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Wednesday, June 29th 2016, 7:01pm

Volatile world lvl 10 quest

This is a really fast version of the steps u need to do in order to complete the volatile world quest - The magmar version -

Keep in mind this is just my way of doing the quest , You don't have to follow it litteraly but it will give an idea of what is needed to be done

Good luck !

volatile world lvl 10

from the elder
go see marista the witch
head to any location and kill lvl 10 king scorpions untill you drop the old scorpion venom , it should drop when you have killed
about 10~12 scorpions
back to marista the witch
go kill 12 grim gargoils
return to marista
return to the elder
go see the necromanser in burrial ground
get 2 ees and 3 skulls
as soon as u give the eyes and skulls you will be attacked by revenants fairly hard 1101 life 5 of them and hit half as much as you do
40-80 (20-60 on block ) : i've used a bone dragon for this fight but it would have been over
with some scorpion amulets or 2 warrior amulets
Return to the elder
see the demonologist faytvor subberbs
go to the baltazar cell - dont worry it is open . even if you did the baltazar banishment quest
attack the summoned demond in hunt screen
10118 life quite hard if you ask me he hits same as a lvl 10 playerso i reccomend using dragon blow and block
return to the demonologist faytvor subberbs
return to the elder
speak to avelus the scholar
speak to soygar the craft woman
kill a baby korr get the slime Hp 5,243 . And get 150 marvelous glass
hint : if you dont have a lagmur 6 sharkers would be needed to have a normal fight vs the baby korr
hint : the dissolution of pots can be a good way to get marvelous glass fast - or playing some tavern games
speak to sygar the craft woman
you will receive a casket with lock
to open 1=4,2=3,3=3,4=6,5=4,6=5,7=4,( click on the 4 drum , and so on ... )
speak to sygar
speak to avelus
return to elder
go to the navigator at wayver crossing
kill 12 grim gargoils
speak to the navigator
go to terror warf and speak to sentry groumer ( governer't tower )
repell an attack of 4 lvl 10 gelanfs 1301 life each
very easy fight , gelanf hit around 40-60 if u unblock
speak to sentry groumer again
speak to the elder
go to lady guenevire in crossing to frontier ( eldive lands )

Using the Crystal Amulet, investigate the power of the magic energy around the lands close to the fault: Bottomless Crack, Phantom Ashes and Twilight Forest.
phantome ash >> water element 3782 life hit around 60-90 if un block normal fight difficulty
bottomles crack >> air element 3782 life
twilight forest >> shadow elemnt 3782 life
return to lady guienevier
return to the elder
head to the sorcerer in gorge of gondi
At the Islands of Eternal Frost, obtain Polar Bear hides (8 pcs.) and Vials of Yeti blood (12 pcs.) for the young mage.
hint: kill the jurasic yeti
back to the sorcerer and give him the items
you Received: Elbius 1 pcs.
to use the elbius you must have 1 collected Spice Flower, 10 Magical Brass Ink, and 25 pcs of Icestone Dust in your backpack
You have 30 mins to kill lvl9-10-11 mobs ( choose what ever you like ) but choose a mob you can kill fast because you need to collect 10 life
orbs before 30 mins
after you have all 10 go back to the sorcerer in gorge of gondi
Return to the elder
Go to the crossing , location of lady guenever and use the fire palanter there
and get your reward
Received: 200 Dartrong reputation, Element Shield 5 pcs, Impressive Essence of Experience 4 pcs, 12g 50s . You can continue this quest from level 11.