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Monday, April 22nd 2019, 3:31pm

House of Fiascos Season 6 Ranting Thread

I don't know if anyone is watching or have watched already, but I had a really hard time finishing season 6 (not to mention all the other cringeworthy parts in season 5). The following content is filled with male anger combined with cis gender sexism, proceed with caution.

I understand that Frank and Claire are both stoic characters loving that sweet sweet power they're holding in their hands, but it was kind of weird for me to see Claire going out of her way to use Tom (mostly in bed, hehe) and Frank letting him live with them. But that's just for sensation, so it's nothing.

What really grinded my gears was that soon as Claire becomes the president, she plays the incompetent president and makes everyone believe she is one, then replaces her entire cabinet with people who are... smarter? more obedient or loyal to her? who are more of a "silent workhorse" type who just do their best to gain her more and more power? NOPE. She just replaces them all with women because why not, let's make the series turn into a feminist utopia because Kevin Spacey deserves it! I mean him and all of the viewers, of course. Not to mention her being more of a dictator rather than Frank making excuses for everything (i.e the government shutdown during elections because of a "terrorist threat" he did, causing Will Conway to lose the election he actually won). Other than that, there's also turning the whole country into FSB's playground because President Petrov is more trustworthy than her own people.

I just wish it ended a lot better, I know they love to bury people alive just for sexual assault allegations, but I wish the viewers didn't have to pay for it and see this god awful season. Anyways I'm gonna go watch some more of Amy Schumer's hilarious stand-ups and laugh myself to death. She is the best comedian ever, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock got paid more because they were men, not because they were funnier and more successful. I love Netflix.

Rest in Peace, Douglas Stamper. The real hero of the show.

Sexist cisgender male mode: OFF
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, 1:57am

ever since frank's IRL actor kevin spacey got accused of raping this guy, i knew the 6th season was going to be horrible... i watched it and i was right... everything is so off, the ending was totally predictable, and series just died there..

the best seasons are 1, 2, and 4...
season 5 is ok, i feel like it's just a bridge to end it all.

I wonder how season 6 would have looked if Frank was still alive

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