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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:17pm

Announcement: Retirement from Consecrator services on Valentines Day

I will be retiring officially from the Consecration services of Faeo on Feb 14th, Valentines day. I cant think of a more fitting day to do this on. I've joined quite a few people over the past 1+years and each wedding was very special and some I will post for "Future Consecrators" to try to match the bar I've set for doing a wedding.

Noteable weddings:
Fastest Wedding: Moonwalker - Silk *about 30 seconds with a "well, do you?" and "Yup" reply lol

Wedding at the drop of a hat: Myself and Nighty, while I was on shift as a Mentor in CS (some Mentor brass didnt like it, but to hell with them, at the time it was awesome)

My first wedding: Where Yvil had given me the logo but not the power to complete the rings LOL, was priceless and thank goodness she was in skype still to fix it on the fly

Weirdest wedding: During the wedding, I was beared 4-5 times, then silenced. I went as long as I could, then exed 80% of the guests afterwards but left the bride for 24 hours before executing her out of respect for her wedding day.

Same sex wedding: I did the first in faeo (Human side), but now both are jailed/rerolled I believe but divorced before they ended up there lol

I've many, MANY weddings I'm very fond of that I did with such creativity and comical sense to it and I hope that whomever follows in my footsteps also keeps in mind this:

- Some people really take this seriously, do your best to ensure a "special day" for them, keep personal feelings about people aside and do your best to give them what they paid for.

In closing, I'd like to thank a few people who have been helpful to me.

Yvil - for giving me the chance to shine and bring happiness and love to faeo

Shevek - for "throwing me a bone" with a few sample weddings and pointing me in the right direction to get my creative juices started and eventually doing things "my way" as Sinatra would say lol

Irish - for making my wedding to Ariella a fun wedding which put the though of me being a consecrator in my mind

Thank you all and I wish you the best. I will post some wedding stories of which I wrote and I hope you all enjoy them.

Thank you again,

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:19pm

Let me tell you the story on how Hyperion and Acheron_Aglaia met. It’s a very "touching" one. Well, you all know Hyperion as an experienced fisherman. His skill as a fisherman and use of his pole is legendary in faeo. But his skill as a comedian and prankster is not so legendary. One day as Hyperion was fishing in Jasmine Brushwood, the fish were lazily making circles in the pond as he looked around to see who else was there. As he looked over to the other side of the pond, he saw a gal picking away at the plants on her hands and knees. His eyes rested upon this beauty of a woman which immediately took his breath away. She was beautiful, she was ... a Princess! Hyperion set out to get the attention of this beautiful maiden so he decided to throw stones into the water and splash her.
Acheron_Aglaia was busy picking plants paying no attention to her surroundings when she felt water splash upon her once…then a few seconds later again. At first she dismissed it as rain possibly.
She then thought to has never rained in faeo, someone must be playing a trick upon her!!! So she kept an eye on the others while she continued to pick flowers and caught Hyperion giggling uncontrollably after each time she was splashed with water. She had finally found her prankster, this unsuspecting fisherman was going to get more than he bargained for as she had an order to fill and had no time to play around. “Sploosh” another rock splashed her and she quickly unleashed 2 arsenal tigers upon Hyperion and then sat back laughing at him crying out for help.

But the strangest thing happened…she thought to herself, “hmmm, he’s a handsome man, why was he being such an ass?”. By now, he was crying out for help and he said to Acheron_Aglaia “I’m sorry, you were just so beautiful, I had to catch your eye somehow”. Acheron_Aglaia felt terrible. She had been so stressed at filling orders and completing her work that she never took the time to think that someone might be interested in her.

As fate may have it, Hyperion couldn’t beat the tigers and ended up with an injury (level1). Acheron_Aglaia really felt terrible now and wanted to heal him but he was not in the best of mood as you could well imagine…but she persisted. He finally agreed to let her give him a healing elixir and lay her healing hands upon him…

and then their eyes met…

They were locked in a moment, which seemed to last forever…

Not saying a word, just inhaling each other’s essence through their eyes as she skillfully applied the healing elixir to his wound. She asked him where it hurt the most and he pointed to his arm, and she applied healing there… He then stated his shoulder hurt, so she applied healing there… He then stated his neck hurt…she smirked and then applied healing there…

He smirked and thought “hey, why not try for it” and pointed to his mouth, implying it hurt there…

She looked at him and said “close your eyes and pucker up so I can heal you”. He smiled and closed his eyes and puckered up as he lay back beside the pond awaiting healing…

She cupped the back of his neck in her hand and pulled him closer as she reached down into the cool pond and grabbed a handful of mud and then smeared it on his face and laughed!. Hyperion said “yep, I had that coming” and also laughed heartily. Hyperion started to confess to her how much he was stricken by her beauty and that he wanted to know her.

Acheron_Aglaia stated, on one condition, no rocks/splashing me and you don’t get the tigers again ;)

Hyperion heartily agreed!

Since that day, they have become very close and now they always taken the time to show each other just how much they care for each other, each and every day.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:21pm

Many of you here, have known Lady Neuromancer and DiablosClone for a long time…but not many know the story on how they met and fell in love…

Lend me your ear and your hearts…and I’ll tell you…

DiablosClone was travelling through the faean countryside one afternoon on his way to luan coast to pick some belladonna when he happened upon an incredible sight…
It was the Bringers of Evil skull…

From the around the skull, he could see terrible creatures (Kroffdor) roaming about with fire breathing out their mouths…

Suddenly, from out of the skull, emerged a woman…dressed in black and equipped with a massive hammer and a knife strapped to her thigh.

She began to attack the Kroffdor and smash at it with her hammer…but this Kroffdor was not going down without a fight…-200 cast on her…then another -400 upon her

She was now in danger of losing her life…so DiablosClone jumped into the Frey swinging wildly with his axe.

“What the hell are you doing!!!” she bellowed at him…
“I’m here to rescue you” he replied.
“I don’t need your help and I don’t want it…no one can rescue me anyways from my real horrors” she said.
And with one more smash of her hammer…down the Kroffdor went…she removed her knife and hacked off the horns and cut out the eyes of the Kroffdor and started to walk back to the skull.

DiablosClone grabbed her by the arm to stop her and asked “what did you mean that no one can rescue you from your real horrors?”
She replied…”long ago, I was tricked by Fanatic and now…because of this…I’m eternally his slave to do his bidding but I will as long as my Sister Sabankulah in Wolf Wasteland remain safe.”
She said “Now I must hurry before my master sees me talking to you or you will suffer the same fate as me, I’m off” and she scurried away and into the Skull…
DiablosClone thought to himself...this is truly an odd tale…I must know the rest of it. He set off to Wolf Wasteland to find her sister and find out.
Once at Wolf Wasteland, DiablosClone went from door to door and even asked at the Shop if someone knew Sabankulah…
The shop keeper said he knew her…that she was married to a man called Grendal and that they lived now at Glade of Oblivion farming the countryside as he bought ingredients from them many times.

Off DiablosClone set off to Glade to find Grendal and Sabankulah…
He knocked on the door and was greeted by Grendal…”please, come in stranger, sit down, let us offer you a bite to eat and shelter over your head while you rest”
Grendal was well known for his hospitality and generosity.
“Wife, come, we have a visitor” Grendal said…
DiablosClone jumped to his feet to greet his wife and sister of the captive of Fanatic when his eyes gazed upon an exact twin of the captive…his eyes couldn’t believe this…two identical women?
“Hello, I’m Sabankulah” she said “how can I help you?” she spoke in a smooth calm voice.
“Tell me about the one called “Slave” which Fanatic has ensnared and hold power over” DiablosClone said…

“She is not “Slave” she is Lady Neuromancer”
Sabankulah burst out into tears…”She is my sister, my twin sister of whom Fanatic has tricked and enslaved” as she continued to weep…Grendal came to her side and held her tightly.
Sabankulah continued “you see, my sister and I were picking liciousflowers around the Skull and Fanatic came out and cursed me with a Sickly Hex”
“My body oozed with open wounds and sores and the pain was very intense, I could barely stand the pain”

“My sister asked him to remove the curse but he said that he would not and it would stay with me forever”
“My sister begged him to let me go and instead place the curse upon her but Fanatic said no, that he would only remove the curse if she became his slave for all of eternity”
“With me writhing in pain, my sister agreed and entered the skull and I’ve never seen her since”
“The curse which was upon me, I was told would be removed in 2 hours; it was the longest 2 hours of my life”

“since then I’ve learned the ways of Virtue and its magic to protect against this”

“Fanatic is an evil, evil….Thing! I just wish I could save my sister but I know of no way to defeat Fanatic”
DiablosClone thought to himself…this hex lasts for only 2hours…he did trick the two sisters and Fanatic should pay for his trickery…

DiablosClone spoke “I have an idea on how to save your sister…but I need your help”...

