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Thursday, January 24th 2013, 3:13pm


:love2: 14:11 The battle "Attack on Ghostly Pearly Scolopendra" has ended.

14:11 You have received <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 1 <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 88.

14:11 Your party has found <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 1 <img src="" align="absmiddle" /> 88

17k hp and drop 1g with buffs :thumbsup:


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 3:16pm…53&server_id=10

14:11 The battle "Attack on Ghostly Pearly Scolopendra" has ended.
14:11 You have received 1 88.
14:11 Your party has found 1 88


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 3:22pm

COM powa
gloria in vita


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 4:06pm

Are you really surprised that it has changed?

Management is always looking for new ways to screw players out of earning anything threw the game, I guess in some naive attempt to force reliance on buying Diamonds.
Instead of asking why this, you should be asking whats next.


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 4:11pm

yes now most of mages got nothing to do here in this game with the work they have done

they cant fix mobs name to english but can decrease mob drop but not his hp lol
where mages can make money now eldives?kroff?cloister? :cash:


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 5:46pm

Yup.. fighting Scolos...
Why the hell dont they even announce it?
Every d....change is announced.. only the bad ones. not...

16:19 You have received 24 2.
16:22 You have received 19 88.
16:25 You have received 23 79.
16:36 You have received 18 23.
16:42 You have received 24 43.

This is like real live politic!!!!!!


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 6:00pm

Oh yeah, thats the way how make the game more fun for more players:) First krofs/eldives, now cloister screwed as well.

 wanderer84 [13] 

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Thursday, January 24th 2013, 6:45pm

Unreal.... I guess we re not supposed to play and enjoy the game but only strugle for everything .
i have a bottle of hope that keeps my heart sedated..


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 6:45pm

Really - not even anounce.... Why am I not surprise. - every day we get a nice portion of ....
well wont say it - cause will get a week ban.

Atleast they could have announce it...
but wait - I know what they will say:

"We didnt made nothing...Drop is just random."
From all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most.


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 6:48pm

Oh Deep Joy, the only thing worth doing for me is now taken away, cheers :)


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:00pm

keep calm and keep going to the bank ;))
12:11 KingPin : Strong clan lookin for slave clan plz apply to moonwalker


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:24pm


14:11 The battle "Attack on Ghostly Pearly Scolopendra" has ended.

Please insert coin to start another fight...

I am really really sorry about the next picture - its offtopic - but I couldn't hold myself. Will post is just as link.
From all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most.


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:39pm

This is ridiculous - they've dropped the coin drop rate on every mob...king scorps now only give 8-17s with a 12s average...whereas they used to average 19s. It's a joke! :grrrr:


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:53pm

the same happened on polish server.

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Thursday, January 24th 2013, 8:15pm

another update .. and guess what, comment something wrong and they ban you giving you infractions ... wow but in my regards great update that you think will help the administration, unfortunately from the gamer's point of view i don't think so...

i'm not sure but you might lose some guys :thumbsup:
"let's make the day urs and the night ours" :love:


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 8:29pm

I did another 3 king scorps after a break:
19:17 You have received 22 25.
19:19 You have received 16 82.
19:26 You have received 7 31.

So either it has to do with frequency of the hunt, which kills rainbows...or they've dropped the low end of the drop amounts and given the bias toward lower values in their randomizer it has sent the average drop into the abyss.


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 8:36pm

coffeine make you all addicted
Now you have to suck candy


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 8:56pm

19:26 You have received 7 31.
thats amazing lol, king scorp drops 7s..

did any lvl1-2 tried kretches? maybe they giving 20-99pcs of aluminum instead of 2-3 coopers
gloria in vita


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 9:14pm

The rate of EEs changed as well, I got only 1 EE from my last rages, before I used to get 4-5 EEs per rage and I don't think it's just bad luck. How are we supposed to get money, drops are extremly rare and no one buys green armor for lvl 6-10, not even for ridiculosly low prices, when I get one I keep it in AH for weeks and if I manage to sell it, it will barely cover the tax used for AH. EEs, no, Drops, no. Making money from proffesion takes time and if you need cash urgently paypal is the only solution. :tease:


Thursday, January 24th 2013, 9:32pm

19:54 The battle "Attack on Ghostly Pearly Scolopendra" has ended.
19:54 You have received 89 26.

you actually stole another fun for us ;s
why take away 2/3th of moneydrop and yet keep same hp/ crap shadow drop ? if you take away our money atleast give us easyer mobs ten 17400 hp or altast give us more sinister shadows :s and not like 1 shadow/40 mobs like it is now :s

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