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Sunday, October 27th 2019, 6:01pm

Merchant Mark Quest

Merchant Marks Recurring Quest.

Here you have list of all MM quest arround where to get, What is needed and what your up against.
Hope it wil be usefull for you all.

Lv8+ Qouest.

Rivers Of Honey: Voluptuous Mary/Givens inside Pub.
Your goal: Go see Kugar the Hunter for a Cask of Honey and Herbier the Herbologist for a Herbal Mixture needed for Mead. Having done that, return to Givens with the ingredients you procured.
1. Herbier the Herbologist>> Herbal Mixture for some Mead.
Your goal: Bring Collected Pitcher Plant 6 pcs., Collected Helta 3 pcs, and Magical Silver Ink 10 pcs
2. Kugar the Hunter>> Cask of Honey for some Mead
Your goal: This chance between diffrent stone or plants.
2.1:Your goal: Go to the Zigred Hive, and sprinkle yourself with pheromones in order to attract the males and fight them. After that, return to Kugar the Hunter and ask him if he managed to gather the honey, while you were distracting the guardians of the hive.
Use potion you get inside zigred hive and fight wil start.
Hive Guard has 4800 Hp and summons 48 monsters lv2-4. They have 97, 138, 289 and 451 Hp. Best to use GTB combo.
Reward: Merchant Mark 120 pcs, Experimental Potion.

Purifying Rite: Samuel the Cleric / Pymen the Monk.
1: Your goal: Bring Pymen the Monk 12 containers of Collected Helta, 20 handfuls of Esmerite Dust, and 4 vials of Magical Silver Ink.
2: Your goal: Carry out the purification ritual at the Clan Burial Grounds, the Place of Sorrow, the Tomb of Kings, and the Forgotten Graves.
once you reached first location use device you got in backpack. Fight wil Start!
Undead Leader has 3800 Hp and will summon 80 monsters. Lv 2-5. they all have 98,148 and 387 Hp. Best to use GTB combo.
4 of these fight need to be done at locations noted in Quest.
Reward: Merchant Mark 100 pcs., Bone Lock Pick.

Kretches Had It Coming: Chief Kort/ Chief Torgor.
1:Your goal: Bring 10 Great Elixirs of Life, 3 Healing Scrolls and 2 Elixirs of Healing Wounds (4 st.) to Chief Torgor. (Can be bought in city shop)
2:Your goal: Go to the Kretches’ Lair, kill the Kretch Butcher [5] and obtain the Steel Key to the chest containing looted possessions.
After killing Butcher you will get a key. Go to Barracks in lair and use key from backpack.
Fight wil start.
Barracks Guard has 4700 Hp and summons 100 monsters lv1-3. 38, 97 and 138 Hp. GTB combo works best.
Reward: Elixir of Protection from Injury 1 St., Merchant Mark 150 St.

Spider Gourmet: Ruler Pireney the Ruler / Onufir the Ruler.
1:Your goal: Go to the alchemist for the Deathly Sleep potion.
2:Your goal: Bring 4 Sacrificial Power Elixirs and 1Vital Strength Elixir to the alchemist so that he can make the potion. (Sacrificial power can be bought in city shop. and Vital Strength Elixir you can buy with sign of master in proffesion shop)
3:Your goal: Get into the Kretches’ Lair defeat the Spider Patriarch [10] and take the Deathly Sleep Potion to lure out and subsequently kill the Spider Scavenger [8] . If you are defeated, return to the ruler since you will not be able to use the potion you obtained second time.
After killing spider you go backpack and use the deathly sleep potion. Fight wil start!
Spider scavenger has 5000 hp and summons 100 monsters lv2-3 with 97, 138 and 289 hp GTB works best for this fight.
Reward: Ball of Viscous Web 1 St., Merchant Mark 70 St.


The Wooden Killer: Vaslav the Ranger / Hawken the Forester
Your goal: Bring Hawken the Forester Fluorite 10 pcs, Magical Agate Ink 10 pcs и Downpetal 10 pcs.
1:Your goal: Go to Thorn Apple Brushwood and enter into battle with the Orc Conquistador Skeleton. Kill the Undead and then defeat the Ancient Arboris [9] that will attack you. Return to Hawken the Forester after the fight.
Once you reached location you ned to attack Orc Conquistador Skeleton you can find in hunt screen. After killing Orc Conquistador Skeleton wil wil start right away!
Ancient Arboris has 4834 Hp. and summons monsters lv4. They has 271 and 451 Hp. GTB Combo is best!
Reward: Merchant Mark 100 pcs Prize Elixir of Strengthened Gift 1 pcs.