So DiablosClone, Grendal and Sabankulah talked for the evening and prepared for the confrontation with Fanatic

The next day…
DiablosClone went back to the skull and knocked on the door and was greeted by Fanatic who bellowed at him “Who are you and what do you want!”
DiablosClone said “I’m here to issue you a challenge”
Fanatic laughed…”you…wish to challenge me? I can pulverize you with my strength, I can crush you with my power..”
“BUT..” said DiablosClone …”you can’t beat me with your wits…”
“Ahh…”said Fanatic, “a battle of wits you propose…what are the stakes??”
DiablosClone said, if I win, you release Lady Neuromancer from being your slave”
Fanatic said “Deal, But if I win…you become my minion to do my bidding”
DiablosClone hadn’t thought of this…he paused. The thought of losing his freedom to such a beast…he looked at Lady Neuromancer and remembered the pain her sister went through…
“Deal” said DiablosClone …
DiablosClone motioned for Fanatic to sit at the table and grabbed 2 goblets from Fanatics shop and placed them on the table, he then grabbed Brainstorm liquor, Charlatan liquor and a Black Dragon elixir.
He poured each into a third goblet and mixed them up well.
Fanatic said “you know…you cannot drink them together or you will lose consciousness and be paralyzed for 1 full day”
DiablosClone replied…”that will be more than enough to prove who has bested one another. “
DiablosClone gave the deadly potion to Lady Neuromancer and said to her “you will choose which goblet contains the deadly mixture” and placed the two cups on her tray.
DiablosClone said “ to make this a fair battle of wits, I ask that you go outside to prepare the goblets and return 2 on the table and then the battle of wits begins”
Lady Neuromancer left the skull and returned a few moments later and placed the goblets on the table in front of DiablosClone and Fanatic.
“And so…it begins” said DiablosClone.
Fanatic looked at the goblets and then spoke “let’s deduce this logically and then I will pick one and then we both drink”
“I have one goblet in front of me and one goblet in front of you stranger…”
“Slave wishes you to win…so she would logically place the goblet with the mixture in front of me, expecting me to drink it foolishly, so I cant drink the goblet in front of me”
Lady Neuromancer has a look of concern come over her face as Fanatic continued to speak
“Slave knows I would know this…so it makes sense she would put the goblet in front of you with the deadly mixture, knowing I would know this and then take the one in front of you”
“Your Stalling” said DiablosClone “make your pick and we will drink”
Just then Sabankulah burst into the skull...”stop, Fanatic will trick you, he always tricks people!!”
DiablosClone spins around to see Sabankulah standing there in the door and tells her to “keep calm”
Fanatic sensing something is up, grabs both goblets and switches them so that his is now in front of DiablosClone and DiablosClone goblet is now in front of him…
“Yes” Said Fanatic…”I know all I need to know, let us drink…me from my cup and you…from yours”
So DiablosClone and Fanatic both grab their goblets and drink the mixture contained within…
Fanatic slammed his goblet to the table…”see, it was easy to defeat you, you will be my minion forever” as he laughed loudly
DiablosClone’s eyes rolled back into his head…he tried to stand…but couldn’t…his body…started to glow

Sabankulah and Lady Neuromancer watched in horror as Fanatic rose to his feet and walk over to a cage upon which he opened an Iron lock and said to DC “this is your new home” and he laughed harder

DC’s body glowed more and more…so much that the light from his body became blinding and Fanatic screamed out “what??? What is this…”as Fanatics eyes started to roll into the back of his head.

Fanatics screamed “Nooo! How could this be???” his arms and legs gave out and he collapsed onto the cage with a thunderous crash “how???”

Fanatic looked at Lady Neuromancer as his eyes started to roll back into his head and she said “while outside I seen my sister and she told me to trust her and put the mixture in both goblets”

DiablosClone rose to his feet…his head clear, his body safe from harm and then said to Fanatic “You see, Good, always triumphs over Evil and you are true Evil, therefore you cannot win this battle”

he continued “Sabankulah has mastered the arts of Virtue and has protected me from all your evil curses and harm that you could ever inflict upon me or her family ever again”

Fanatic said “You tricked me, you cheated me”
Sabankulah said “just as you tricked me and my sister many ages ago”
This was the last that Fanatic heard as he passed into unconsciousness…

Sabankulah embraced her sister and said, “It’s time to come home, you are free”
Fanatic slid off the cage and slumped on the floor in a quivering paralyzed mess frothing at the mouth as his eyes rolled back into his head and out to sleep

Lady Neuromancer walked over to DiablosClone and said “thank you…how can I ever repay you this wonderful gift”

DiablosClone said “well, there is one thing…”

“see, well umm…I may have enough wits to outwit Fanatic but I’ve the fighting prowess of a Kretch…perhaps you and I could hunt and you could teach me how to fight as you do?”

Lady Neuromancer kissed DiablosClone on the lips and ran her fingers across his chest…and said “honey, I’ll teach you that and much, much more”

The rest…is what has lead us here today :)

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:23pm

This is one of my favorites: DRACULA and Ocean :)


Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with how DRAC and Ocean met…it’s an intriguing tale indeed…lend me your ear and I’ll tell you the story
Ocean was roaming her way towards Wirgold to goto the Cloiser there to pick up some blessings for people in City Square…
As she passed through Virigiya District, she was attacked suddenly off the ship by -Hero- with the rage of Human hatred in his eyes…

He slashed at her and struck at her over and over in a violent rage…she cried out for help and prayed for a savior to join and save her…the seconds seem to turn into hours for Ocean…

On a steed with glowing eyes, HE came.
Axe wielded and stained with the Blood…
A backpack of Magmar souls hung over the saddle of the Shankar

DRACULA joined the battle

Now, many of you have known of these great epic battles that Drac and –Hero- but this would turn out to be one battle for the ages.

Drac smashed his axe over Hero’s head and said “hero, I come for your soul…”
Hero replied “not today Draco, today I put you in a coffin and seal it”
Ocean had never seen anything like this before, two massive clash of power before her eyes…

Smash after smash they bashed each other, Ocean doing her best to heal and keep alive while these two behemoths hammered it out with each other…

Grunts from swinging their axes could be heard as far back as Dartrong square and City Square…

The battle raged onward and with a lucky strike Hero stunned Drac…the rage swelled in Hero’s face as he smashed crit after crit onto Drac…
Oceans eyes filled with terror as her savior was being stunned out …

Sensing Dracula was weak, Ocean knew what she must do in order to save him and also herself…

Dracula, Being the most dangerous vampire of all time, needed one thing to replenish his life…

Ocean stripped her neck armor to expose her neck to Dracula…

With one swift lunge Drac bit into her neck…her sweet nectar instantly filled his body with twice the health he had before…his strength was unmatched, his mind now totally focused.

Ocean collapsed to the ground.

Drac arose and turned towards Hero with the renewed life in his body, his body aglow like a celestial Wild Daring…

And with one massive Critical hit upon Hero…Hero was sent crashing to the ground in a mangled mess.
Drac stood there in awe…never had he felt such a presence in his body…he turned to see Ocean there laying on the ground and he picked her up and set off on the Shankar to see Sheara.
Once he reached Sheara, Dracula laid the lifeless Ocean at her feet and said…please, bring her back…
Sheara said to Dracula I cannot do this…this is forbidden.

Dracula said…then make her of my blood as I have taken of hers…I am immortal and then she will be immortal with me. No one has done for me what she has, I need this woman…

Sheara sensing that Dracula was sincere agreed and took a drop of Blood from Dracula and gave it to Ocean and waited…

Dracula put his arms around Ocean and pulled her close. Oceans eyes opened and she smiled at Dracula.
Dracula smiled at Ocean and kissed her saying “I need you, you will be with me and I will always be with you”…Ocean smiled and said “I would like that”.

Ever since, they’ve shared their time, their lives…and now their love with each other.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:24pm

Maybe some of you don’t know this, but this isn’t the first time that The Crow has been married, lend me your ears and your funny bone and I’ll tell you the story…

Dribbler and Crow had been dating for some time when Dribbler thought “this one is the one for me”

So, he went and bought a ring and thought to himself “hmm, I’ll give her the ring and then I’ll sample the goodies before we get married”

He took Crow out to their favorite restaurant in Barrow of Sadness, high atop the Mages tower in the “Magical dining lounge”

When the dinner was over, he got down on one knee and said “hey you, Marry me, and I’ll treat you like Gods vagina!” :bll:

Crow was in Awe as she replied “ok, I’ll marry you but be forewarned, I’m gonna treat you like the devils “Pitchfork” and I loves my spicy food!” :bll:

Excitedly they ran off for a romantic boat ride in the Balluar Ocean and then he took her home to Baurvill Hamlet where he asked if he could come in for the night to celebrate.

She stopped him cold at the door and said to him “I’d prefer we waited till our honeymoon…” she said in a shy, coy voice. “Cause, I’m still a virgin”

Puzzled Dribbler looked at her and said “umm, you’ve been married before, HOW are you still a virgin?”

“Well” she started…

My first husband “Kenshin” was a Sales Representative for a big company in faeo and the entire marriage he kept telling me, in grandiose terms, how great it was going to be.

My second husband “Spudz” was a Teacher and you know the old saying 'Those who CAN, DO, those who can't, teach.'

My third husband “Gavor” was a psychiatrist. All he ever wanted to do was talk about it.

My fourth husband “Pez” was a gynecologist, and all he ever wanted to do was look at it.

My fifth husband “Meatus” was a stamp collector, and all he ever wanted to do was . . . she paused and thought to herself “God I miss him!”

“But with you, everything will be ok if you are gentle with me please on our honeymoon” Crow said.

Crow continued “So now that I’ll be marrying you, I'm really excited."

Dribbler said “And why is that?”

"Why is that?" Crow said "Well, it should be obvious! You're a lawyer!! I just know I'm going to get screwed this time!”

Since that day Dribbler and The Crow spent day after day hunting with each other and fell even more madly in love which has lead us to this moment today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:25pm

Many of you know how EW and Lady met and fell in love…But not many know the story of EW meeting her family and asking permission to marry her ;)

Lend me your hearts, your ears and your funny bones and I’ll tell you the story …

It was a warm sunny day in faeo, the birds were chirping and the sky was a bright blue as the clouds passed aimlessly through the air…
It was “The Day”….

Elite_Watcher1 and Lady Esta Kinya were on their way to see Grendal (Lady’s father) and Sabankulah (her mother) in Glade of Oblivion to ask permission for her hand in marriage.
As they approached the home, Lady thought it best to prepare her “hubby hopeful” about her family so she said…

“EW my love, I need to tell you a little bit about my family, my father is a longtime family man, loves my mother and does everything she asks of him”

“My Mom is a no nonsense type of woman who likes to see a man help out and treat a woman like a lady as my father does with her”

“My Brothers, The Duke and DiablosClone sometimes jokingly picking on me but I know they love me as they are very, Very Protective of me when it comes to someone I would bring to the house”
“I hope my Brothers don’t scare you, I hope my Mother is pleased with you and I pray my Father likes you so you get his permission to marry me. Good luck my love” :kiss:
Elite_Watcher1 thought to himself, “Hmmmm, I’ll have to approach this as best I can as not to blow it” and he assured to her that he’d do his best to impress the Family of which he would be part of.

