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Monday, March 19th 2012, 6:14pm

Your very own childhood! - Event

Dear Warriors,

You are strong, brave and maybe already a Hero in your lands but do you remember where you came from? What made you the great warrior you are?

Tell us our own story! Let us and all of Faeo inhabitants know who you really are and what you have been thru.


The story should not be longer then 500 letters but at least 5 sentences. :dragon:


As a reward for the best 3 stories we give out gifts (Blue, Yellow or Purple). For everyone that joins this competition we will hand out a nice bag of candy. :smile:

Last day to enter is 23.03.2012.

And the winners are:

Fairy Tale

Congratulations! :dragon: Please let me know which gift you want.

Everyone else will receive their candy bag soon. :smile: Thank you for all the amazing stories.


Monday, March 19th 2012, 6:22pm

should the story be an awsome moment from the childhood or something game related?
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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 12:04am

I joined game and started looting humans and scalping them right away. I've grown up (to lvl 4 :lol:) and now im being guided through this wonderful game by Mama Ice. Ive had the best of times in earlier accounts but im valor now, so i wish the best to me and my valor pals. I hope to be like toff one day and conquer. Some big thanks to Attentater, Elesia Ice, Satana13, _MoSSy_ and a bunch more that will go off the 500 letter count. Thank you to all that have, are and always will be helping me through my valor path. :beer:


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 2:46am

I started out playing in 2008 as a magmar until i quit. then i started to play again as a human and i tryed out for valor but then i quit. Then i quit the game until 2010 and i started playing as a magmar again and i got to level 4 and i rerolled.I then would start getting bored of characters and rerolling alot. Finally i am sticking with this character as my final choice of character and I now have the most reroll's in the whole history of WoD! (Over 193! :lol:)


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 4:32am

I Joined the game as fresh as, then i met a mentor who taught me why this game is so wonderful to play. I played through level 1-4 pretty quickly and didnt take much notice to valour at all. I then met a strong warrior who told me that i needed to learn about valour and why its so important thus beginning my long journey towards the valour ranks.
As the path was long and i was so weak i understood what was required to catch up to everyone and started a path to the brotherhood of virtue and obtaining the one thing that could help me obtain my goals and my dreams. Once i started the battlefields i was hooked and couldnt stop. Slaying mags and being slained myself the excitement and adrenaline excited me and i wanted more. Thanks to certian people i have joined the top ranks to my level and i would like to thanks these people

Humans: Bluewombat, -Queen Of Death, Paledeath, Dark Wolf, Trauma Magnet, -XonoX-, Mileedi, Phaethon
Magmars: KuPiDoNcHiK, kalavijas_lt, OTBOINIKK, -Son-of-Set-, Armageddon

These people are the people i have aspired to be like. and this includes the magmars. They are strong warriors and have taught me alot inside and outside of battle.
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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 5:39am

Born in the settlement of Klesva, I was left at the well by my mother Shearah, discovered by chief Kort I was carried to Crossknight who told Kort to take this young child to Bludaria and thats where I spent my child hood, learning the secrets of Faeo. Life was simple, I spent my days dancing in the Meadows, Playing with various creatures that roamed Ogry. But soon I was faced with a terrible creature never seen before, a Dirty Filthy Magmar had wondered into the clover fields, I quickly dropped the sweet cuddly kretches and grabbed the only thing my step mother had given me, a crystal ball. I clutched the ball in my hands and closed my eyes... moments later I appeared to be standing beside a Great Dragon named Efarious! The Magmar shocked ran away in his cowardess. I ran quickly to bludaria to tell her of my tale, when she looked down upon me and said " my dear I had forseen this day thus why you were given the name -Queen of Death from the moment I took you into my arms", from that day on the young girl known by the inhabitants of ogry as Queeny soon became a great warrior! :smile:


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 5:44am

1) Can I make a story up?
2) Does it have to be serious?


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 8:15am

Well i was born in settlement of chernag :P , i first didn't know about valor, or what valor was, i started as a hunter, as many people did, i started to see many valor players, talking about valor, with the help of some of them i decided to go valor, i rerolled a few times, always loyal to magmar race, then with time i started to learn little by little about valor, and about quests, it took me long to be able to undertand what valor was, at last, i was able to achieve my goals so far, because of my friends, my clan, and all the people that helped me. what makes me the warrior i am today? well i love to help a lot , i always help my clannies or any other player with quests and questions , i dont really ask for anything in return, just a thnk you is enought for me , i always like to see a player happy because i know somehow i was able to help, i try to give a all the help i can, because i know that without help its hard sometimes, so i guess that makes me the warrior i am today, i might not be famous as many players are, but im glad some knows me for who i am, a helpfull kind person :)

