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Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 12:25pm

Author: Sequana

Game client / Flash

Dear players, As you may already know, since the New Year, Google Chrome no longer supports Flash. However, this change should have no impact on players using the Game Client. It is recommended to not attempt to manually update Flash in the game client file settings, as this may corrupt the client. Should you experience issues, it is recommended to reinstall the client. Players who play solely via web-browsers will be able to run the game with HTML5, as prompted during login. Have a good game!

Wednesday, January 6th 2021, 12:51pm

Author: Sequana

[NUMBERS] Holiday draw - January

21-22-04-07 01-31-19-06 03-49-38-50 12-15-19-20

Monday, October 12th 2020, 2:30pm

Author: Sequana

I didn't get a prize listed! please help

Please send a ticket to support about this issue.

Wednesday, September 30th 2020, 1:18pm

Author: Sequana

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - OCTOBER Draw

21-22-04-07 01-31-19-06 03-49-38-50 12-15-19-23

Sunday, September 20th 2020, 8:48am

Author: Sequana

Common questions about rules and safe game play

Details to curses and solution are not to be discussed in forums. Please contact Lordofnightmares or Magic_Unicorn93 to get an answer.

Monday, August 17th 2020, 5:48pm

Author: Sequana

I cannot see my character in my bagI

Did you try to clear your cache? It often is a display error which can be fixed with clearing cache or updating the client.

Thursday, August 13th 2020, 10:28am

Author: Sequana

Playing on shared computers

General information about playing the game in Internet caf├ęs, other public computer or on shared computers: Every character should be played on its own computer. We are aware there are families in which several people want to play the game but only have one computer or some are not in possesion of a computer at home and therefore play the game on public shared computers such as internet cafes. We like to inform you, that sharing computers or playing on public computer can be risky: 1. If more th...

Thursday, August 6th 2020, 7:02pm

Author: Sequana

Issue with payments

Dear players, currently there seem to be an issue with payments via paypal. Administration is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it asap. Should you buy diamonds and not receive them withing 30 minutes, please submit a ticket to support via our support site. Please keep in mind to open the site via browser to avoid any issues with the support site. Thank you for your understanding!

Thursday, August 6th 2020, 12:06pm

Author: Sequana

<text152>< ![CDATA[]]></text152>

There is currently a little bug due to works on the grahical content on all EU-Servers. Everything should be fixed by tonight though. Thank your for your understanding and patience.

Friday, July 17th 2020, 7:59am

Author: Sequana

Server or Race Transfers

Dear players, due to several inconvenient happenings during the transfers between servers or race in the past few weeks we like to ask you to pay attention to the following procedure: BEFORE submitting a ticket with your request: ON YOUR OWN delete all characters from you friends/enemies list.If your character is a member of the clan, you should leave it.When the character is transferred to another race, his/her appearance is changed randomly, later you will be able to change it.If a character h...

Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:16am

Author: Sequana

Broken Library [Post HERE!]

Dear players, This thread is dedicated to reporting Library links that have any mistakes in them. If you encounter an article in the library that has any mistakes/outdated information/that has any untranslated text/that is missing any important information, please submit a reply in this thread. Your comment should include: Title of the article;A link to the article;What part needs correction and why.Your reports will be collected and all mistakes will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for ...

Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:15am

Author: Sequana

Broken stuff [Post HERE!]

Dear players, We already have a thread for untranslated Russian text you may encounter and a thread for library articles that need to be updated. However, there are still many things that may be incorrect/incomplete out there, for example, misspelled words, incorrect or missing information in descriptions or names or articles, which don't fall under any of the above mentioned threads. This is why I am creating this third thread. Should you encounter any mistakes, please submit them in a comment ...

Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:14am

Author: Sequana

Russian Texts in Quests [Report HERE!]

Dear players. This thread is dedicated to reporting quests with Russian texts in it. If you encounter a quest that has Russian please submit a message here. You message should include: 1) Title of the quest 2) Part of the quest that you see in Russian: dialogues, descriptions, goals, messages in chats, etc. 3) Examples if you can. Your reports will be collected and sent to our localization team. Thank you for cooperation.

Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:09am

Author: Sequana

Complaints about Magmar Mentors

The form of submission for the complaint: 1. The reference to the Mentor: Name of the Mentor 2. Date and time of incident 3. The nature of the complaint: Please include full description and chat log.

Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:08am

Author: Sequana

Complaints Against Human Mentors

The form of submission for the complaint: 1. The reference to the Mentor: Name of the Mentor 2. Date and time of incident 3. The nature of the complaint: Please include full description and chat log. 4. Presence of a screenshot? ANY COMPLAINTS NOT IN THE ABOVE FORMAT WILL BE DELETED!

Monday, June 29th 2020, 10:43am

Author: Sequana

Common questions about rules and safe game play

If you have a question that does not fit the other threads on this forum, please post here your question. Please check first if your question cant be answered in the other threads on this forum or was already answered in this post.