Soon enough, they arrived at the house and as they entered…there sat the entire family on the couch together with a single chair in the middle of the living room.

This wasn’t what he was expecting…Grendal never said a word and just pointed at the chair. EW knew what was about to happen and took his position on the chair and looked at the family worriedly.

Lady Esta Kinya knew this was not going to be an ordinary visit as this time…the family looked prepared for Elite_Watcher1. She herself started to worry.

Lady Esta Kinya took a seat in the rocker in the corner and watched as her Father spoke…

Grendal said “It’s come to my attention you wish to have my daughters hand in marriage, my family will ask you some questions and depending your replies…I’ll render my decision”

EW replied with “Yes Sir”

Grendal said “Boys, you start” and looked at Duke and Diablos

Duke and Diablos smiled and grinned a sharp toothed smile at EW and then they spoke…

The Duke started “When our sister is old and wrinkled, with Blue and Grey hair…” he started to snicker and motioned to Diablo to continue…

DiablosClone continued “OH!! And her shoulders are hunched over and she’s got hairy legs and liverspots…” while snickering loudly

Lady Esta Kinya screamed out “Mom!!!!! Tell them to stop!!!!”

Sabankulah slapped them both and then said “Boys!!! Smarten up and Behave!!!”

Diablo and Duke smarting from the slaps both replied “ok fine!”

EW thought to himself “oh…my, do I have my work cut out for me here”

Diablos continued “Well Lady loves to look at herself in the mirror all the time so one day she will see that and come tell you…”

The Duke then said to Elite_Watcher1 “Knowing all that, tell us something positive you’d say to her to make her feel better about herself”

Diablo looked over at Duke and smiled and winked. Duke smiled in return and they both grinned their teeth towards EW as Grendal looked on quietly.

EW thought for a moment and then replied “I would reply with this ‘Well Honey, you still have perfect eye sight’”

Lady sat in awe as she pondered the reply from EW. The Brothers burst out laughing and then said “hey, we like him!!!”

Grendal just inhaled deeply and let out a tiny sigh and a little smirk came across his face for only a moment.

Grendal said “Mother, it’s your turn”
Sabankulah looked sternly at “the boys” in anger at them poking fun at their sister and then back to EW.

She then said “I’m a woman who likes to see a man do his own part and always be nice to his woman, tell me what plans you have to ensure this with you’ll always be good to her?”

EW thought to himself a moment and then said “I promise to always treat her with respect and admiration and I’ll never use 4 letter words around her”

Sabankulah replied…4 letter words ?

Elite_Watcher1 replied, yes, 4 letter words you’ll not see me use is “Dust, Wash, Iron and Cook”

Sabankulah turned to Grendal and said “I like him”

The Brothers groaned out a *cough “wussy” and Lady hollered out “Mom!!! They’re doing it again!!!”

Sabankulah jumped over Grendal and smacked them both again even harder than the first time! And sat back down glaring at them both to “hush up or else”

“Ok!!!!” hollered Grendal… “I’ve seen enough”

The room got deathly silent as Grendal rose to his feet and approached Elite_Watcher1. EW immediately stood and prepared for the worst

Grendal said “from what all I seen here today, I believe with you’d make a fine Husband to my daughter” and then hugged Elite_Watcher1.

Elite_Watcher1 said “Thank you Dad” then smiled

Elite_Watcher1 then said “Lady told me that you and Sabankulah will be having your silver anniversary soon, so in your honor for marrying your lovely wife, I’d like to kill a Kodrag for the feast”

Grendal smiled and said “Gee Elite_Watcher1, I don't see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened 25 years ago."

Then Grendal bolted out the door with Sabankulah quickly slapping the heck out of him!!!!

The rest is history, wonderful history which has brought us here today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:26pm

Most of you don’t know the story on how Guddy and Smokingbunny met …
Lend me your ear and hearts and I’ll tell you…

Guddy has always been a man with deep conviction and dedication to his clan and has always treated it as his own family. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for them…

His generosity and kindness was always to others, never thinking of himself.
His clan mate, Lethowsow came to Guddy and said “Guddy, you’ve been through a lot in this world, I see you’ve accomplished so much, but I feel your still searching for something”

“What is it my Brother, We as a clan see you giving so much…but never taking anything in return”

Guddy’s eyes teared up and he sat on the steps in CS beside Baguron pondering to himself his deepest thoughts.

Sensing something was troubling him, Lethowsow continued “I’m a healer, I know and sense when people are in pain, but this pain I sense, I fear I can’t heal”

Guddy stood up and stuck his chest outwards, like the fearless leader he is and said “Leth, its ok, I’m alright, I have my clan, this is all I need.” And he left to pick sigh grass.

Lethowsow thought to himself…there must be someone who knows what is troubling Guddy, so he went to seek out Gaidza as he would know what was Guddy’s deep dark secret.

Lethowsow found Gaidza picking bellas at Foot of Barrow and then asked him about Guddy… Gaidza’s facial expression went blank as he spoke silently so no one else would hear.

Gaidza said “I’ve known Guddy for over 3 Faeo years and I remember the day his heart was broken long, long ago.” (3 faeo years is like 25 human years)

“We were just young men and Guddy used to have this unusual pet, it was a Rabbit. He loved that rabbit with all his heart. There was only one in all of faeo.”

“This rabbit would fetch him a beer, it would sleep with him and keep him warm, it would yelp if anyone was hurting it and Guddy would defend it like it was his best friend!”

“They were more than just friends, they had a special connection between them which was unmatched by any other.”

“One day when we went to CC together, he left it at his home in Dead Cove and while we were in there, the Magmars raided human lands and burned his home to the ground”

“His Rabbit, was never found, I mean, I told him it must have ran away, heaven forbid he thought the worst happened”

“If there was something that really pleased Guddy and made him truly happy, it was his Rabbit, his “bunny” he called it.”

Lethowsow asked “Was the rabbit ever found? I mean, any remains?”

Gaidza said “yes, I found the remains and all there was left was a rabbits foot, this I just couldn’t give to him and break his heart. So I buried it in sleepy valley beside the well there”

Lethowsow thanked Gaidza and then went on about his way. He remembered one time trying to resurrect Baird the Seafarers dog (unsuccessfully), perhaps he could try with the rabbit.

So Lethowsow set out for Sleepy Valley to retrieve the Rabbits foot and with his high healing skills, he thought he’d have a better chance to resurrect it and return it to Guddy.

He dug around the well in Sleepy Valley and found the box which Gaidza had hidden in the ground.

He quickly went to Vassals and spoke to the Necromancer to see what ritual could be performed to resurrect the Rabbit.

The Necromancer spoke “Bring to me, one Great Resurrection scroll, one collected lotus, a fiery carnelian stone and yellow ink from a golden habus”

Lethowsow quickly ran off to gather all the items and returned to the necromancer.

He entered the dwelling in Vassals and gave the Necromancer the items for the resurrection and as the Necromancer started the ritual…Lethowsow spoke

He said” You’ve done this many times before, this cant fail as we only have one chance, so I’ve called in a bit of help”

Magically Sheara appeared and the Necromancer leaped back in fear.

Sheara spoke, Guddy is a loyal warrior of mine who deserves happiness as he has given many happiness. I do this…for him.

Lethowsow and the Necromancer looked on in amazement as Sheara took a hair from her head and added it into the ritual.

Sheara held her hands over the Rabbit and said “arise and live again”

and Poof!!! Magically, the Rabbit was there, alive and well!

Lethowsow grabbed the Rabbit and raced to see Guddy at his home in Dead Cove where he was resting from picking sigh grass.

The words of Sheara still echoed in his mind and thought it was odd what she said but nonetheless he was happy he was going to bring happiness to Guddy.

As Guddy answered the door his eyes opened wide to see Lethowsow there holding his “Bunny”.

Tears flowed down Guddy’s face as he clutched the Bunny in his arms saying “I’m so happy, thank you, thank you, thank you” and he kissed the Bunny

As Lethowsow looked on he told Guddy about Sheara’s words as Guddy kissed the bunny once again…

The Bunny started to glow and then flashes of light filled the room.

The Bunny jumped out of Guddy’s hands and scampered across the hall and into Guddy’s bedroom.

Lights flashed out of the door as Guddy ran into see a naked woman standing there as she spoke his name aloud “Guddy!”

Guddy stood in amazement hollering at Lethowsow not to come into the bedroom.

Guddy said to her “I used to have a Bunny, now I have a Smoking hot Bunny!”

She grabbed his blankets and wrapped them around herself and walked over to Guddy and said “Smokingbunny will do just fine my love”

Guddy was truly happy…as was Smokingbunny.

Ever since then she runs to get him beer and they cuddle and keep each other warm at night in their home in Dead Cove.

As each day passed, they have grown to love each other more and more which has lead us here to this moment today.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:27pm

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar how Sharanya and Herakles were “Found out” by his cunning Mother, it’s an intriguing tale, lend me your ear and I’ll tell you the story
Secretly Herakles and Sharanya had been seeing each other for a while under the guise of being “roommates”.

One afternoon, Herakles invited his mother over for dinner.

His mother had long suspected them of being more than just roommates but they constantly denied anything else was going on.

Today, she came to dinner with a plan in mind to find out for sure.
When Herakles Mother arrived, he showed her around the place, room by room.

“This is the Kitchen, that’s the laundry room, Bathroom down the hall…” he said to her.

She coyly spoke, “oh, where do you both sleep?”

