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Wednesday, January 2nd 2019, 2:03am

Ask for a little help about diamonds

Hi guards, I want to ask you somthing pretty particular.

I owned the Lucky Certificate of 100 diamonds during December (I've bought some diamonds for the fair) and I wanted to use it today.
I clicked on the ceriticate, used it, and instantly switched to the payment window.
I payed, and when I came back I see another window asking me if I want to use the certificate. As I though it was a confirmation to get the additionnal 55 diamonds I clicked on yes, and I realized actually I haven't activated the certificate the first time (old mouse can ruin a life) and I then bought the 100 diamonds without having the bonus from the certificate.

01:50 85 Diamonds successfully transferred to your account. Thank you for your custom.
01:50 You have received a bonus - 17 diamonds.

As you can see.
It really bother me to repay 100 euros to get my 55 diamonds from the certificate. So I'm asking is it possible to refund me the missings one? I know it's my own mistake but it involve a lot of money here and I don't want to loose 55 diamonds just by such a stupid mistake.

And don't worry I'm a honest guy, I'm not trying to get 55 free diamonds or steal them by any means. I'm just a guy who like the game and want to get a little faster thanks to the advantages you're offering.

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Wednesday, January 2nd 2019, 12:02pm

Hello, for this issue please contact Support:…t&id=100&page=7 as guards cannot do anything in this matter.

Good luck!

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