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Sunday, July 4th 2021, 12:16pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Battlefields lvl 3 - 4…4008#post304008 stronger than novice set and have no life-span lol :d since you are magmars, i drop this here for anyone who like to buy from human's race "when his credit card maxed out and still cant get a win"

Saturday, June 26th 2021, 7:29am

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Streamers and Video-creators

These are old but you might find them usefull…JO8DMw2w/videos

Monday, April 5th 2021, 7:56pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Plat thaler

My suggestion is for getting thaler; exchange :p for example giving 15 evil eye to npc or market, we should be able to buy bag of thaler or some amount of thaler.

Sunday, April 4th 2021, 3:19pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Bringing back an old event

Yo everyone, this event would be good :d

Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 9:27pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Advice for 5 level player

Quoted from "vermili0n" I was killing 330 zombie in 1 hour. 25+ evil eye on average ( lvl5) So you basicly one shot them in almost every fight. wp

Monday, June 15th 2020, 11:41am

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Advice for 5 level player

Quoted from "Alex321" lvl up Thanks for advice

Sunday, June 14th 2020, 5:06pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Advice for 5 level player

Hey everyone, I killed 270 zombies yesterday and got 11 ee in a hour. and today i killed 230 and got 24 ee. So here is advice for all of you, dont spent a lot of money to kill zombies faster. they are gonna stall you anyways. Another advice for dodgers; you dont have to change your set to bc in order to do rainy. I had 2 set ( dodger and bc ) they are totally same. The only difference between them, if you put VI purple runes every items, you can kill zombies with power elixir instead of blood el...

Friday, June 12th 2020, 11:15am

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Rainy drops ee

Hey admins, can you open my drops?

Thursday, May 28th 2020, 5:53pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - June Draw -

1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8 9-10-11-12 13-14-15-16 Quoted Invalid entry. Please see how to make a valid entry:…&threadID=36453

Tuesday, May 19th 2020, 11:25pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Ranger Camp Menu

Great idea +1

Saturday, May 9th 2020, 5:21pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

New battlefield idea i think most players will like :)

Nah lets pay 5000 diamond for each cc quest, agudar and tallaar feast

Friday, May 8th 2020, 4:29pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

EE pot ruin (not work)

Same goes for me too, 270 zombies in a hour but 5 ee from ee pot, normally i got more than 15

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 9:17pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - May Draw -

2-4-8-6 13-15-17-19 21-22-23-24 9-18-27-36 Invalid, wrong format. Quoted Please enter your numbers as shown in this thread! Any other writing might not be counted in the lottery. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 9:23pm

Author: Dr_Hanasomay

Streamers and Video-creators 1 hour rainy rush, 266 zombie = 23 evil eye