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Wednesday, June 29th 2016, 8:18pm

secret of the past and the future [8]

secret of the past and the future [8]

This quest is needed to be finished to open prophecy of the past >> that eventually open island of swirly mist
Also the chalice given from the mermaide open confession to a seasoned pirate quest from aquazurion

secret of the past and the future [8]

from aquazurion temple of water

1- Speak with Akvarius, Maritsa the Witch, Reodora, Fairy-a-Maiya, Blizzard Grip, Rukham the Guard, Vezur the Navigator and Maeli the Mermaid about the coming catastrophe, bring the information you receive to Aquazurion.

2- marista the witch
You have begun the quest Gathering information: fortune-teller. Good luck!
bring her 12 tears of Makhayana
Received: The prophetess's notes 1 pcs, Large Talisman of Harmony 1 pcs.Removed:Tears of Makhayana 12 pcs.

3- Vezur the Navigator.
Gathering information: drover quest
Current goal: By killing Gargoyles, obtain Gargoyle Tongues 10 pcs., and bring them to Vezur the Navigator.
Received: The Drover's notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Removed:Gargoyle Tongue 10 pcs.

4- Reodora - kroffdore
Bring Reodora Spawning Habus caviar 50 pcs.
Received: The Kroffdors' notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Removed:Spawning Habus Caviar 50 pcs.

5- Fairy-a-Maiya.- eldivan outpost
Bring Pure Eldorill Crystals 50 pcs to Fairy-a-Maiya.
Received: The Eldives' notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Removed:Pure Eldorill Crystals 50 pcs.

6- Blizzard Grip - witch doctor
By killing Wild Ice Bears, obtain 5 skins and bring them to Blizzard Grip. bears found at labyrinth island
Received: The Yeti's notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Removed:Ice Bear Pelt 5 pcs.

7- Rukham the Guard. - fay go
By killing GunglXO, obtain 10 hatchets and bring them to Rukham the Guard.
Received: The Fay-Go guard's notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Seized: GunglXO Hatchet 10 pcs

8- akvarius - flaugard palace
kill 10 rebels [8] in the UW
Received: The Flaundin's notes 1 pcs, Mysterious Knapsack 1 pcs. Removed:Flaundin Rebel Claw 10 pcs.

9- miley the mermade - sly cove
Received: The mermaid's notes 1 pcs, Runic Chalice 1 pcs.

talking to miely is part of an additional quest and is needed to carry on as the quest description is missing in your quest logs !

Quest is missing here !!

Must do confession of a seasoned pirate to carry on

A- so after speaking to aquazurion and getting confession of a seasoned pirate ( quest is available upon getting the chalce from the mermaide ) wish we had already done earlier !

B- go to the sorceres burdalia - village of maetro

Your goal: Obtain Scorpion Bile 100 pcs, Demon Claw 100 pcs, Light Silver 100 pcs, Gambier Seed 50 pcs, Sparkling Crystal 1 pcs. and a Strong Scroll of Resurrection 1 pcs.
Bring the necessary ingredients to Brugilda the Sorceress.

C- after speaking to her and giving her the items
Kill Captain Hagar Claw ( captain instance in the UW ) and use the Enchanted Runic Chalice to speak with the Captain's Spirit.

D- Go back to surface

E- Speak with Verkiry - Elder about the archive notes

F- Speak with Fanatic, and then with Norak the Virtuous about the remains of the archive notes.

NOTE : After hearing the stories of fanatic and norak it is time to desside wish story is true
Based on that you will get the note + a book for your lagmur

Bassed on wish story you tell the captain the book will be determined

If you choose norak's story ==>> The love of the captain stayed loyal to him you get the guardian lagmur book
( )

How ever choosing the story of fanatic : she betrayed him and was playing him you would get a deterant lagmur volume

See the differences between the powers of bolth books here ( The info 4 wod page mount section ) Before making your choice

What ever your choice is it will not affect the voyage to the past quest only your lagmur's future powers !

G- after speaking to bolth of them Your goal: Go to the Captain's Cabin and speak with the Captain's Spirit, having summoned it with the help of the Enchanted Runic Chalice

now u can finish voyage to the past

10- goal: Return to Aquazurion and report what you have managed to find out.

11- Go to your backpack , their will be a flask with a letter inside - click use

12- now return to aquazurion

Received: Secrets of the Ocean Amulet 1 pcs, Strong Essence of Experience 4 pcs


Good luck !

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