Herakles nervously replied “this way mother” and proceeded down the hallway to a room adjacent to the bathroom saying “this is where I sleep, Sharanya sleeps in the bedroom across the hall”

“Oh” she said and smiled and off the went to the dining room for their dinner.

During the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how Herakles and his roommate Sharanya looked at each other.

She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two and this only made her more curious.

By the end of the evening she was convinced there was more between them than met the eye.

Reading his mom's thoughts, Herakles volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you Sharanya and I are just roommates."

“Oh yes Son, I see that” she said as she knocked the Silver Gravy Ladle off the table and onto the floor.

“Darn, I’ll clean that up” she said as she rushed to the kitchen to clean the ladle and returned to her chair to finish her meal.

After the meal, they watched a movie and it started to become late and his mother said “well, I’m off to the bathroom and then I’ll be heading home”

They exchanges kisses and his mother left and went home.

About a week later while making supper, Sharanya went to Herakles saying, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find the silver gravy ladle. You don't suppose she took it, do you?"
Herakles said, "Well, I doubt it, but I'll call her just to be sure she didn’t slip it into her pocket after cleaning it in the kitchen and forgot about it."
So he sat down and called her but only got the answering machine so he decided to leave her a message to have her call back about the Ladle.

"Mother, I'm not saying that you took the gravy ladle from my house but can you check your pant pockets to see if you forgot it there after cleaning it in the kitchen during supper last week?”

“Again, I'm not saying that you 'did not' take the gravy ladle but the fact remains that it has been missing ever since you were here for dinner. Love you, Herakles."

The next day, when Herakles got home from work, Sharanya was sitting in the living room watching TV and said, “Your mother called…found the Silver Gravy Ladle…the message is on the machine”

Herakles started the answering machine "Son, I'm not saying that you 'do' have relations with Sharanya and I'm not saying that you 'do not' have relations with Sharanya…”

The message continued “but the fact remains that if she were sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the gravy ladle by now. Love, Mom."

Ever since then…they knew they couldn’t keep their love hidden from anyone else and its grown into the love they both share for each other today.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:28pm

Most of you know the story on how Herjafoedr and Pumuckel met … but not the story about when he met her parents for the first time…
Lend me your funny bone and hearts and I’ll tell you…

Pumuckel and Herjafoedr had been dating for quite some time when they thought they were ready to take their relationship to the next level and spend the night together.

Pumuckel thought it would be nice to have Herjafoedr over for dinner with her family first; afterwards they’d go out to an all night party and then spend the night together.

Herjafoedr thought to himself, for a night like this, he’d best take some “protection”

Early morning of the day he was to go for dinner, Herjafoedr went to O’Delvays Square to the shop there and went and spoke to the pharmacist for help.

Herjafoedr explained to the pharmacist that there was a wild night ahead for him and his girlfriend and he wanted to be prepared.

The pharmacist explained the product and asked, "They come in packets of three, six and twelve. How many you think you would need?"

"Well" explained Herjafoedr, "I have known this wonderful girl for several months now. Tonight I am meeting her parents for the first time, and then we are off to an all-night party.”

Herjafoedr strutted around like a rooster with a big smile as he continued “So I think tonight is the night. And, once she gets it, I know she will want more. Better give me a dozen!"

The pharmacist said “You lucky fella, she sounds like a wild cat!”

“Yup, and I can’t wait!” said Herjafoedr.

Having made his purchase, the pharmacist wished him luck and Herjafoedr went home, dressed for dinner and then made his way over to Pumuckel’s house.

As he comes to the door, he is greeted by Pumuckel and rushed into the house and into the dining room where the family is already sitting at the table.

He quickly sits down and asks if it would be ok if he was to offer the blessing over the food.

Pumuckels mother smiles and agrees.

Pumuckel smiled and looked puzzled at Herjafoedr, he never did this before.

Herjafoedr prays, and prays, and prays, and prays and not once lifting his head up as he went onwards praying for about 10 minutes then finally stopping and keeping his head down.

Finally, Pumuckels Mom says “wow, I’m impressed, Pumuckel never told me you were so religious!"

Herjafoedr humbly said “Thank you” and kept his head down.
Pumuckel smiled and looked puzzled at Herjafoedr as to why he was acting strange.

Her Father then spoke “We’re going to be watching a couple of movies after dinner, you both are more than welcome to stay afterwards and watch it with us if you both like”

Herjafoedr quickly replied “oh yes Sir, please Sir, we’d both love to spend the evening here with you both, we have absolutely no other plans”

Pumuckel jabbed Herjafoedr in the ribs and leaned over and whispered to him “We had plans for tonight! What is wrong with you?”

Herjafoedr casually leaned over and whispered to Pumuckel “You never told me your father was the O’Delvays Square shop pharmacist!!!”

As for the rest of the evening, it went by really smooth and everyone was happy.

Each day Herjafoedr and Pumuckel spent together reassured them that they were destined to be with one another in marriage.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:29pm

Most of you know the story on how Guddy brought Lethowsow and Silke into 3 Stars and how their love has blossomed into what it’s become today…
But, some of you might not remember how Lethowsow used to have a temper and how Silke was instrumental on “curing him” of this temper to become the kind, calm man he is today.

Lend me your ear and your funny bone and I’ll tell you…

Guddy and Lethowsow had been sitting back on the porch at Guddy’s house over in Dead Cove having a few brews while Smokingbunny and Silke were in the house doing up the dishes.

Lethowsow and Guddy were telling jokes and Guddy happened to knock over Lethowsow’s beer and he started to berate Guddy then got mad and went to get another beer.

When Lethowsow returned, Guddy said to him “Dude, you got to relax, stuff happens, no need to get upset all the time, just be like me, relaxed, cool and calm. You’ll have more fun!”

Lethowsow said “Well, yeah, I know, I’m sorry I just can’t help it…it happens and I just can’t control it sometimes.”

Guddy said “well man, you got a great career started as a healer, an awesome woman with Silke, I’d just hate to see you lose it all over foolishness.”

Guddy continued “Listen, when I’m stressed, I go for a ride through the Cursed Fields/ Berona Prairies and clear my mind, puts things in to perspective and I come back a changed man…”

Guddy continued more “I also find it soothing to deal with any problem head on, count to 3 and if it still bothers me, I remove the problem as best I can and move onwards.”

Lethowsow thought to himself Guddy is a wise man and said “ok, I’ll go there now and I’ll bring Silke along with me for the ride”

Guddy said “Good, I’ll see you both when you get back!”

So Lethowsow went and got Silke and then set off on a Beronas, headed up through the Cursed fields.

As the Beronas were crossing a small stream in wolf wasteland, Silke’s Berona mis-steped and jostled her roughly.

Once they crossed the stream, Lethowsow dismounted and walked over to her Berona and stares into its eyes.

"That's one." Lethowsow said holding up one finger and then walked his Berona and they continue their ride.

Silke looked at him with a stern look as they continued onwards. Lethowsow kept his eyes forward and continued on.

A bit further down the path, Silke’s Berona stumbled while stepping over a fallen tree in Sleepy Valley.

Lethowsow dismounts, stares the Berona in the eyes, and boldly states while holding up 2 fingers, "That's two!"

“LETH!!” shouted Silke, but he ignored her and jumped back on his Berona and started to move onwards.

They rode onwards as the Sun began to set upon the Berona Prairies, the sight was beautiful.

As they came upon Pacifist Hills, Silke’s Berona once again lost its footing in the holes in the ground.

Lethowsow quietly dismounts and walks over and helps Silke out of the saddle of her Berona.

He moved to the front of the Berona and stared it in the eyes and firmly says, "That's three!" then removed his swords and with a fatal lunge the Berona was disposed of.
“LETH!!!” Shouted Silke

Lethowsow had a chill crawl up his spine as he turned and stared at her mounting HIS Berona

Silke said “That’s it!! There will be no more of this foolishness, GET on the Berona NOW, we’re going back!”

Lethowsow realizing that he did wrong, he tried to apologize but Silke would hear none of it.

“But baby…” he said.

“But Baby nothing, get on the Berona now or I’m leaving you here” She said

“But Baby…” he said again

“That’s one” she said as she held up her finger

“Get on this damn Berona now and I don’t want to ever see you act like that again!!!” She said.

“But Baby!!!” he said again

“That’s TWO!” Silke Said as she held up two fingers now and pointing to the rear of the Berona.

Hours pass and later, Guddy was sitting on the porch having a cold beer as Silke rode up with Lethowsow on the back towards the homestead.

Lethowsow was the first off the Berona and Silke jumped off and into a puddle which splashed him with muddy, dirty water.

Guddy prepared for the explosion but was pleasantly surprised with Lethowsow’s comment.

“Are you ok Honey? I’m a bit dirty, I’m going to wash up quickly before we make for home, I love you, Thank you for a wonderful ride together” said Lethowsow

Guddy’s jaw dropped as Silke kissed him softly on the cheek and smiled saying “That’s better”

Lethowsow walked up on the porch towards Guddy

Guddy looked at him with his shocked look and said “You ok Mate?”

Lethowsow replied “You were right about going for the ride through there, I’m a changed man now”

Guddy said “yeah, I can see that…what happened?”

Lethowsow had an icy cold start to crawl up his spine as he looked at Guddy and said “One, I was ok, but when she said “Two”, I knew what was gonna happen if she got to Three!”

Ever since then…Silke has never had to count and they’ve had a happy and loving life together

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:30pm

Many of you here, have known Silverina and Lilmatt5279 for a long time…but not many are familiar with how they met and fell in love
Let me tell you…

lilmatt5279 walked into Mary’s Tavern one evening to have himself a beer…he looked down in the dumps as he walked in and then sat at the bar eagerly awaiting Mary…
As Mary brought him over his usual (ice cold beer), in walked a beautiful woman to the bar beside him and she sat down

Matt was mesmerized, he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful gal beside him…she looked at him and smiled and said “hi, I’m Silverina, what’s your name?”

