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Sunday, July 25th 2021, 6:47am


Let's make something clear. I didn't post my previous massage to defend mentors or specifically someone. I don't even know the currect heads personally. I posted because it was completely clear why this thread was opened up. It is all about muffin's ego and her blames. How great head she was, how great mentor she was or how bad the current mentors are, how rude they are or how lazy they are and so on. The whole thread contained literally ZERO information that could be useful for the game. Just ego satisfaction and blames. I also wonder this thread would stay open until now if it was created by someone else.

Now I'm gonna answer all the things you said, and this one will be my last message. So muffin says:


If I was to satisfy my ego, I would have sat quietly and then apply, blast them from inside when I see their dirt, because believe me there is much, and then take again the leadership most-likely or to find someone to help me fix it and then take my place.
Then who would know that you wanted to do something useful for the game? Show off in the forums is better option than being a mentor and making the mentor team and game better place, right? I understand that.


As for the players leaving… Actually there is not that many who left. Most are multies that got bored of being what they are and went for a restart. Yes, some old fellas left, but there were players leaving even while I was playing. So far, there is many new, there is as well lot of server/race jumps, people who return from time to time and so on. So can not fully agree that the game is empty. Empty from decent straight minded people, yes, but there is enough population since the game still goes on.
The COM server was literally dead before PL merge and even with PL merge, we still don't have the number of players we were having in 2018. Just imagine, two servers get merged but still we are having less players than 2018. Do you get it? Let me talk with numbers so maybe you will understand it better. This shot is from January 23, 2018:

It's just only COM server and we have 97 pages of players which means the total is 3841+ players. Now let's look at statistics of COM before the merge. This one comes from August 12, 2020, it's not even just before the merge. See it in the below.

63 pages of players which means the total is 2481+. What happened to that 1400 players in 2.5 years? The game lost almost half of its population in 2.5 years. Would you like to look at the statistics of today?

3669 player's in total, imagine two servers merged but still can't have more players than just 2018 of COM. (3841+) If you think about this situation across all three servers, the lost is will be much bigger. As I mentioned in my previous message, thousands of players have left this game and still many is leaving day by day. These are the truths that adminstration runs away. Don't come to me with "most of them got banned so they left", numbers literally explain everything. If you still want to focus on small problems instead of big ones, let it be. Let's continue. So muffin says:


As of people taking roles (i understand callings), there is enough, but most indeed not decent. But then, why no chance is given to people who prove themselves. There is many who would rock the role/calling out, but again - they are not given chance to do so.
I just checked mentor applications thread for both races. All the applications sent in 2021 is accepted for humans, and almost all of them also were accepted for magmars. So, this is really called as not giving a chance to them? They do give a chance to them, there is just not many asking for a chance. You should make it sure before saying something. I hope this one is clear too now. Let's move on.


So here is the thing. That’s why I started this topic. Because, surely, I would be more happy to see them doing the M job with honor, not to get rich for doings OUT of the game, despite it is for it. I explained above my opinion and to what I was heading forward during my time. No need to repeat.
Firstly, we all know you did not create this topic for this purpose. Secondly, show me a mentor who got rich by mentor salary or by the benefits? This can be one of the most funny things I've heard in this game since a long time. They can easily make the money they get by doing some basic game things like hunting or picking. Believe me, you can make more money if you just sit next to the elder and keep begging for money from the other players. Mentor job is not something can be paid by game money, it's literally the hardest job of this game. I'm saying that as someone who had worked in different positions of this game for years, also as a 6 year former mentor. So, please stop saying that, people will think like they are making like thousands of golds every month.


And as of the people who has more knowledge than me - I rather want to know who. I already caught up lots from what I've missed. And I don't speak about quests, reps and items. I speak in general. For all about the game and the players. And if you accept that as a bragging, well, then do so. I know more and people who talk to me since my return prove it to me.
Muffin, this one is just proof of your ego. There are many players who know more than you, making some forum guides do not make you a game god or something. Just change that mentality.


Admins are busy and they mostly deal with the Ms n Gs if required, unless that changed. So in the end they may not see this topic, unless someone bring it to them. And Ms won’t because they know how they violate their positions given.
Things will start to change when people start to talk about on why admins are always so busy and not spending enough time on the game. For example,why they do not do something for the mentor team in dirt? Being admin is not only about bringing the same damn events every month in a cycle. It's also spending time in the game, listening players, fixing broken things, following all the teams run by normal players and many more. How many of these things they do or at least try? When last time you guys see an admin answered a message of player in the forum? But, yall don't have guts to tell these things, isn't it just easy to blame some mentors who has very less or no powers to make changes in the game?

This was my last message in this thread and I'm not gonna spend another 30 mins to answer someone.


Sunday, July 25th 2021, 12:52pm

This thread seems to now be reiterating the same points, so will be closed.

As a closing statement, I will say this:

Yes while visibility of any team within the game could be better, there are several aspects to consider:
  • While there still may be a number of gamers still active, this by no means reflects the numbers we had in the past. As a result, definition of roles evolve, as does the means by which the support is provided.
  • I would be surprised if anyone was not aware of this, but I will say it anyway: we are facing unprecedented times outside of the game at the moment. I would hope that individuals are more aware that personal circumstances may change drastically within a short period and this is naturally a greater priority. Team members keep their team leaders informed of absences, but external influences must be considered to a greater extent at the moment.
  • I personally am asked questions regularly by players - it may not be to everyone's preference, but I myself like to assist where possible. The Mentor team always seeks to assist where possible, but they have also created some fantastic resources which players often utilise (and commend). A consolidated area to access existing knowledge is extremely beneficial - I think the RU mentor site is a testamant to this.

Having said that, I am sure all feedback is appreciated and will be taken on board by the relevant parties.

Best of luck to all!

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