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Thursday, March 12th 2020, 11:55pm

Ok, I will now join crying.
I can't raise exe because there are not enough humans, can't raise herbo because there are not enough plants, can't rage because there are not enough monsters! I wonder HOW all other players do it, there's simply NOT ENOUGH EVERYTHING! :cry:


Thursday, March 26th 2020, 4:09pm

+1, admins should TRY to do something about this arena issue. CC is not bad i think, but arena is absolutely terrible. There is no way we can do it in 14 days.(Although you are a perfect paypaller, you cannot find someone that will fight against you 50 times). I am just observing what's happening, so i can say that in the 6 day that i am online there was just 6 arena for 3 level. Exactly one arena per day.(Actually in one day there was 3 arena and the rest of 5 day there was just 3 arena).
Do you really believe that, if we keep waiting in the queue for 24 hours, it will increase to 5-6 arena per day?
Do you believe that we can win all the arena in one day?
I do believe that the suggestion of Dr. will make the arena more alive and will make 3-4 level more playable for us.

Note: You cannot judge us just because we want to gain our valour in level 3-4.

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