He replied “Matt…well, my friends call me Lil Matt”

“oh? And why do they call you little Matt?” she asked

Matt quickly changed the subject…saying “hey, you want to see something neat?”

“Sure” she said as she watched Matt reach into his pocket and rummage around…

Out he pulled a tiny piano and sat it on the bar, and then he reached back in his pocket and pulled out a piano seat as she watched on curiously.

“There ya are” he said as he pulled out a tiny man about 1 foot tall and placed him at the piano. The man bowed to Silverina and then sat down and played the most wondrous music.

“oh, my goodness, that is amazing, where did you get it?” she said

Matt said “well, Sheara was outside in the gift shop and was a bit drunk and offered me anything I asked for this one time….

and before Matt could go onwards Silverina said “Really??” and dashed off out the door and over to the Gift Shop and there was Sheara drunk and singing show tunes

Sheara looked at Silverina and said “You there girl…(hiccup)I’ll grant you one wish, name it (hiccup)”

Shears stumbled through the gifts mumbling to herself “this one looks like Guddy” as she grabbed a fluffy Buyaka and threw it across the gift shop giggling…

Silverina thought to herself, this was her chance to be rich beyond her wildest dreams and said “I’d love to have a million bucks! I’d fly around the world”

Sheara spun around and said “fly eh? Ok” and poof Silverina had 1 million “Ducks” around her as Sheara spoke again “1 million ducks as asked, happy flying, I’m off to bed” and in a hiccup she was gone

Disappointed Silverina went back across the hamlet and into the tavern, she walked up to LilMatt and said…”shes drunk alright” I asked for a million bucks and now I got a million ducks!

LilMatt looked at her and shrugged his shoulders and said “A million ducks is kinda cool lol, but seriously, you think I really asked for a 12” Pianist? LOL”

They both started to laugh and a spark instantly came between them as Silverina said “You know, I like lil things and I like you”

Since then, that spark has turned into a tremendous love of which they both share between them and it’s what has lead us to this special day today :)

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:32pm

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with how Mhorah and _Onslaught_ ended up here on this most glorious day of days…lend me your ear and your hearts and I’ll tell you the tale
Twas a beautiful day in faeo, the sun was shining, the wind was calm and the weather was perfect but to _Onslaught_ it was just another day at work. So he picked up his pole and headed off to Virigiya district.
_Onslaught_ setup shop and lay out his sign for “fishing/boat tours” and hoped that someone would come along as business was slow and he needed the coin for boat rental fees to Voldemar.
As it happened that fateful day, along wandered Mhorah, looking to escape on the water for the day and relax, so she purchased his services for an afternoon of fishing and relaxing.

Off they set sail on the Balluar Ocean, Mhorah was beside herself and started up small talk with _Onslaught_ about “Whopper fish tales” and the both laughed, drank and eat merrily on the boat.
_Onslaught_ and Mhorah had an instant chemistry together…_Onslaught_ knew this was more than just your ordinary woman…she was beautiful, intelligent and any man would be happy with her on their arm.
Both of them lost in the moment…they hadn’t realized the water rippling around them and the slimy tentacles of the Korr creeping up and around the tiny boat.
“Oh no” _Onslaught_ cried out worriedly.

Mhorah startled said “What is it?” as the boat started to rock back and forth as tentacles shot up into the air and started to smash against the tiny boat.
Immediately _Onslaught_ whipped out his tiger and cast it open the Korr…but that only seemed to anger it further and the boat rocked back and forth, the tiger put up a struggle but was no match!

Mhorah stood up and lashed at the tentacles with her sword cutting one off and a vicious roar which could be heard all the way to City Square was heard from the Korr.
_Onslaught_ said in a panic “Damn it! I left my weapons on land; I only have my fishing rod!”

Mhorah just kept on slashing and cut off another tentacle and the Korr winched and burst out of the water and Roared Mightily at the two of them in anger and then opened his mouth wide and…
In one gulp…he ate the tiny boat and dove to the bottom of the ocean.

They were now trapped inside the Korr…

_Onslaught_ felt terrible on what happened…he could accept his own fate but not the fate of this wonderful woman as well. He had to think of a way out…

Mhorah said “well, now what do we do?”
_Onslaught_ looked around and and from above with slime dripping off it was something that looked like a tonsil. He thought…maybe if we tickle the Korr tonsils…he’ll cough and spit us out.

It was worth a shot…so he explained to Mhorah what he wanted to do and she replied with “You want me to do What???” And _Onslaught_ thought that it might be best if “he” did it.

_Onslaught_ took his fishing rod and started to “Tickle” the tonsil of the Korr and the Korr started to rock and buck back and forth…

Mhorah said “oh my, keep going! I think its working” as she braced herself and wedged herself into the depths of the tiny boat.

_Onslaught_ said “I need to reach higher and I think this might work” so with one quick lunge with his fishing rod he jumped up in the air and tickled the tonsil of the Korr…

And then it happened…the Korr raced to the surface of the ocean and then…


With a mighty sneeze, all space and time was a blur for them both as the tiny boat shot outta the Korr mouth.

The boat skidded across Virigiya district and was heading towards Village of Kingala with Mhorah clinging tightly; wedged into the depths of the boat

Unfortunately, _Onslaught_ holding onto his rod only flew upwards and into the air towards the outskirts of Silent Steppe screaming at the top of his lungs “Heeeelp!!!”

The boat skidded through Kingala and coasted to an abrupt stop beside Mary’s Tavern.

Mhorah looked up in the air to see _Onslaught_ gliding towards the haystacks and in a puff of dust and straw…into the haystacks _Onslaught_ went.

Mhorah knew that the “mystical haystacks” have incredible treasures in them but the treasure she wanted was _Onslaught_, so off she set to find her “fishing pole in a haystack”

She made her way to outskirts of Silent Steppe and went from one haystack to another searching .

Oddly enough, she found some incredible treasures which included a Killer battle axe and Cerrador amulet, but she tossed them aside as they were not what she was looking for.
She had come for her fisherman and was determined to find him…so after hours of searching haystack to haystack…she finally found him, still clutching his fishing rod and she pulled him close to her.

_Onslaught_ said “I’m so sorry, I never meant to put you through such a terrible time, I’m just happy you are safe” and he looked deeply into her eyes to see his whole world become clear…

Mhorah smiled and kissed him softly and said “for months I’ve walked by your fishing stand and I finally had the courage to ask you to take me out on the water..”

_Onslaught_ was speechless and staring in awe

Mhorah kissed him and continued “:kiss: Had I known being with you would be this exciting, I’d have asked you long ago !!!”

The rest of what happened from that moment onwards together …is what has led us to this moment today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:33pm

LOL cant forget Pale/Queenie LOL

Now, I’ve been in this game for over 2 years now… I’ve known Pale and Queenie for at least that long if not longer so I know just how dedicated they are to each other.

Let me tell you a story about how dedicated Queenie is to Pale, even when his own faults get in the way, so lend me your ear and your funny bone and I’ll tell you.

For the longest time I was a Mentor, but now since retired.

Pale and Queenie joined mentors while I was there but I remember this one Mentor Christmas party like it was yesterday.

It was one helluva party, everyone was there… LJ, Shevek, Cross Knight, Yvil, even some of the guards crashed the party.

LJ, Shevek and Yvil did table dances for the guys (Yvil charged people for the dances) :well: man I spent a fortune on her ass but hey, I like gals who shake and jiggle, what can I say.

Anyways, I remember waking up at Pale and Queenies place the next morning, and wow, Pale was hung-over badly.

Queenie was up making breakfast for us in the kitchen already.

I remember Pale complaining about a pounding headache, his throat was raw and totally unable to recall the events of the party the night before.

After a trip to the bathroom (which all men must do after a night of binge drinking), he made his way towards the kitchen, where his Queen put some coffee in front of him.

I was sitting at the table sipping my coffee and lightly eating breakfast as Pale spoke.

"My Queen," Pale moaned, "tell me what happened last night. Was it as bad as I think?"

I sat there and watched the look on her face turn sour as she verbally laid into him.

"Even worse," Queenie said, her voice was oozing with scorn as she continued on.

"You made a complete ass of yourself. You succeeded in antagonizing not only all the Mentors but the Guards too, and you insulted Cross Knight, right to his face."

Pale puffed his chest out and gripped his coffee and took a big gulp then said "Oh Yeah? Piss on him."

I put my face down towards my plate as not to listen…

Queenie barked back at Pale “You did piss on him and he fired you!!"

I thought back to the night before and couldn’t help but giggle then thought, I’d better keep quiet and eat my breakfast.

Pale slammed the coffee cup down on the kitchen table and stood up and said “Oh Yeah?! Well, screw him!" and stormed off into the other room

Queenie without missing a beat, shouted at him “Oh yeah? I did. You're back at work in Klesva on Monday, don’t be late!!!”

I sat in amazement and wondered what was going to happen next.

A few minutes passed as I watched Pale calmly enter the kitchen, lean over and kiss Queenie saying “Thank you Baby for looking out for me, I love you” then sat back down and ate his breakfast.

I knew then and there, these two were made for each other and nothing… and I mean NOTHING would ever keep them apart.

And since that day PaleDeath and -Queen of Death fell even more madly in love which has lead us to this moment today…

The reason why you both are here…so I’ll ask you the question you both have been waiting to hear.

