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Friday, October 1st 2021, 2:33am

Author: Tigero12

Auction new request problem

why not weapon certificate, put it in rare items please or solve bugs, i thing need same time to solve bug that time needeed for change items category. why dont want solve it?

Thursday, September 30th 2021, 6:09pm

Author: Tigero12

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - October draw

03-07-09-12 23-25-28-29 48-43-33-39 02-19-41-37 i dont see a winner alot of months ago

Wednesday, April 28th 2021, 6:07pm

Author: Tigero12

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - May Draw

03-23-45-32 09-48-37-35 01-12-13-14 31-21-20-40

Saturday, March 20th 2021, 9:02pm

Author: Tigero12

[MARCH EVENT] Welcome to Las WoDas - Gamble

mid mid top top bottom mid top INVALID ENTRY: Please ensure to post your entry in the correct format in future

Saturday, February 27th 2021, 11:50pm

Author: Tigero12

[NUMBERS] Big Fat Monthly Lottery - MARCH Draw

01-02-03-04 11-12-13-19 33-35-37-39 49-48-47-40

Wednesday, December 30th 2020, 7:45pm

Author: Tigero12

[NUMBERS] Holiday draw - January

05-15-25-35 45-01-11-21 33-44-22-07 49-19-39-03

Saturday, August 8th 2020, 1:18am

Author: Tigero12

[AUGUST EVENT] Location Hunt

1-berona ranges 2-luan cost 3-barrow of death 4-temple of water 5-Terror wharf 6-kroffdor war camp 7-zviglod grove 8-wasteland of rest 9-deep sea valley 10-settlement of faytir 11-graves of the poor 12-white reef 13-ruins of khor-abselon 14-lost wastelands 15-haunted place 16-dead cove 17-wyvern crossing 18-ridge of kayar 19-tentacler valley 20-Eldive outpost