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Friday, October 20th 2017, 3:10pm

Orphans of parents, Liusaidh and his brother, grew up in the port playing hide in the boats, where they stole coins to bet on the pet race, rather than earning money, they did for fun, the normal for children. One day, on a boat, they were attacked by a giant iguaron, they had no way out; that's when his brother sacrificed his life to save her. Liusaidh grew up, learn a lot from his brother how to survive and earn money with coins, betting. Everything was fine until one day, once again a Iguaron, stood in his way. This time it was she who went out winning, killed the Iguaron, was then that realized that behind the Monster was a baby Iguaron; He couldn't kill him, take it with her, and keep it as a pet. Called a Iguaron Fang the same name as his brother. she learn a lot about that. He didn't feel alone, now he had someone he cared for, like his brother with her.the baby iguaron very fast ,win all pets race and give a lot of money to her. Was then when she decided to stop stealing coins and betting money. He had a lot of money with the pet,
he had become a good woman and a good person.
I decided to make the lottery, to leave everything she had so that the people could have something, not just 1 person, many people could have gifts with only one of the winning tickets.
The joy came to Faeo and every year, was celebrated to give joy..
untill today!!


Friday, October 20th 2017, 7:54pm

Her glance is feral, her smile is of the sly ferret, her ruffled hair smells of freedom. Her fierce beauty comes from ancient times…

The end of the Era of Change wasn’t a lucky time to bring into the world new, delicate and fragile lives. She was born the day when Andelvan was assassinated, and the universal conflict and madness subsequently bursted out. Faeo and its civilizations crumbled in ruins, while the earth were haunted far and wide, high and low, by roaming chaos incarnations. All the cities became strongholds for gang of bandits, once brave warriors of mighty armies…

The first memory she has, it’s of her ferret, Fang, which she came across accidentally in the forest she was abandoned in. She was only 3, and all that she learnt about the art of survival was by imitating her little friend. It was a life of expedients: the forest were giving her all that she needed. When Chaos arrived, the ancient and magic forests started to dissolve. The child grew living in scrubs of the remaining forests, approaching the haunted cities only for one day. She kept on visitting the only place she could remember: squares, places once full of life and joy, where her parents used to get her. Now she can’t even remember their faces, nor the name they gave her; all that’s left of her infancy was that unforgettable flavor of joy.
Year by year, in a devastated world, she got by thanks to chance. It was a precarious life, but she managed to grow beautiful and strong, with a pinch of luck and a bunch of slyness.

And then, even the worse is bound to fade sometime. It’s matter of time. “The world’s divine roots meant its fathers could not simply abandon it with indifference”. The Era of the Dragons was about to overcome the Era of Change. It was the time of Sheara arrival.

Sheara didn’t fail to notice the miraculous life of that baby, born at the edge of destruction and grown in the Chaos. Her divine role was to protect Life, and so decided to manifest herself to one of the last seed of It.
One of the darkest night of that world, schorced by the Chaos, Sheara appeared near the lair she was cruddled in, waiting for the end of the day and the dawn of a new one. She heard a voice, a voice speaking a language she didn't know, but that she was able to understand crystal clear. That's what the voice was saying.

Sheara, Heiress of A’Aron the Just, Harald of Balance, Master of Dragons. I came here as the envoy of Gods to protect the last drop of Life in this planet.
You are the lost daughter of a world of Mightiness and Knowledge. You grew fiercely and spontaneously as Life does. You survived with sly expedients as Life does. You are what Chaos will never tear off.
Justice needs Balance, and Balance needs Fortune, because Fortune is unbiased; Her wheel shall keep rotating, new numbers shall be picked, and everyone will be gifted. You, living, were kissed by Fortune herself; your life represents Her majestic equality and justness, and so I choose you to bring and spread the Great Promise of Fortune. You are Liusaidh, the Blessed Warrior.