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:34pm

My best friend Scoob and Red

Many of you here, have known RED and Scoob for a long time…but not many are familiar with the Achievements they’ve accomplished or know the story on how they met and fell in love
Let me tell you…
A long time ago, In Faeo far, but not far away… this beautiful young maiden CRAZY RED was taking a picnic basket from City Square to visit her Grandpa Pandrik at Lights edge which she did every Sunday.
Pandrik was a very wise man who enjoyed RED’s company as he was old and wise and had trouble reading papers at times and instead called them waffles…but that’s another story…
One Sunday afternoon on her way to visit Pandrik, RED decided to take the shorter more dangerous route discarding his advice to stay clear of Virigiya District.
He had heard of the dreaded “UnderDog” who was roaming through the lands attacking and injuring people and he feared for RED’s safety so he asked her to come the long way always.
RED had just made it to Virigiya District when all of a sudden Underdog jumped from the ship and attacked her causing her great injury and leaving her in tears.
Achievement accomplished “Always listen to your elders”
While she laid there tending to her wounds crying, a man…a massive, strong man approached her asking her if she was ok and she told him to leave her be that she would be fine.
The Big strong man said my name is Scooboo, but my friends call me Scoob like the cartoon dog…
Just then RED burst out into tears more and told him…”no no, not another dog, please leave me alone”
Scoob replied to her “I would never harm you but I’d harm any dog that was ever to harm you, please let me accompany you on your way and I’ll watch over you”
Red agreed to give Scoob a chance to accompany her and she told Scoob what had happened to her and how she should have listened but was running late.

Scoob stated that he was very much like that too, strong willed always putting others before himself and that RED was very much like himself and Scoob was happy to know her.
RED was instantly infatuated with this big strong man.

Achievement Accomplished “Dogs are a woman’s best friend too”
They went on their way to Lights Edge together and RED introduced Scoob to her Grandpa Pandrik who was very gracious of this young man’s assistance to his Granddaughter

Scoob helped RED setup the blanket and such for her picnic with her Grandpa and then they all said their goodbyes
BUT just before Scoob left the area he slipped a piece of paper into her picnic basket without her knowing.
Pandrik and RED sat on the blanket eating their picnic lunch talking about how nice Scoob was when someone shouted “UnderDog” is here!!! Everyone run!!
Just then, UnderDog appeared before them both, foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog with a thirst for blood…
UnderDog said to Pandrik, I’m here for you old man and there aint no one who’s gonna stop me this time
RED jumped to her feet to protect her Grandpa but UnderDog shoved her to the ground, her wounds were still too much for RED to overcome…tears swelled in her eyes
RED cried out aloud a cry which could be heard all through faeo “Scooby doo!!! Where are you?”
The UnderDog with a “drunken victory” look in his eyes, grit his teeth and slashed at Pandrik with his swords….RED turned away and closed her eyes in fear…


RED opened her eyes and wiped her tears to see a massive strong man blocking the UnderDog from attacking her Grandpa.
It was Scooby!!!
Achievement Accomplished “Hang on RED, I’m comin”
Scoob tore into the UnderDog and slashed at him over and over as they rolled around in a grass exchanging blow for blow.
Growls between them could be heard as far away as Ridge of Kayar as the battle raged onwards then Scoob stunned the Underdog and thought it was time to teach him a lesson…
UnderDog was no match for such a strong massive man like Scoob and with a final swing of his sword, a “yelp” cried out from the Underdog who laid there injured
Scoob then proclaimed aloud “Your executioner skill have increased +1”

Achievement Accomplished “A truly, deeply sworn enemy of the Underdog”
RED jumped to her feet and embraced Scoob kissing him about the face, others gathered around and patted him on the back and congratulated him for saving Pandrik.
Scoob never said a word, he just smiled at everyone and took RED’s hand and kissed it softly like the gentleman he is and then departed as swiftly as he arrived.
Pandrik motioned for RED to sit down and finish the picnic with him and RED reached into the basket for more food and drink and happened upon a piece of paper…
She tried to read it…but could not understand the writing. She handed it to Pandrik and asked him to add it to his waffle collection. Pandrik studied it…
After a few minutes…he smiled and put his arm around RED and said…this is not a waffle…this is “secret knowledge” about a man who is smitten with a woman.
Pandrik continued to read to her what the paper said and he revealed to her the following …
“RED - When I met you my heart melted, when you put your arm in mine, my knees buckled, you only need call my name and I will be there for you always – Scooby”
“So RED my beautiful Granddaughter, he is a good man and he will be good to you as you will be good to him. Call him, he will come to be with you”

RED whispered…”Scooby”

and with-in the blink of an eye, Scoob was there, he rested his hand on her shoulder and then sat down and spent the afternoon eating and drinking and sharing time with Pandrik and RED

The rest…is what has led us to this moment today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:35pm

SGT and Moonie :kiss:

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with how Moonshyn and SGTJunior ended up here on this most glorious day of days…lend me your ear and your funny bone and I’ll tell you the story
Moonshyn has a unique set of parents; Elder Baguron her dad and Mary (aka Voluptuous Mary) her mother.

They never married but they named her “Moonshyn” after Mary’s favorite drink of which she had plenty of the night upon which she was conceived.
Moonshyn met a man called “OriginalSith” and she had fell madly in love with him and wanted to marry him…so she set off with him to see her father Baguron and get his blessing.

When OriginalSith asked if it was ok to marry Moonshyn, Baguron said “my son, when I was younger, I was a wild man of sorts and to tell you the truth, I might be your father too”

Shocked OriginalSith thought…”oh my, I can’t marry my sister” and told Moonshyn goodbye and left to join the seminary and became a priest. ;)
Moonshyn was heartbroken…

A few years later, she met another man named “Lord Noodles” and again she was madly in love with him and wanted to marry him…so she set off with him to see her father Baguron and get his blessing.

When Lord Noodles asked if it was ok to marry Moonshyn, Baguron said “my son, when I was younger, I was a wild man of sorts and to tell you the truth, I might be your father too”
Shocked Lord Noodles thought…” I can’t chance this to be my sister and marry her” and told Moonshyn “I will always be your brother in arms and fight alongside you till the end of faeo”

Moonshyn was heartbroken and crushed…

Moonshyn decided to run away…far, far away (note the star wars reference here) *looks at SGTJunior :)
Across a crowded room in a Cantina on a dirty planet sat there the young buck of a fallen Jedi warrior SGTJunior but even though he was of the Dark Side, Moonshyn thought the Sith Lords were coolest.

She had to have him…and after a few dates and time together…they fell madly in love with each other and he asked her to marry him.

Moonshyn agreed but still wanted approval from her father so off they set for CS.

When SGTJunior asked if it was ok to marry Moonshyn, Baguron said “far, far, long ago, my son, when I was younger, I was a wild man of sorts and to tell you the truth, I might be your father too”

SGTJunior was shocked…but promised Moonshyn that he would always love her and be there for her even if they were not to marry…

Moonshyn was heartbroken and crushed and now devastated. She needed to calm her nerves so she went to her mother’s “Mary’s tavern” and started to drown her sorrows in alcohol.

The Bartender knew Moonshyn was upset and called upstairs to where Mary was “entertaining” and asked her to come downstairs and tend to her upset daughter…

Mary came gracefully downstairs and slid up beside Moonshyn and pulled her head to her bosom and said, “There there my child, Mother is here”
Moonshyn burst into more tears…and said “Mom, I met such a nice man SGTJunior but when I take them to dad he won’t give anyone blessings to marry me cause he says he could be their dad”
Moonshyn cried harder and hugged her Mother tightly

Mary said “my child, I’m so sorry my child…”

Mary continued “My dearest, sweetest Moonshyn, I feel that all this is my fault…”

A puzzled look came across Moonshyns face as Mary said “Being your Mother, I was there the night you were conceived”

She stared to blush and continued on “Unfortunately, Baguron wasn’t awake long enough so he’s not your real father, Cardsharp is!”

“So go my child, marry your SGTJunior and be happy, but don’t tell Baggy because I like the monthly efril payments!” said Mary and clinked her goblet to Moonshyns and said “you have MY blessing ;)

The rest…is what has led us to this moment today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:37pm

Same Sex Marriage fun:

Many of you know how --silent wolf-- and Malicious Vixion met and fell in love…
But not many know the strange reason as to why SW is shown as a female concealing his true nature of being a man…and how Malicious earned the name “Malicious” :devil:

Lend me your hearts, your ears and your funny bone and I’ll tell you the story …

Silent Wolf, was a man’s man, big, strong, majestic, fearless and very handsome…so handsome that women found him irresistible which lead him to a life of a womanizer
His conquests of women were legendary…

At one time, he was told to have been seeing up to 5 women at once!!!

Arnica the horse woman (he took her for a ride)
Edera (she gave him some armor and then he ended up banishing her)
Voluptuous Mary (used her to gain access to her chest)
Bludiara (couldn’t foretell how he’d be in and out of her life so fast)
and yes, even The Slave Girl (in the Boe den) had fallen to his charm and locked him in a cage and whipped him upon his request too….but um…that is another story.

One day Silent Wolf happened upon a beauty of a gal fishing in daylight square and he thought to himself… “I shall have her” and add her to my collection…

But this was no ordinary gal, this was Malicious Vixion and not just anyone could “wooo” her so easily.

He threw out his #1 Pickup line at her “Say you must be tired?”

She played along and asked “why no. Should I be?”

He then said “Well baby, you’ve got to be tired from running around in my dreams all the time!”

She smiled and thought it was smart but then figured it was time to lower the bomb “Well, if you were chasing me, yes, I’d be very tired from running away”

Silent Wolf was stunned…never had a woman refused him. So he again tried to offer to “Make her breakfast”…

Vixion thought to herself, well, it’s been a while and I guess I could use the workout :smile: and I’ll teach him a lesson at the same time :devil:

You see, Vixion wasn’t just fishing there for no reason, the women of faeo had enough of Silent Wolf and his womanizing ways and wished him to be taught a lesson of humility.

