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Friday, October 23rd 2015, 10:26am

How does Destroyers of Chaos reputation work?

Weekly knowledge test: 23/10-29/10/2015

How does Destroyers of Chaos reputation work?

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Friday, October 23rd 2015, 12:48pm

Chaos reputation begins from lv5.

When you do the main quest the ultimate gambit at lv5, you can move to Fay-go. When you are on fay-go, you need to fiinish a side quest long-awaited assistance to advance in the main quest. And after you finish that side quest, you can start to get Chaos reputation.

You can fight the chaotic monsters to get chaos rep, or take part in the event invasion of chaos. You can find the details in the library:

Destroyers of Chaos Reputation
Invasion of Chaos


Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 2:43pm

What is Chaos Reputation - Explenation and Semi-Guide - Part 1

In order a character to receive Chaos reputation they MUST complete the semi-quest "Unusual sword" which is part of the "Ultimate gambit" main quest. (Activation of the Antiquarian Skull at the Island outpost. Upon activation the player is being attacked by Gorbakh's spirit [7]. Upon completion of "unusual sword" quest player receive 2000 exp., 20 Destroyer of Chaos reputation and ability to gain Chaos reputation).

Receiving of Chaos Reputation

There is 5 ways of receiving chaos reputation:

1) Defeating of Chaos monsters at the island (Outpost and Fortress of Captivity);
2) Defeating of Chaos monsters at the islands' outposts during the event Chaos Breaktrough;
3) Defeating of Chaos monsters in Gates of Chaos instance (for all lvls) and Island's Fortress of Captivity (from lvl 11) during the event Chaos Invasion;
4) Delivering of Quest items received from Gungls lvl 8 and 9 (mention down)
5) Receiving reputation upon lose/win at CHaotic battlefield while under the effect of Destoyer of Chaos Fibula;

Amount of received reputation as per the following monsters

Maverick Gungl [5] - Available at Hell's Pass, Choin Settlement, Nouthern outpost, Foothills, Warriors Camp, Southern Outpost - 1 rep up to 500
GunglDO [6] - Available at Nouthern and Southern Outposts - 1 rep up to 1000
GunglVO [7] - Available at Fortress of Captivity (and Outposts during even Chaos Breaktrough) - 1 rep up to 1500
GunglXO [8] - Available at Fortress of Captivity (and Outposts during even Chaos Breaktrough) - 1 rep up to 2000
Gungl Shaman [9] - Available at Outposts during Chaos Breaktrough - 1 rep up to 2000

GunglXO Inspector [9] - Available at Fortress of Captivity (and Outposts during even Chaos Breaktrough - do NOT give Chaos reputation but can drop either of the items that can be exchanged for reputation upon talking with the Outposts' guards:
- General UyarrMO's Orders - 20 rep up to 2500;
- The Chaos forces disposition map - 10 rep up to 2500;

Please note that ALL of the above mentioned gungls can be found during Invasion of Chaos event at Chaos Gates instance and each of them give 10 reputation. Please remember that you need either chaos scrolls, or antidote scrolls + purification scroll or purification arrows + antidote scrolls in order to kill them in the instance.

Ways of defeating gungls during Gates of Chaos intance:
- Removal of Gungls summon portal Yaced fo Noitaraperp Chaos Magic can be done with either chaos scrolls, or purification scrolls or purification arrows (from blue, purple or red bows). If the effect is not being cleared the gungl summon more gungls in the fight.
- Removal of Gungls poison Doolb Live Chaos Magic can be done with either antidote scrolls or chaos scrolls.
- Removal of Gungls weakening cast Part LatafDO Chaos Magic (this is sample of GunglDO magic but the rest Gungls cast the same, only color and name has differences) can be removed with chaos scroll.

DefilerDO [10] - Available during Chaos Breaktrough event at the Outposts - 10 rep up to 2200
DefilerXO [12] - Available during Chaos Breaktrough event at the Outposts - 10 rep up to 2500

Ways of defeating defilers:
- The main rule when fighting Defilers is – don't block, otherwise the monster will heal itself with a special Noitcerruser Chaos Magic and keep healing as long as the players are in block mode.
- Defilers cast 2 times Soahc Wolb Chaos Magic that can be removed with chaos scrolls. First time is when the defiler has around 60% life left and the second time is whent he defiler has around 10% left of its life.
- Randomly defilers can cast Egrahc Citylarap Chaos Magic. When gathered more of this effect player lose 350 hp at one time.

General UyarrMO [14] - Available during Chaos Breaktrough event at the Outposts - 10 rep up to 2800

Note that: during event of Chaos tribunal that takes place at Platoe of silence or upon oppening of Superbeing Card deck UyarrMO Exile do not give any reputation but you can receive Head of UyarrMO Exile that gives 20 reputation up to 2000, also can be received UyarrMO Sword, Shield, Pauldrons or Helmet

Large Engu [16] - Available during Chaos Breaktrough event at the Outposts - 10 rep up to 3000
Large Engu Lord [18] - Available during Chaos Breaktrough event at the Outposts - 15 rep up to 3000

Chaos Giant [22] - 50 rep up to 3000.