Your Soul Is Mine, Dog: Globius the Scientist / Avelius the Scientist.
1:Your goall: Obtain 8 blossoms of Heat Flower, 6 crystals of Celestine, a Small Flint Glass Flask. a Rough Bar, 1 piece of Regular Parchment and 1 vial of Magical Black Ink for Avelius the Scholar.
2:Your goal: Take a swallow of the Potion of Seeing Dead at the Settlement of Faytir, Village Angriyar, and the County Vurdaliya, and fight three Cerberus Wraiths [8] in order to obtain Ghostly Souls. Return to Avelius the Scholar, when effects of the elixirs wear off.
Upon reachin first location use device from your backpack. Fight wil start!
Cerberus Wraith has 5500 Hp and will summon 90 monsters from lv1-4. They has 57, 97, 138, 283 and 431 Hp. GTB combo is best.
You need to do 3 of the same fight at the locations noted in quest.
Reward: Burn Salve 1 St., Merchant Mark 90 St. oder 120 St.

Krogans attack: Sentry Requt / Commandor Medor.
1:Your goal: Wile hunting Krogans [4] , capture one of the monsters, bind it tightly and bring it to the sentry.
2:Your goal: Bring a Halberd, a Cutthroat Broadsword, and a Hunter Axe to the sentry. ( Can be bought in city shop)
3:Your goal: Sound the Signal Horn to summon the militia to fight Krogans in the settlements of Faytvor: to the Ancestral Mountains, to the Terror Wharf, and Wyvern Crossing. Stop the advancing force of the invaders and return to the sentry.
You can use device after you turned in wapons from back pack. Fight wil Start!
Krogan Chieftain has 6234 Hp and summons 49 monsters Lv4. htye all have 451 Hp. GTB Combo is best for this fight
You need to do this fight 3 times at the locations noted in Quest.(3 fights for max amount of Merchant Marks)
Reward: Possible rewards: Merchant Mark 47-116 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack, Krogan Transformation Powder.

A Sabotage in the Port: Baird the Seafarer/ Seymour the Sailor.
1:Your goal: Go to the Dartrong Central Square and talk to Veddun the Alchemist about wiping out the Phitzells.
2:Your goal: Obtain the blood of the Emperor Scorpion [11] to make a bait, and bring it to Dartrong Central Square to Veddun the Alchemist.
3:Your goal: Bring the bait-potion to Seymour the sailor in the County Vurdaliya.
For next stage you best choose this option (Thanks for asking, but I can do this without anyone’s help! And there will be less Phitzells to battle, anyway.) As its no use to spend 1g for help you wont really need.
4:Your goal: Use the bait-potion in the County Vurdaliya to lure the King Phitzell [9] . Kill it and return to Seymourthe Sailor.
King Phitzell has 5434Hp and summons 50 phitzells lv3-4 138hp and 271hp. For easy fight best to use GBT combo.
Merchant Mark 136 pcs., Tube of Half-rotted Maps and a choice of: Great Elixir of Wind, or Great Amulet of Destruction, or Scroll of Rock Skin.

Help Meridian Lands: Cagliostro / Veddun. Artsian Building. city
1:Your goal: Bring the Kakurt Weaver Mandibles or the Mature Berona Tiger Claws to the alchemist. In order to obtain mandibles you should place a hunter’s trap in the Ice Grotto. In order to procure the claws, hide the trap in the Berona Ranges.
Once reachin location use device from backpack. Fight wil Start!
Kakurt Weaver has 6234Hp and he summons 100 lv4 kakurts with 271 and 452 Hp. For easy fight best to use GBT combo.
For max mount of merchant marks choose: I am happy to help you and the inhabitants of the Meridian Lands, alchemist. What resources do you need?
3: This one asks diffrent proffesion resourse.
Reward: Possible rewards: Merchant Mark 87-150 pcs., Focus Amulet or Great Focus Amulet, Scroll of Chain Poisoning 3 pcs, Scroll of Antidote 3 pcs.

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