*Sith gazes around to all the Men in the crowd today and gives the “we all know what that’s about eh fellas” look and goes back to reading aloud the wedding ;)

Silent Wolf and Vixion went out for a nice meal and off to the BOE skull to watch the Kroffdor mangle the herbies and geos as they picked and then spent the night together…

The date was going almost “too smooth” for Silent Wolf, but he figured it was because of his charm that this was the case…

But in the Morning after a night of passion – Vixion was gone and a note was left at the table saying – “Thanks, don’t call me, I’ll call you”

Silent Wolf was now distraught and wondering what was wrong, all the women called him later, it was HIM who never called them…this was perplexing indeed.

He arose from bed and went to the bathroom for his morning shower and such and after he finished, he ran his fingers across his face and thought, I need a shave…

So he retrieved his razor and then looked into the mirror to behold a frightening sight.

He was a woman!

He quickly reached down between his legs to check…yep, still a man and all there.

He looked back into the mirror again and before him was still this woman (a good looking one at that too he thought)

He dressed quickly to search for Vixion and find out what she had done to him and to get her to reverse it
For days he searched for her but never found her. Everywhere he went, Men were making cat calls and calling him “Baby” and “Angel” and “Love”

All these men were making him sick with all these advances towards him and it was infuriating him…he wanted to be a man again and he knew he had to find Vixion to do so!

About a week had passed, nearly every man in faeo had offered to “make him breakfast” and he had enough and started to cry silently to himself

Just then appeared Vixion with an illuminated flask with an aura which seemed to surround it. She spoke to him “well now, have you learned your lesson on how to treat women?”

“Yes” he replied, “I’ve learned my lesson, please turn me back into a man”

“drink this” she said

He quickly grabbed the flask and wolfed it down in one gulp and then scurried over to the river and looked at his reflection in the water. He was a man again!

He turned to her and said “hey baby, you wanna go for breakfast again?”

and all of a sudden he felt … strange again.

He looked into the river and realized that his one action had just turned him back into a woman again.

She looked at him and said “I have one more bottle, care for one more chance??”

He said “keep it, let me prove myself to you that I’ve changed and when the day comes that I have, I’ll ask you for it once more”

She smiled and thought to herself, this guy might be turn out ok.

So through the next few weeks, they became good friends and oddly enough, once they did, she was able to see him as the man he was, not as the man he portrayed himself to be.

Whenever she gazed upon him, she never saw a female but a man who was in true touch with himself and in touch with her and her needs too.

A man who had come to realize how special a woman is and how they wished to be treated and to act accordingly with and if not…how they could become “Malicious” ;)

They became close friends and even fell in love with each other…which has lead us to this moment here…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:38pm

Many of you here, have known Lady Esta Kinya and Spoof … but not many know the strange story on how they met and HE fell in love… (giggle)

Lend me your ear and your hearts…and I’ll tell you…

Spoof awoke…his head was groggy as thoughts raced through his head about what happened…

He recalled to himself as he gathered his thoughts…

It was a nice picnic and he was there with Lady Esta Kinya, they were drinking wine and eating some food…

* A quick whiff of fish smell brushed past his nose as his head cleared more and remembered that she smacked him with a fish and must have knocked him senseless.

He tried to move his arms but they were strapped down…he realized his eyes were open but he couldn’t see anything with this black cloth bag over his head.

He was strapped into a chair, legs, arms bound and head covered… he tried to speak but couldn’t as he could feel the tape over his mouth muffle his voice.

A dirty laugh echoed in the room as he felt a leg thrown over him and someone squat on his lap and then run their fingers up and down his chest and whisper to him…

“I want you” said the voice

“I will have you” said the voice

“YOU will want me!”
She tugged at his chest and gave him a hard “twister” as he tried to scream out in pain but the gag prevented him…

She gave a demonic laugh and said again to him…

“I want you, I will have you and YOU will want me!”

The room went deathly silent…

Spoof was terrified…but strangely excited.

Lady Esta Kinya snapped a whip and it cut the air like a knife… the “crrracck” of it reverberated off the walls as Spoof started to tremble but strangely was still excited.

She repeatedly cracked the whip around his head, body and legs as he sat there and trembled…but strangely still excited.

She ripped off the cloth bag over his head and tore off the tape over his mouth… his jaw dropped to see her in a full leather outfit with stockings and stilettos.

She screamed at him “Do you WANT me?”

“HELL Yeah!!” he screamed back!

She slapped him across the face and said “I don’t believe you” and put the cloth bag back over his head

She then pulled out a leather strap and started beating the chair as he sat there, the leather against the wood made a sick thwack as she repeatedly beat the chair…

She groaned and moaned out with each swing of the leather strap and she said “I want you, I will have you and YOU will want me!”

Spoof cried out “Baby, I’ll defend you and lay my life down for you. I want YOU!”

The room went silent…only the sound of stilettos clicking on the wooden floor of the hut could be heard coming closer to him.

She placed her leg up on the chair between his legs and leaned forwards to his ear and whispered “I don’t believe you” and swatted him with the leather strap!

Spoof strangely was now getting very excited as thoughts raced through his mind on how to get outta here safely.
Spoof heard Lady Esta Kinya walk out the door of the hut and then return a few moments later.

Silence filled the room … followed by the smell of gasoline and oil.

Spoof said “Baby, what are you doing?”

Lady Esta Kinya said calmly “I’m waiting for you to tell me how you really feel” as she started up the chainsaw and it let out a vicious roar “BRrrraawwww!!! “…

The screams from Spoof quickly drowned out with the roaring of the chainsaw as she started to cut the legs off the chair with him still in it!!!

She quickly flicked the kill switch on the chainsaw and threw it on the wooden floor and straddled his lap and pulled off the cloth bag covering his head and looked deep into his eyes.

Spoof, without being asked shouted “Lady Esta Kinya, I love you, I need you, I want YOU! Marry me!!!”

Lady Esta Kinya wrapped her arms around him and said “Now, was it really that hard to see how much you loved me? I would be happy to marry you!”

In the following days, they spent their time together in and each day they spent together, their love grew stronger and deeper…

The rest…is what has lead us here today :)

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:39pm

Many of you here, have known Summer and --XOnOX-- for a long time…but not many are familiar with how they met and fell in love
Let me tell you…
A long time ago before faeo is what it became today, walked a fearsome warrior, his name… --XOnOX--
He was no ordinary Warrior… He was the “right hand” of Sheara, her personal instrument of destruction which she enacted upon those which opposed her and her will.

His victories were legendary; he had never met his match in any battle as he always prevailed.

But --XOnOX--was a lonely man; he had only known the taste of victory and the spoils of war…the blood of the enemy on his tongue, the hatred of the enemy in his heart.

This solitude and hatred drove him to be the ultimate force of destruction…

One afternoon while meandering around Shear’s palace…Sheara came to him as asked him to undertake a most dangerous task…

--XOnOX-- just grinned and grit his teeth and with a raspy voice said “point me, I’ll kill it”

Sheara explained to him that there was 2 dragons which have come out of the ashes from the Ancestral Mountains, once called Striagorn, one called Erifarius,.

Erifarius, had given his worship to Sheara and would preside over watching Human land…but Striagorn had chosen to not worship Sheara and wanted to cause war with humans instead.

This greatly angers Sheara and she wanted to teach Striagorn a lesson in humility so --XOnOX-- was tasked with this..

But Sheara warned him that Striagorn possesses strong magic and that he should be careful.

Off --XOnOX--set, with a rage of Sheara within him and he confronted Striagorn atop the Ancestral Mountains.
With a thunderous crash of his axe, the neck of Striagorn swayed back and a great Roar could be heard in the spectral expanse…Sheara laughed and knew that Striagorn would soon learn his lesson.

Striagorn lashed back at --XOnOX-- and knocked him to the ground but Striagorn knew this warrior in front of him was here for nothing but his death…but Striagorn had trickery in sight…
--XOnOX-- arose to his feet and stared at the dragon and said…”now you will die”

The Dragon bellowed back at him…”no, it is you who will fail” and cupped fresh amber stones in his hands and blew his fiery breath upon them to form a magical sphere…
Striagorn uttered an ancient verse and --XOnOX-- was transformed into the Smokey sphere…

The Dragon laughed and said “here you will stay, forever and a day, unlocked ONLY if true love finds your way”

The Dragon then said “to seal your fate forever, I cast you into deep into the Ancestral Mountains…never to see the light of day ever…again!”

And with a flash of light…--XOnOX--was gone.

Striagorn then went to Sheara and said --XOnOX--had died but the Dragon wished to make peace with her and offer up worship to her provided he was able to wage war upon humans…
Sheara reluctantly agreed and this is why we still have war today between the two dragons and races.

The once great warrior --XOnOX--was honored in Sheara’s palace as a Warrior of the ages and his memory and legacy would be put to rest…OR so they thought till a couple hundred years later…

DRACULA was on one of his legendary Magmar raids through luan coast towards Ancestral Mountains when after a massive execution of all the Magmars in the territory he happened to see something…

Something…shiny from within the mountain…he struck the mountain side with his axe and the rock broke apart and the tiny sphere bounced out and onto the ground at his feet.
DRAC thought to himself…I might fetch a pretty penny for this from Ostaph for this item…so off he set to daylight square to “cash in”…

He showed the sphere to Ostaph and Ostaph took it and looked at it and was puzzled…he had never seen anything like this before…

Ostaph took the sphere and put it into his kiln to see if he could crack it and see what was in it…

In the fire, the sphere became clear and he could see a warrior trapped in it. He quickly removed the sphere and cooled it off and looked closer…the trapped warrior was alive!!!

