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Saturday, August 8th 2020, 1:19am

Author: Zevgrain

[AUGUST EVENT] Location Hunt

1 Berona Ranges 2 Luan Cost 3 Barrow of Death 4 Temple of Water 5 Terror Wharf 6 Kroffdor War Camp 7 Zviglod Grove 8 Wasteland of Rest 9 Deep Sea Valley 10 Settlement of Faytir 11 Graves of the Poor 12 White Reef 13 Ruins of Khor-abselon 14 Lost Wastelands 15 Haunted Place 16 Dead Cove 17 Wyvern Crossing 18 Ridge of Kayar 19 Tentacler Valley 20 Eldive Outpost

Monday, March 30th 2020, 6:53am

Author: Zevgrain

Ways to earn valor?

Hi, I'm Zevgrain! I'm lvl 3 right now and I would like to earn valor but the battlefields in this lvl never starts because there's no magmars in line, so I want to know if there's another way to earn valor at lvl 3-4 aside of battlefields.