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Thursday, March 8th 2018, 5:47am

Author: foomy

Attack rule: Stay or remove?

i think rule too complicated. better to do it anyway. i think we should do following: 1. remove rule in say 3 months. 2. daily gifts should give normal thing, plus randomly drop a turn-the-table buf. 3. if the attacker is more than 3 lvls higher, turn-the-table buf would do the following: 3a. prevent all mages on attacker side from using magic for duration of fight. 3b. increase attacked player's max hp by say 100 x lvl difference 3c. auto heal attacked player by say 50 x lvl difference, every 1...

Thursday, August 31st 2017, 6:17am

Author: foomy

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - September Draw

8 - 11 - 44 - 56 42 - 19 - 73 - 61 81 - 88 - 41 - 99 63 - 24 - 4 - 37

Thursday, July 27th 2017, 2:42am

Author: foomy

flash dead soon

ok, so it's official. flash is going to die in 3 yrs. will server last that long?

Wednesday, July 26th 2017, 10:47am

Author: foomy

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery

57 - 13 - 87 - 7 3 - 77 - 22 - 21 52 - 69 - 84 - 25 86 - 63 - 40 - 31

Friday, April 28th 2017, 7:13am

Author: foomy

Dungeons of Forgotten Heroes Feedback

that ability for lvl 3-19 to be on same team, and lvl 3 to fight on equal footing with lvl 19 offer possibilities. perhaps clan vs clan, but not like the clan wars. or team vs team. make a tournament out of it, offers prizes, perhaps a badge thing like the rep badge. also need more tactic/strategy options rather than just go straight for flag.

Friday, March 24th 2017, 9:08am

Author: foomy

Admins please / monsterbalancing humans vs magmars

i did not check all locations, but for the mobs i typically hunt, which is lvl 4-5, i see 2x and 3x the number of mobs in the location. is this the new normal, or a bug?

Monday, February 17th 2014, 9:55am

Author: foomy

Question/Suggestions for Admins/Developers

Quoted from "Dzaack" because if this is the case, those who don't have an estate already on a server which has a lower population number then our own might want to buy one now as it's cheaper... but somehow i'm not so sure about this it seems to me this is going to apply to all servers, including .com. everyone who does not own land already, should buy land now. once population is merged, the number of "owned" plots in all locations will go up, which means prices will jump. then too, those othe...

Sunday, July 7th 2013, 2:50am

Author: foomy

staff of demonologist quest help please

i have staff, but gidver does not have option for me to give him staff. i contacted support. but they need to know the exact name of the quest. can someone tell the exact name of the quest that appears when talking to gdiver, when you have staff in your bag, please?

Saturday, May 25th 2013, 2:55am

Author: foomy

Guide to Buying Estate and Building on Them

Quoted from "Armagedon" okay..fine now...apparently, it takes a few minutes to show up...not sure why... well, in other games, it would be called lag. but since this game doesn't have lag, i would have to guess that it takes time for escrow, title transfer, that sort of thing. just like buying real estate in real life.

Sunday, October 2nd 2011, 11:34am

Author: foomy

cannot turn fossil in to menachem

when i click to turn in rare fossils, it continues to screen asking what i want to do next, but system does not take fossil from my pack, or give me rep. my rep is 1060, rare fossils give rep to 1500, and i have fossils in my pack. after update, this actually worked once. i turned in 1 fossil, got rep, then went to demonologist event, came back and get more fossils, but now i cannot turn them in.

Thursday, August 11th 2011, 1:11am

Author: foomy

human spy quest

1. when i go to report on the letter, the text reads just like when i turn in the bag. 2. after quest over, letter is still in my bag. is that supposed to be how that works?

Sunday, May 1st 2011, 6:16am

Author: foomy

gb rep

i was in a gb where i was armed with 4 twi pcs and 1 northwind pcs. after the fight, i get the msg that my armor is not enough to get gb rep. today, i was in another gb where i was armed with 5 twi pcs. i received gb rep after the fight. so it seems as if the system is not treating the northwind as the equivalent of a twi for gb rep purposes. that would seems to be a bug.

Saturday, January 15th 2011, 9:47am

Author: foomy

glitch in drop or infoportal?

according to bestiary, dugrkharg[5] drops green pauldrons/gauntlets/bracers. but i got exe boots from killing dugrkharg. is the drop wrong, or bestiary wrong? 08:29 Fight ended: Attack on Dugrkharg[href=]. 08:29 Some of your items have been damaged: Linen Shirt (-1). 08:29 ยป Executioner Boots: Sum of received Executioner Boots [href=]*1 pcs

Wednesday, December 1st 2010, 1:26am

Author: foomy

Ludial Chain Link Issue

my 4 are non-transferable