From that time, she earned a name, and a divine task with it, she’d have been fulfilling every month. Sheara gifted her with eternal young beauty, “because Fortune is a young girl who gifts humans with her fresh presence”, and a limitless treasure of rubies stored somewhere in her forest which she knows like her pockets. While the gift Liusaidh should bring to humans and magmars was the witness of Fortune.

Every month the Light of Sheara comes to visit Liusaidh in her secret lair, carrying the Hundred Numbers of Fortune, which float in the stream of Light as in Balluar Ocean the message bottles of desperate sailors do. And every month for years, and decades, and legacies, she’d have been visitting the cities’ squares, carrying her numbers, and bringing a bag of rubies to unleash faith and hope among people. Little by little new cities grew from the ashes of the old ones, and joy and fun returned. City fairs are great moments of enjoyment, and Liusaidh can’t miss those. They make her remember of her remote childhood, before the Chaos invaded the earth.
All she has to do is to choose 16 numbers; 16 numbers that could bring a pinch of luck and a bunch of hope to anyone, and her name will flow in the streets with the festive lights of the cities. Her smart glance will be drawn on the face of only one warrior, but, at least once, every warrior will have had that cunning smile on his/her face sometime!

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Friday, October 20th 2017, 10:59pm

the forbidden love between 2 enemy races

Even the weakest warrior can become a great legend, when the world of Faeo was at war for the two great continents Ogriy and Khair had been born many warriors of which some stood out, in their exploits and their great journeys which they traveled over time but no story moved as much as that love story in which a Magma fell in love with that human.

She was in the great delvays city square there was sitting in that well looking at the face when that guard is made and looks at him and contemplates the great beauty that this girl emanated, the girl very distressed by the look of that guard is running to his friend's shop.

hours later while helping his friend in the store he heard a great scandal in the suburbs of delvays the girl and her friend very miserable leave the square where the well was located, when from nowhere see pass through the big city gates a large number of inhabitants who did not belong to the continent Orgriy, the crowd of citizens make a big fuss running through their lives, because the great men with bodies of lava magmas rushed with everything that was in their path, the guards lifted their standards to undertake a battle in that city.

That very frightened girl goes running for her life when she turns and sees that her friend was passing through a big ax in the middle of her body, she is horrified not to believe what her eyes see is stumbled and falls to the ground, that magma realizes that there is a girl watching him with eyes of horror he decides to withdraw his weapon from the body of his friend and walks slowly towards the girl while laughing and with a look from which gave off the feeling of craving for blood to find only feelings of the girl this one squeezes a strong scream until the same enemy of the territory Orgriy is underwhelmed, this one raises his ax to attack with the helpless girl, when from nothing an ally of that magma arrives and asks him to focus on the main objective for the which came to steal the bank of the city before the great magicians of the Orgriy territory arrived, that violent warrior retires and the frightened girl sees another warrior rising, which gives him the hand to raise and say in a strange language some words that even the girl could not understand, this warrior charges and throws it to the well with the intention of being safe while they met their goal hour after the girl comes out of that well and the first thing he sees is the destruction that these fierce warriors of skin burst, goes to where the body of his friend was and this girl swears vengeance of that magma that kills him.

The girl weeks after that disaster in the city decides to embark on a journey to enlist as a warrior, getting a great experience to what time goes, months later decides to go where a great sage to teach him that language they spoke in the enemy continent, in order to tell the murderer of his friend why it annihilates him.

The girl had performed great feats that no other warrior could, as one of the few people who managed to understand the language of magmas, this day he felt ready to go to battle decides to participate in the aid in the fields of battles, eh go to crystallines caves where he was fighting with those warriors of hirbiente skin, for his luck in this istancia was that warrior that murdered his precious friend, and when crossing this one attacks violently towards him, giving him death in the first moment next to its faithful poisonous berona tiger, catching its head like lace for its deceased friend.

