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Monday, January 6th 2020, 6:21pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt


The first one is Argor the Dueller. It helps you in fight with enemy, by cancelling their superblow progress and preventing their magic sometimes. It can be helpful against tough enemies. Second one is Grog the Healer. Like his name, it is a healer. It heals you, and gives you shield. We summon it mostly when we're about to die. Targar the Protector is the third amulet summon. It's a total staller. It just stalls, and reduces damage, never attacks. It makes the fight longer, you can use it to wa...

Tuesday, December 24th 2019, 10:58pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - January Draw - Holiday special!

1 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 25 - 29 3 - 9 - 15 - 17 -36 - 42 12 - 16 - 22 - 27 - 35 - 37 13 - 21 - 39 - 41 - 48 - 49

Sunday, December 22nd 2019, 9:10pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Jabba's New Year

My wish for the new year is to regain all the gold that I lost to gambling (Well of Fortune, Chests etc.) That cost me real much.. My new year resolution is not to waste that much gold, unnecessary. Trying to keep them at hand must be easier, just need a little bit will

Wednesday, December 18th 2019, 1:17pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Sheara's Arrival - Jabba Edition!

Well, it took me a few hours, sorry for the coloring idea at he last moment.

Wednesday, December 18th 2019, 2:06am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Sheara's Arrival - Jabba Style!

At first there was only war, blood and hatred. Two races clashing against each other, were in an endless war. The only objective of both was to end the other race. This went on and on. Months turned into years, years turned into centuries. War changed, but hatred didn't. Science slowly started to show itself which started a completely new era. Scientist Avelius invented a mechanical device that helped the Magmar soldiers endure the blows on war, and they won the battle easily. And then, the demo...

Saturday, December 7th 2019, 12:23am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[EFFECTS] How to buff right?

In PvE mode, I usually buff for rainbow farm. Rainbow sphere (well, wow!), red elixirs of invulnerability/or hurricane, eye of truth for more drop, blessing of the warrior for more damage are sine qua non of the rainbow hunt for me. Optional buffs are: Elders buff (it takes too much time to wait for it), reputation buffs if you have, dragon buffs if you have, evil eye pots and pots of gold if you've bought from the fair. Those buffs are grouped on two main objectives: "More damage" and "More loo...

Friday, November 29th 2019, 2:03pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - December Draw

5 - 12 - 13 - 15 19 - 21 - 27 - 32 35 - 38 - 39 - 40 42 - 44 - 45 - 49

Friday, November 29th 2019, 10:11am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[History] Faeon History

Elder Phyonius the Sage spoke these words to dark elves who came to city doors to attack. Dark elves came to get revence because humans killed their sacred tree, Zorgal Mitael Latunakhe, and the forest started dying.

Friday, November 22nd 2019, 11:07pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[November Even] Negative Compliments

Friday, November 22nd 2019, 9:02pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[REPUTATION] Sparks of Heavenly Fires

There are total of 6 reputations that you can finish with sparks. Underground Knights: 2-20 Sparks needed, depending to your victories. Hunters of Fortune: 7 Sparks needed. Great Battles: 20 Sparks needed Juggernauts: 1-29 Sparks needed, depending to Lirios you've brought. Pet Patrons: 7 Sparks needed. Custodians of Magic: 20 Sparks needed.

Sunday, November 17th 2019, 11:21am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[REPUTATION] Arbiters of Fate

First of all, we neet to get level 5 to be able to start reputation intro quests. There's the Ancient mask, which give those quests. So we need to find that mask after level 5. The mask can drop when killing superbeings, or participating the carnival of masks event. Once we get the mask, we need to complete the quests in order: Voice of the Ancient Mask, Postponed Death and Racing with Death. After we complete these quests we can reach and complete the missions of the firstborn.

Friday, November 8th 2019, 6:16pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[November Event] Positive Compliments

Since I dont get much compliments The link :

Friday, November 8th 2019, 5:03pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[QUEST] November Liche

We need to choose our quests carefully according to our goals during the "November - Zombie Invasion" event. Because the rewards of some quests may not be profitable depending to our goals. As an example: take "Resurrect the Dead" quest from Shiko the Paladin. It requires 3 coins and one amulet of resurrection (costs 5 silver) to complete, and gives premium elixirs and 50 silver as reward. If your goal is save money in this event, this quest is profitable. But if you want to collect mithril palm...

Friday, November 1st 2019, 10:45pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Craft your own Halloween mask!

Sorry for the repost, forgot to write my name. Here's the proof.

Friday, November 1st 2019, 10:34pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Craft your own Halloween mask!

I both crafted and put makeup. Whichever you like it!

Friday, November 1st 2019, 3:36pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[ITEM] Conlegret Cards

Legendary Cutthroats Deck. It requires 12 cards total, including 4 rare cards. It allows you to attack an enemy-race player once a week. If the target is'nt already at combat, noone can intervene the fight. It also puts a cutthroat gang for attacking you. If you kill them all, you'll recieve 6 extra scalps.

Thursday, October 31st 2019, 4:45pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - November Draw

1 - 6 - 12 - 15 20 - 22 - 23 - 26 27 - 31 - 37 - 39 40 - 42 - 44 - 48

Monday, October 28th 2019, 4:18pm

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Write your own Halloween Horror Story

A few years ago, he had lost his wife to a curse of Aladeya. After that tragic incident, he never walked on the green prairies nor swung his axe on the battlefields.. His joy of life totally flew away. He had become the Necromancer's right hand and an excellent servant of the God of The Cursed and the Dead. His life is now meaningless without his wife, so he was just an empty human shell doing his obligations. He was following his daily routine to Vassal's Tombs when he saw those Halloween prepa...

Saturday, September 14th 2019, 9:55am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Back to School Week - Friday: History!

Quoted from "_KrissKross_" correct. Quoted from "Jabba the Hutt" Sabaton's Ghost Division Song is about which historical event? It's about World War II. The 7th Panzer Division, commanded by Erwin Rommel, participated in the invasion of Belgium and France in 1940. By the third day of the invasion, the 7th along with three divisions commanded by General Heinz Guderian reached the river Meuse. By the 16th of May, the 7th had reached its assigned objective at Avesnes where it was supposed to stop ...

Saturday, September 14th 2019, 9:21am

Author: Jabba the Hutt

Back to School Week - Friday: History!

Since I'm into metal music more than history, this question goes for both! Sabaton's Ghost Division Song is about which historical event? Tell a little detail about this.