Best players
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$LoGuS [16$19$$28$LoGuS$29$Magmars
$9$268_10$10$Relentless$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$JPinhal [16$19$$28$JPinhal$29$Humans
$9$331_10$10$Alpha$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$K o k o p e l l i [16$19$$28$K o k o p e l l i$29$Magmars
$9$268_10$10$Relentless$11$$12$$13$15$14$Legendary Conqueror$15$-scar- [16$19$$28$-scar-$29$Humans
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$Hatred [16$19$$28$Hatred$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$$12$$13$13$14$Higher Master$15$Java [16$19$$28$Java$29$Magmars
$9$659_10$10$Red Wings$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$heartskilla [15$19$$28$heartskilla$29$Magmars
$9$1159_10$10$rMIB$11$$12$$13$14$14$Lord$15$HollyWood [16$19$$28$HollyWood$29$Humans
$9$268_10$10$Relentless$11$$12$$13$15$14$Legendary Conqueror$15$Lethowsow [16$19$$28$Lethowsow$29$Humans
$13$14$14$Lord$15$Tyemir Jibge [16$19$$28$Tyemir Jibge$29$Humans

Best clans


Evil forces of Chaos are planning to invade Faeo! 23.01.2015 15:00
Brave warriors, prepare! 

Once again Evil forces of Chaos are planning their invasion into the beautiful world of Faeo. Goddess Sheara is ready to deal with the invaders and will need help from both  Magmars and  Humans to save their wonderful homeland. To prevent the destruction and deaths of innocent she decided to be the first one to attack and commands you to collect the powerful Scales of the Golden Dragon to open the Portal into the Chaos World itself and carry out a poweful blow to cripple the UyarrMO leaders and their ugly Gungls.

The event will start today at 21:00 Faeo time. Every player who wants to help Sheara with preparations before the fight needs to see  Striagorn at Hell's Pass and  Erifarius at Foothills

Good luck to you, warriors! And may the heads of UyarrMO generals roll in the name of Sheara
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Special Chests for Special Customers! 20.01.2015 10:00
Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks and cordially invite all of you to purchase these unique goods at City Fairs of Dartrong and O’Delvays!


You can find many usefull things at the bottom of these coffers and trunks: Certificates, Amulets of Summon and War Mage Amulet, Encased Chess Figures, Combat Potions and other valuable goods.


Hurry! Coffers and Trunks will be out of stock on January 25th, 23:59:59 Faeo time!

Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and usefull goods! May the contents of the coffers help you on your way to new victories and deeds!
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The Insignia of the Dragons 16.01.2015 14:36
Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward Humans and Magmars and dedicates a special event to the Dragons, who are always on guard and support the warriors in times of hardship.

The Insignia of the Dragon

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Soldiers' Supplies 15.01.2015 15:44
Warriors! Having greatly celebrated the advent of New Year, Faeo inhabitants are gradually returning to their daily chores and errands. Yet for the brave defenders, who even during celebrations were on guard of their people safety, comes a hard time. In the most severe January frost, when peaceful citizens are enjoying the cozy atmosphere and warmth of their homes, warriors in heavy armor are taking care of threats on the borders of their continents that come from the enemies and furious monsters.

Centurion Mekden and Commander Norias are worried about their warriors’ spirits. In order to cheer them up they’ve decided to find a special dish recipe, which is easy to cook and at the same time extremely tasty, so that every warrior could enjoy it in the longlasting marches.

The event will last for 2 weeks: from 15 through 22 of January you’ll be able to complete quests
and from 22 through 29 of January you’ll be able to receive your reward in the Curiosities shop at the City fair.
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Mystery of Drifting Iceberg 14.01.2015 18:00
Warriors! If you pay a visit to a harbor inn after the sunset and start listening to the chatter of its visitors, you’ll be able to hear a story about the mysterious iceberg that has appeared out of nowhere in the Eldive sea. Sailors say that it was accidentally brought by a magical whirlpool and to date it was kept from melting by a cold current and ancient spell. The most peculiar thing, however, is that amid snowy tops of Northern wanderer - that is the name that was given to this floating ice rock - one can find a maze of caves inhabited by Yetis, who have left their tribes, and furious Berlings.

Abode of Eternal Ice – is a great finding for warriors from the Order of Juggernauts. Those who will be able to access snow caves and defeat furious monsters that live there will receive valuable reward - Quicksilver.

True Juggernaut won't miss such an opportunity!

You can reach the Iceberg on ships that depart from Terror Wharf and Grand Fort Harbor to Islands of Eternal Frost.

In order to access ice caves you’ll need to gather ancient cryptos. You'll find fragments of cryptos in Ice Bags, which you’ll be able to buy for 30 or 0.25 in Premium Shop.


The amount of Quicksilver that you receive depends on your level, the power of defeated monster and your own Juggernaut reputation.

Instance is available for 24 hours once per 5 days for individual completion for warriors from level 5 and higher.

Attention! Instance will become available after you assemble ancient cryptos.

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The Return of Armor Break 12.01.2015 17:10
Warriors! We hope you’ve had great New Year holidays and enjoyed non breaking armor and absence of traumas in case of defeat in battles. This great holiday time is comming to its end though, thus your items will break and you will be receiving traumas in case of defeat in fights starting from January 13, 10:00 Faeo time.

Mysterious Gnomes will extend the duration of Red Items with the expiry date that were bought during the Gnomish Trade Fair for the amount of days that non-break/no-trauma period lasted.
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