It turns out that not only that assassin was in the same place, but also that warrior who saved that girl, this to see that his friend was murdered and attacks the girl, but when she turns she realizes that it was that woman of the which he had fallen in love at first sight, the girl speaks to him and thanks him for what he did that time when the saved, this falls on the floor unconscious because he understood the woman, he responds and is bound, the girl did not do anything hostile against that warrior because he felt no danger when from nothing feels a hug, and a whisper from that warrior saying lovely words to the girl, she very embarrassed runs to his allies, but establishing in itself a communication with that warrior with boiling skin.

After completing the chaotic fight for crystals, the girl receives a message from that warrior in which he referred that he had fallen deeply in love with the beauty of this girl, the girl knowing that love between both races was prohibited decides to continue following the current to that warrior, since this shared the same feeling from that moment in which the saved one.

One day they decide to meet again in the ocean balluar since both shared a feeling unmatched by the sea, they give a first kiss of love, but in view of that someone watched that pair of different races decides to communicate it to the guard of the orgry territory, days later the girl is called to a small section and after being attacked with words about whether she had a relationship with an enemy of the race and she decides to tell the truth, and is condemned to the expulsion of her continent, she writes to his beloved, explaining to him and they both escape to the remoteness of both territories, but unfortunately both are killed in their crossing by the high magicians of the orgry territory since they saw badly the friendly and loving relation between enemy races, the history became public and many they saw her with horror as others who saw her with love, since love is simply born of an action that not anyone would dare to do. perhaps that human and that magma died but his love remains in the air of faeo world.

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Saturday, October 21st 2017, 5:51pm

As a child, Liusaidh liked looking at the stars. Legend had it that strange and mystical beings lived on these glowing embers and Liusaidh thought that one day she would like to meet some of them.

Liusaidh had alwas lived in Baurvill with her kindly parents and pet wolf, Fang. She liked exploring the nearby forests with her loyal companion looking for mushrooms and somtimes flowers to give to her mother.

One day she had gone particularly far afield and found herself in Berona Ranges where she was gathering some peonies and lilies which her mother loved so much.

Without warning a bright light streaked through the air and awestruck she saw the dazzling form of Sheara ripple into view next the sacred altar of life.

Liusaidh had only heard stories of the incredibly beautiful Sheara who was said to rule the whole of Faeo.

"Is that you Mistress Sheara?", Liusaidh asked hesitantly.

"It is", Sheara replied, "I have come because tomorrow is your eighteenth birtday and you have always brought joy and happiness to those around you, and I would like you to come into my service and continue to spread happiness to the people of faeo."

And so it was that Liusaidh began helping Sheara with some of the day-to-day running of the World of Faeo. Her first suggestion to Sheara was that a lottery be set up, free for all to enter, which would brighten the day of a lucky winner every month. Sheara approved wholeheartedly with the propostion, and Liusaidh through herself into the organisation of this lottery which would bring joy to so many people in Feao.

Today Liusaidh remains with Sheara, helping her in many different ways and often at her side, although she can still somtimes be seen in the wilds of Feao collecting wildflowers and enjoying the beauty of nature's bounty.


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 1:26am

liusaidh followed cheara cheaply to the inn and saw her playing at cardsharp, she tried to win and won many chips. when she returned home, she reflected on what she could do and decided to create her own lottery for the pleasure of others


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 10:53am

Looking through the window, Liusaidh sees a fallen star and as she sees it she makes a wish, wishing that one day she'll achieve her goal. It was about her desire to help the both camps, the humans and the magmars.
She is the heir of Fag or how the people call him "The Grand Festival Organiser". He would always treat equally the both camps, trying to make them happier after all the wars. Unfortunately, he's death clock has arrived. He's last wish was Liusaidh to take after he's steps trying to make more good than he did. Liusaidh was with her father until he gave his last breathe.
After her dad's death, the girl takes the thron. She was now The Festival Organiser. People seeing these happing, they start a war. She, worried about what's happening, promises to the world that she will regularly organise activities with awards, just like her father. People accepted her offer and drank in her name.
Liusaidh tired of what happened, goes into the woods to hunt some creatures. Reaching there, she sits next to a tree and looks at he sky. "Wonderful, the sky is wonderful?" she thoughts.
Suddenly, strange noises from the bushes were coming..Liusaidh hearing it, goes to see what's there. She finds an injured wolf. She decide to take the dog and make it her pet. She names it Fag, Fag as his father, to not feel alone and imagine that his father is with her trough the dog. After the easter ends, Liusaidh organises a festivity for both races.
"Dream big and don't lose your hopes", were her last words in front of the races.


