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Sunday, August 2nd 2020, 3:15am

Mail notifications of expiring items not working.

We are supposed to "get notifications (through in-game or personal mail) about items that are about to expire." when we have any premium upgrade.

This has worked fine for years but I have 4 seperate items (of varying quantities) currently in my backpack that have less than 3 days remaining but I've yet to receive any mail telling me of this for any of those items.

Previously I have been reminded by in-gme mail on the client yet this time I haven't.

I consequently lost a lot (1000's) of items a few weeks back & many more shortly before that and am now wondering if I wasn't reminded about those too. At the time I simply put it down to me forgetting despite me re-setting those items for many years previously. Now I'm not so sure due to me luckily spotting these current ones running out.

PLEASE FIX!!! :clubbing:


Sunday, August 2nd 2020, 3:19am

To add (as we can't edit posts for some stupid reason), I have just updated my preferences to also notify me by email for safety in future - assuming that works of course! .well:


Sunday, August 2nd 2020, 12:49pm

Got email this morning about items, came online & in client inbox too so it does still work but message is delayed a good few hours after 3 day timer has passed.

As email system works I will be keeping that option checked ;o)

Can close, delete, mark as solved or whatever with this thread now :shuffle:


Sunday, August 2nd 2020, 5:27pm

On a side note, sometimes my preferences randomly get reset. I wonder the 2 is linked.


Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 4:35am

Clearing cookies on your browser resets client resolution I know that. It also resets other things if using browser but not sure to what extent. Why the client is affected I have no idea.