last till September 30th, 23:59:59 Faeo time.
Make sure that you purchase diamonds by that time!

Works of the Great Blacksmith 25.09.2015 13:00
All brave warriors are dreaming to receive armor suitable to fight any spawn of darkness. Thanks to Shopkeeper Manaser, who lives in Allayas Wastelands, and  Shopkeeper Zaven, who resides in Eagles' Nest in order to receive such armor one doesn't have to be lucky, nor do they have to be rich. The only thing they have to do is to prove their valiance and perseverance.

Works of the Great Blacksmith is an indefinite event available for warriors of levels 6 through 10. Quests for other level groups will be introduced later.


Premium Elixirs 22.09.2015 17:00
Warriors, new fights and valorous battles await you. It is high time you got ready to them and replenished your arsenal, so that you would not regret about it later in figths.
A wide variety of elixirs just appeared in Premium shop. Visit the shop and celebrate your purchases with victories in battles.
Take part in fights fully armed - visit Premium shop!

Event Rewards Shop and September Bags 21.09.2015 17:00
Brave warriors of Faeo! Sseptember was very saturated with events and interesting tasks for you to complete. As usual, you did a great job.
The event «It's September—Back to School» has come to its end, now we invite you to visit a shop with event rewards at the City Fairs, which you will be able to purchase with Certificate of Omniscience.
Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!

The End of the Battle 15.09.2015 16:00
Warriors of  Ogriy and  Khair during the last few weeks were participating in fierce battles, completing tasks and earning victories for their race. They were fearlessly fighting on the Ancient plateau under the leadership of the Great Dragons. These were intense days of the event «Fury of the Dragons»! which came to its end.
 Erifarius and  Striagorn thank defenders of Faeo for their eagerness, courage and fortitude in battles!
Let valor and achievements received for participation in the event remind you about your feats at the battlefields! 

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