Note that all defilers, general, engus and giant are available at Gates of Chaos instance. During 3rd stage of Chaos invasion event they can be found at Fortress of Captivity. During that time the location is locked for players bellow lvl 11 and they can't enter the "Big Chaos Fight".

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Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 2:43pm

What is Chaos Reputation - Explenation and Semi-Guide Part 2

Rewards for Chaos Reputation as per the following:

Medal of Recognition - 500 reputation - Scroll of Antichaos, Kia-Ling Amulet of Call
Medal Of Friendship - 1000 reputation - Scroll of Antichaos, Via-Ling Amulet of Call
Medal of Respect - 2000 reputation - Scroll of Antichaos, Dia-Ling Amulet of Call, Deliverance Thurible
Medal of Honor - Destroyers of Chaos Belt, Wild Jakaral Amulet, Emerald Jakaral Amulet
Medal of Respect - Nia-Ling Amulet of Call, Bloody Jakaral Amulet, Purple Jakaral Amulet

Note that Destroyers of Chaos Belt can be exchanged for 130 Chaos particles on the Isles of Fay-Go without having 3000 reputation.

Medal of Honor quest:
1- Bring 20 amulets of Chaos Amulet of Noitcerruser and 10 Chaos Amulet of Relaeh and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of GunglXO
2- Bring 400 Chaos Elixir of Rewop, 300 Chaos Elixir of Nelots Efil and 100 Chaos Elixir Doolb and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of DefilerDO
3- Bring 300 Chaos Elixir of Efil and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of DefilerXO
4- Bring 150 Chaos Elixir of Tnaig and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of General UyarrMO
5- Bring 25 Chaos Elixir of Htaed Nogard and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of Large Engu
6- Bring UyarrMO Sword and UyarrMO Shield and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of Large Engu Lord
7- Bring UyarrMO Pauldrons and UyarrMO Helmet and with the received Teleportatin scroll kill the Army of Large Engu Lord

Chaos Mounts food:
Chaos Mounts Eat only Doog Swollip Bag of Chaos that can be received upon delivering Chaos Particles to the Outposts' Guards.

Useful info about Invasion of Chaos event

Phase 1 - opening the Gates

In order to open the Chaos Gates which are 2nd phase of the event players must deliver a certain amount of Golden Scales. The required amount is mentioned in the event tab. However the scales can be obtained if only the player have received Gift of Insight that is available from lvl 4 from Sheara, located at Spectral expanse. Depending on the scales delivered player will receive Sheara'1 Blessing right when they enter any boss location inside Gates of Chaos instance.

Phase 2 - March though The Gates

You can access the instance by going to Platoe of Silence or from "Battlefields" tab in the menu on top. Kindly note that you need to have 2 teams (Humans and Magmars) of 5 players each in order to get the instance started.
NOTE: You do not fight the opposite race! You help each other in order to win the instance against Chaos. This is why during the 2nd Phase humans and magmar can understand each others' talk!

Required Boss to be killed as per the level of players:

Players of level 6 must destroy the DefilerDO [10] .
Players of level 7 and 8 must destroy the DefilerXO [12] .
Players of level 9 and 10 must destroy the General UyarrMO [14] .
Players of level 11 and 12 must destroy the Large Egnu [16] .
Players of level 13 and 14 must destroy the Lord Egnu [18] .
Players of level 15+ must destroy the Chaos Giant [22] .

Note: If you do not kill the boss for your level or you leave the instance before the boss is killed you will receive Curse of Chaos: Ssenkeaw lahtelThat multiplies and becomes stronger with each further flee.

Whenever the boss per the lvl is killed players can leave and upon leaving they directly receive 20 pcs. Chaos Particles and with every instance players have the chance to receive up to 10 extra particles. Also there is a probabilty that they can receive either Chaos Elixir of Htaed Nogard that is equal to Dragon elixir, or Chaos Ring, or Chais Amulet, or Chaos Pole Axe.
Note that as per shown HERE the Rings and Amulets depend on the level of the player, the axe on the lvl and the fyghtstyle of the player.

If players collect more particles hey can always try to obtain elixir, ring, amulet or axe as per the following TABLE. All required amount and probability of obtaining an item is mentioned there. If the player has the amount all they must do it click "use" on the particles while they are located on either Outpost.

Phade 3 - Arrival of the Giant

Location Fortress of Captivity, forbidden for characters bellow lvl 11. When the Chaos Giant is being attacked there Sheara come herself to help in fight against Chaos. She give Sheara's Higher Blessing to all participants. So far it is a very heavy and even imposible fight that is being leaded by strongest human and magmar mages!

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Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 4:17pm

I'll tell you if you bring invasion of chaos back :bllll: :clubbing:

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