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 11:53am

Liusaidh was a being created by God Bolivakhar himself as gift to his people, the Chosen. She had the power to alter luck itself, however during her creation, God Geldokk, jealous of the power Liusaidh would've had, interfered during her creation and a problem ocurred, she was born without an ego, she was merely a husk of a Chosen, without personality nor concience of her own, she was merely a tool that could've been used by anyone to alter luck, thus Bolivakhar decided to seal her in a powerful magic, so that she wouldn't fall in the hands of the enemy and he left her be guarded by the Chosen.

Years passed and She was forgotten, and when the time came for the Chosen to migrate to Lurial, she was tragically left behind sealed forever.

Many centuries passed, when suddenly, a golden light, warmer than any fire created by mankind, enveloped the cold prision Liusaidh was put in. It was the heiress of A'Aron the Just, Sheara who had awaken the Weaver of Fate, she had but one purpose in mind...

"Awaken, O' Child of Bolivakhar" With a voice so warm and pure it could purify even the soul of Magish resounded in the empty prision

"..." For Luisaidh internal clock, not even a second had passed since she was sealed

"Poor child, you were supposed to bring joy to your brothers, yet your fate got hindered by evil.

Let me bestow upon you my gift, from now on you'll bestow your gift upon my childrens, go forth O' Child of Fortune" Sheara had given her an ego, and thus, Liusaidh was reborn.

"I will do your bidding my Master" Said Liusaidh, who in her whole gray life, saw color for the first time, a Golden that would vanquish any evil that dared look at it.

And thus, Liusaidh in eternal gratitude to Sheara, her savior, continues upon this day to share her blessing upon the races of the dragons in the monthly celebration, The Great Lottery of Faeo.


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 11:55am

Luisaidh, the Goddess of Risks and Perseverance.

It was a peculiar sight to see. Faeo inhabitants gathered in the Bay of Silence which is known to be the home of a powerful being. Magmars, adventurers, humans, gamblers, kings, merchants, thieves, raiders, lord and slaves, hunters, scholars, artisans, heroes of higher lands, fortune seekers, the most cunning of warriors and even the disheartened soldiers sail the dangerous waters of the Baluar Ocean to pray and ask for her blessings. As each and every follower of Hers knows by heart that

“Mirrors, golds and blood- these are the things She behold

A silver to Liusaidh, She returns ten-fold.”

From generation to generation her story was told and retold. Her origin is unknown but it was believed that She tread the lands long before The War of The Great Gods. It is through Her that determines that outcome of every battle, every decision made, every venture into the unknown. It was said that even the War God himself kneels and offers his sword to Her before and after every battle.

She is with those who are willing to take risks. Those who are determined to finish the task in hand, overcome the challenges that they face, and makes sure that every sacrifice and diligence they make will be rewarded. She sends, her loyal Friend and ally Fang, Wolf Lord, to those who needs guidance and assistance, and protects those who faces a predicament.

When you find yourself a rare treasure, won a difficult battle, it was never a chance. It was and it is Liusaidh for She sees all these and blesses all those who perseveres.

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Wednesday, November 1st 2017, 4:56pm

Dear players,

Sorry for the delay. Here are the winners of the last stage:

1 Place: Fire_Starter
2 Place: Hatred
3 Place: Elven

Congratulations to them!

All participants have already been rewarded.

Thanks to everyone for participating, it was hard to choose the winners, all stories were really interesting!

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