DRAC asked…”Can I make him a pet?”
Ostaph replied, “No, I’m sorry, it’s sealed by magic, I cannot remove the magic”

DRAC laughed and said “Bah!! Axe or magic…I choose Axe” and smashed his Axe upon the sphere…nothing. All DRAC could say was :idk:
DRAC left and went to see Ocean who was well versed in the Magic of BOV and gave her the sphere to work on.
Ocean cast healing up on it, she cast blessing upon blessing upon it…nothing.
As Ocean was working on this Summer was watching…she was intrigued at this man trapped in the sphere and he with her and she felt sadness for him being trapped.
Ocean said to DRAC…”I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do”…DRAC said “No pet? No summons? Bah…throw it away then like glass bottle from stash at plat”
“Nooo” cried Summer…”I’ll take him.”
DRAC smiled and threw the sphere to Summer “Here, you can have pokemon :lol:” and on his way he went.

So Summer took the sphere and each day she would talk to him, one day, She asked him his name and he steamed the glass and wrote his name --XOnOX--
He could hear her! So each day she would tell him her dreams and desires and --XOnOX--would count the moments each day till she had time to talk to him.
--XOnOX--had been trapped in the sphere for hundreds of years, his spirit was well, his spirit was alive and for the first time…his heart was glowing with love … love for Summer!

They spoke back and forth for months…mostly Summer spoke and --XOnOX-- steamed glass and replied yes/no …
This frustrated Summer as her heart had grown very fond of --XOnOX-- and she knew he was fond of her too.
One evening she kissed the sphere in an attempt to open it…nothing. Her eyes swelled with tears.
She wept and clutched the sphere to her chest as the tears ran down her face…she held him tight as the tears caressed the sphere…
She squeezed with all her might as the tears streamed down her face, Crraaaaacck!!! (the sphere cracked further)
From within the sphere, --XOnOX-- let out a scream “Summer, I love you!!!” and smashed at the sphere with his Battle Axe…
Summer screamed out “--XOnOX--, I love you!!!” and like an atomic bomb was set off, the flash of light in her room flashed and blinded her…the sphere was gone and there was a man standing in front of her.
It was --XOnOX-- !!! :jump:
Immediately he kissed her lips and told her, “I love you, I’ll always be with you faithfully”
Summer kissed him and said “I love you too and I’m yours forever and a day”

This is what has lead us to this special day today :)

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:40pm


Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with how Lylyth and TheraOne met…it’s an intriguing tale indeed…lend me your ear and I’ll tell you the story
Lylyth was roaming through Faeo, she’d been hanging out at Mary’s Tavern with the hopes in finding a suitable husband but alas…all she could find there were drunkards and gamblers
This was not her way to find a good man…so she thought to herself…who I could speak to on how to find my one true love…
Instantly Bludiara the Seer entered to her mind, so after she finished her drink and paid her tab, she wandered off to Thistle Brushwood to speak with her.
As Lylyth approached Bludiara’s house, a man rushed wildly out the door screaming at the top of his lungs “True Love, I’m on my way!!!” and vanishing into the woods
Startled…she knocked on the door and was greeted quickly by Bludiara shaking her head and she spoke “Yes my child, what is it you come to seek from me?”
Lylyth nervously looked around and said…that man who ran from here, “If I may, what did he ask you?”

Bludiara smirked and said, “He was in search of his one true love and I guided him to find her” “Now enough about him…what is it you seek?”
Lylyth shyly spoke “well, I also seek the same, I wish to find my one true love”

Bludiara grabbed her crystal ball…she peered into it deeply and then in a startling voice said to her

“Your true love is awaiting you…calling you to you now…he awaits you at Lumirya Waterfall”
“Hurry to him now, he needs you!!”

Lylyth’s heart skipped a beat…was this true? Could this be? There was only one way to find out!
She sprang to her feet and hugged Bludiara and rushed out the door and started to race to Waterfall
As she crossed through Lights Edge, she could here screams from a man “Help me my love, I’m here”, she cried out “I’m coming my love” and started to run as fast as she could…
She darted through Wild Forest dodging Old Pkhadd Bears as the voice of her true love cried out to her still “Help me my love!!” Her Heart pounding with each leap she took.

As she entered the Waterfall area, she seen him in the rapids fighting for his life as the water rushed around him pulling him under…she jumped into the water hollering “I’m coming to save you my love”
The waterfall thrashed at their bodies and tossed them back and forth as they swam against the current and towards shore…

Tiredly they crawled their way up onto shore and into each other’s arms and rested saying to each other, “I’m here my love, I’m here”
Lylyth said “my love, it is I, Lylyth, your true love, I was told by Bludiara you’d be here crying out for me and you were!!”

Lylyth turned and kissed him and then looked at him and remembered this man being the man who ran screaming from Bludiara’s home so she asked him about what Bludiara had told him

TheraOne replied “When I spoke to Bludiara about finding my true love, she laughed at me and then told me to jump into the Lumirya Waterfall Lake and she was right! It worked”

From that moment on…it was truly….”True Love”

The rest…is what has led us to this moment today…

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Thursday, February 9th 2012, 10:41pm


Most of you are familiar with how Sgt and Tracey met…BUT likely you don’t know the story of how Sgt was converted from his evil nature to his Virtuous ways now…as Tracey had a big “Hand” in doing that

Lend me your ears and I’ll tell you the story…

Tracey and Slaughter used to be in a clan called Jokers … Both knew each other well, but Slaughter didn’t know that Tracey always had a thing for him as she never told him.

When the Jokers clan disbanded, they both chose 2 different paths.

Tracey, the path of Virtue and Slaughter the path of Evil…but Tracey vowed to herself that one day, she would convert him back to Good and claim him for herself.
Slaughter became an executioner and he was so evil that Fanatic blessed him with not one…but 2 Buyaka to be with him always

For those of you who don’t know what a Buyaka is, these are the little hairy balls that you see BOE people with all the time ;)

Slaughter ended up joining the traveling “Trade Fair” and would often use his Evil nature to exercise his thirst for +1 Executioner by having a duel as Gold for the prize if someone beat him.

But Slaughter was unbeaten and he left a path of carnage with each and every town the Trade Fair travelled to.

On this day, the trade fair came to the Outskirts of Klesva and along with it, came Slaughter and his challenge to anyone who attended the trade fair to best him in a duel.

Tracey happened along to the Fair with her friends and there he was...the man whom she said one day she’d win over and save from a life of evil.

Slaughter was there bellowing at people as they passed “Come fight me and if you best me, I’ll pay you in Gold if you win” then he’d flex his arms and boast to the crowd as they gathered to look.

Tracey seen the crowd gathering and she pushed her way to the front and said “I’ll fight you…but not for gold”

Slaughter spun around to see Tracey standing there and said “I’ll fight anyone for anything…name your terms”

Tracey was shocked, she knew his heart was black and full of evil because he didn’t recognize her…his stare was just bloodthirsty and his eyes were full of rage.

Tracey then stated her terms “If I beat you, you will renounce your evil ways and become the man I once knew and loved”

Slaughter said with a guttural voice…”this man you speak of is gone…but I accept your terms…”

Slaughter told the crowd to form a square around them both as he took his Dimness of Reason and his executioner pot and then said to Tracey “Bring it on”
Tracey took her Alalaila.

Slaughter laughed aloud and said “that won’t save you or stop me from injuring you”

Tracey replied “One thing you will learn today, Good triumphs over Evil…Always”

Slaughter let out a growl and attacked Tracey and put her in a headlock and flipped her over onto the ground and said “Not today it won’t”

Tracey hadn’t expected Slaughter to have such freakish strength and knew she was in over her head fast and mustered all she could…”Yes, I will!!!” she shouted as she threw him off and jumped to her feet.
Tracey lunged at Slaughter and he side stepped her and tripped her to the ground again and quickly put her into his signature move…”The Cobra Clutch”

Slaughter boasted to the crowd…”Today, Evil triumphs over Good, Muhahahahaaa”

Her knees started to buckle and her head started to get groggy as he cinched in the hold tighter and tighter

The crowd started to jeer at Slaughter as Tracey blacked out and he turned her onto her back and sat on her and motioned to the crowd that he would now claim his victory

Tracey’s Alalaila kicked into high gear and her eyes opened to see him sitting atop her boasting to the crowd and there in front of her sat his to Buyaka balls, just…”hanging there”….

She knew this was her chance…with both hands, she grabbed them and Squeeeeeezed…

(Sith gives the fellas in the church a moment to “relax” and the ladies a moment to feel “empowered”)


In the history of faeo…the loudest scream ever heard was when Striagorn stubbed his toe at the plateau of silence, but this day, it was overshadowed by Slaughters scream.

The crowd let out a collective “Ewwwwww” as Slaughter fell off Tracey and onto the ground beside her.

She rolled over atop him as the crowd counted

“3 !!!!”
Tracey whispered to Slaughter “As I said, Good always wins over Evil – I vowed to bring you to Good because I’ve always loved you and wanted you” then kissed him on the lips softly as he passed out.

When Slaughter awoke a few minutes later…Fanatic was there, looking at him and said “You don’t have to honor this bet…You are evil and can refuse”

Slaughter replied to Fanatic “I WAS evil, and I will be no more. She did what she did to save me and she squeezed any evil I had left out of me… be gone with you”

Fanatic said “Fine! Do as you wish!!!” and left in a puff of smoke.

Slaughter looked at Tracey and said “Thank you for saving me, my life was consumed with evil and hatred that I lost touch with the people whom I cared about”

Slaughter turned towards Tracey and continued “You’ve set me free and I pledge my life to you for saving me”

The Crowd let out a massive “Awwwww”

Tracey smiled and said “Lesson #1 – Good always triumphs over Evil” and then winked at him and smiled

Slaughter said “Yes, you certainly are right, it always does “ and smiled at her and kissed her about the face and hugged her tightly.

Slaughter then looked into Tracey’s eyes and said “Teach me the ways of Good”

Tracey smirked and replied “I’ll teach you how to be so good that you’ll almost be bad!”

The Crowd let out a massive “Yayyyyyy”

Ever since, Slaughter has spent his time as a healer and striving towards Virtue with Tracey as his partner and they’ve shared their time, their lives…and now their love with each other.

The rest…is what has led us to this moment today…