Special thnks to : Redemption, Lethal, Guards, Mentors, and others clans and players, without your help i wouldnt be the player i am today :beer:
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and his scalp will be my trophy soon :)


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 10:58am

Cast out as a young child, Jarlaxle was forced to grow up in the unforgiving streets of Dartrong. An outcast, even among his own race, had not deterred this young child from doing what was needed to survive. Pilfering food, tools, and weapons from the city as a means of living, while fighting and carving out a name for himself amongst the thieves and dark societies of the Magmar. As he grew, so did his skills and his uncanny ability to survive the harsh life with which he was living in. He developed a quick wit, a cutthroat attitude, a deviously cunning mind, a sophisticated and diplomatic personality, and the dexterity and skill with a blade to keep himself alive. His fame/infamy grew as well as the resources at his command, along side follow Brothers and sisters who were all cast out or abandoned, with this he formed a feared band of brigand's called Brigand D'aerthe. Leading this band, Jarlaxle soon became known to all, feared by those who crossed him, or had the misfortune to face on a battlefield, there isn't a group who hasn't heard of his followers or their ability's. But That my friends is another story for later.

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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 11:06am

long story short... I am one of the oldest players on ths server... my first char ( done pretty much everything that this game has to offer... grew up fighting against human that tryed to control resources, fought and slayed thousand of magmars and, outside fight grounds, tryed to maintain high morale values... which of course is prety much silly in a war game... I was amoung the players that formed the first alliance in this game (long before alliances were introduced) ad I am talking about Relentless clan which, for a while served the main purpose of its birth. I was also had a big influence in Heracle69 leaving the game for good... and back then i used to help many of todays heroes who were decent and respectful (unlike now)... I left the char and the game because there wasnt really much left to do back then and wanted to give another shot on another server... Today, I still have friends from my previous game life but i also have enemyes I never expected to have... but this is how life in FAEO is... I am back and I will claim my lost position soon enough.
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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 11:44am

Guys, this is a story contest and not "How do I discovered Wod." ^^

Tell me a tale like: "I was born in a dark chamber and the first thing I saw was a dog chewing my leg off... " and so on. :) Like a real story, fantasy, action..


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 11:45am

Quoted from "Mini_D_Missiles;136764"

1) Can I make a story up?
2) Does it have to be serious?




Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 1:39pm

Once created in the land of Frost and then violently thrown into this world through Klesva. Not sure what to do and how to handle things in this world I grew up fast. I soon discovered surviving in this world lead to many meetings with the hotheaded and warmblooded mags, not a very suitable environment for a snowwoman trying to keep her cool. As unsuitable as it may have been, it has provided for lots of fun.
Right now I’m trying to return to the land of Frost for some fun wintergames and making snowballs. Unfortunately my visa seems to have expired and I need to wait a bit before returning.


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 1:45pm

I have amnesia...I cant exactly remember my childhood.
But i sometimes have visions when I close my eyes....a dark brooding sorceror trapping my memories in a soul gem and casting it at the highest peak of Mount Gayofo.
Hence, I think I need to go for a journey to get back my memories..
Although the question is, is it worth it? Is it worth all the effort? Maybe my childhood was filled with blood and sorrow, and probably the sorceror acted on mercy.
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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 2:16pm

I was born under the bridge in Barrow of Death my dad was a magmar and mother was an aboris. When I was small I used to make counterfeit gnome runes from my relatives on my mother's side and sell them to buy some laughing powder. I also liked to sit under the bridge, taking out queen zigs, replacing them with ordinary fireflies just to piss people off, as I grew I started hijacking zorbs and robbing the caravans. The authorities threw me into the jail and later sent me to forgotten mines to forget about me and when I returned... no, wait, I died there young and beautiful, that's a sad story.

Cruel world.


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 4:22pm

When I was child, I was poacher and killed bunch of innocent zigreds and kretches. I've been told that they may have divine drop, never seen by any alive, so I joined the crowd of leather dressed peoples and was looking for it. Such thing was for years, and I did lost my faith in drop or something. And I decided to go for a whale , atm I'm raising my skill on sturgeons and salmons, but I truly believe one day whale will attack me after catching of some regular fish like Uborg attacks after mobs – my win will be sign of maturing.


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 6:21pm

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Woohoo! I'm going to have some fun with this.


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 6:23pm

A Guard was fighting a pack of hounds. The young magmar was watching, afraid. The Guard ducked and dodged dancing amidst the demonic pack, all the while hacking away at them till at last a pile of bodies lay strewn around. The magmar watched with awe as the Guard came over breathing heavily and whispered to him, “Fight, fight and fight some more, till the last warrior is left standing”. It was as if a jolt ran down his spine. He vowed to himself that he will follow the Guard’s advice and learn to fight like him. Now he is the warrior who dances with the twin deadly blades in his hands famed as the “LastWarrior”.


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 6:46pm

Behold my son, i send him to you, as sheep among wolves.
Ohh wait, that's from another script :lol:

Years back, dont ask how many :p people were simple and had trully deep respect for their Gods but also .... envy!
Born having royal (stupid me, i believed that) blood running through my veins. Family and friends were amazed with my shiny appearance, and as soon as my father's eyes saw me for the very first time I started to glow .

But not entirely everything was perfect ...

Never felt like following elders steps and doctrines:koldun:

Used to observe other strong "entities", divine or not, always trying to look a like with the strongest of them,
had also visions : me being strong,Veeeeery strong, unbeatable .....and with my baby arms holding the reins ... of everything.

Years had passed, yet my fantasies were growing ...

So, one day, in pursuit of my dream (as any other boy, always thinking and trying to put his hands on daddy's car ... (and also on a few more things;), I made the big step. :jump:
Took his Porsche .....for a joyride with my girlfriend (had troubles ...uhhm.... u know ...convincing ....
Had to find a WAY...!!! :kiss:

Was the legendary 911 turbo ....what could be wrong ...:dragon:

:stesn:Troubles were just beyond the corner.

[Put the worst case scenario here]

In short, couldn't take my eyes from her as she was amazed with the car and its acceleration ....felt like true God :D :dance:

End up dirty, sweat and locked up waiting for a call.Don't ask bout the car ...:bee:


Yet, breaking the rules feels so damn GOOD :neznau:
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Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 9:16pm

My tale

[INDENT][/INDENT]I was born the illegitimate love child of the Magmar leader Andelvan and his devoted human slave women. I was born in Khair and lived in secret with my mother in the soiled lands beneath the shadow of the Bloodythirsty Monster. Only a few years old at the time, my father was killed by Goh Zanar during a raid led by the legendary human Moonwalker. My mother and I were rescued with the other human slaves. For days we traveled the angry seas until finally the sun broke through the dark clouds, the waters glistened blue, and I remembering setting eyes on the shores of Ogiry. It was the most beautiful sight ever to behold. :jump:

[INDENT][/INDENT]Once settled, mother took up the jeweler profession. I spent many days at Virigiyia helping her dig sapphire stones and deliver dust orders to O’Delvays Square. The telltale signs of my Magmar blood soon receded under the nourishment of sunshine on my skin. While picking in Kingala one day, a bloom of sickly necrosphosdels sprouted and before my mother could react she clouded in a blinding haze. It was at the moment the invading Magmars arrived in Kingala and slaughtered the unarmed humans. I was an orphan. :cry:

[INDENT][/INDENT]I made my home in the shanties of Free Meadows and explored Ogiry. One day while delivering an order of dusts, I was accosted by a grumpy troll who appeared from under a bridge. “What is your name?” it asked me, blocking my way onto the bridge and dancing a strange troll jig. I looked around, hoping to find a band of warriors to help me but found that I was all alone. “Sheal” I whispered. “What is your quest?” It grumbled giddily as its belly bounced around. “I am delivering this order to a customer.” I squeaked out timidly. “What is your favorite color?” it continued, still hopping on one leg and then the other. “Red” I answered. At that moment the troll stopped, cocked its stumpy head to one side and said, “Go on. Off you go.” I held my pack closely to me and walked slowly across the bridge. When I glanced back, the troll waved heartily, laughed and disappeared. When I reached the end of the bridge, I noticed a peculiar sign tilted to one side and scrawled into it was “FAIRY TALE’S BRIDGE.” What a strange creature I thought. When I arrived to town there in my pack was a gnome rune and upon charging it I received a Red Battle Axe, a gift from the troll. :dance:

[INDENT][/INDENT]Equipped with my axe, I was welcomed into the Saber family where I become close to the other children there. I was soon trained to become a warrior. My brothers, the DARTHS and my sisters, Lake-Witch and Fistadani taught me. While other children frolicked in the flowers catching rabid dogs, we trained with Damirus and the Underground Knights Keeper spending many painful years in the arenas and battlefields. We emerged bloody and victorious. No longer was I a child, I was the beginnings of a great warrior and here I stand today ready to avenge my mother. :ninza: be continued...