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Saturday, January 12th 2019, 2:56pm

Remove and change attack RULES

Hello girls and gentlemans..

I post it for ask to remove and change the attacks rules..
Why is important for a lvl 19 to kill mage lvl 11, after 14? i say that, because i see lvl 19 mag kill lvl 11 and 14 human? Why? He don't earn scalp... no valor?
Now the 9th january past.. and stuff can broke.. do you imagine if peoples pick with red tools or other set with low durability? More the lvl 19 earn nothing to kill hims..

So i want ask to admin to remove the rule " Please note, the attack rule does not apply anymore for any attacks on players whose level is 11 or higher." In " UPDATE on attack rule! "
and i want ask to put rules " -5 or -3 lvl differences for mage lvl 11+" with that, lvl 19 can't kill lvl 11 etc.. just kill lvl 19-18-17-16.

In lvl 11 or 14, what do you want to do in front of lvl 19? Say me why do you let this useless rules? Just for break red tools? and theirs obtaining only christams days?

Thanks to ask me if you can understand me, because i don't now if my english is good.



Saturday, January 12th 2019, 3:07pm

Just to remind,it was war game originally. Sadly it happend that this rule made to protect some snowflakes from other equal players. Being lower level means that someone higher and stronger can kick your butt in a "war" game and it's kinda legit base of competitive game.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 4:25pm

I gotta go with masstador here. If you're going for it, go for it all the way, don't just protect people below level 11. Let's all have a safe space for all the snowflakes who get shell-shocked just because some high level attacked them.

I'd suggest something like "make it so that level 20 can't attack anyone below 15" but bin that, I'd rather enjoy attacking all of darkside, MIB, and some other lowlife clans' members soon as i have the power and make their lives a living hell.

So yeah, if you're not okay with it, level up my NiBBa.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 5:05pm

2:58 PM You have been attacked by RedLancelot [14] . (and this clan cries on forum cuz lv 19 magmars attack them).
That feels like :bll: and will always feel like that, but there are jerks everywhere, always, they don't play to improve own character, they play to fail you on improving your character.

I am Groot, war game doesn't excuse swinnishness. Soldiers, normally, don't attack children. And I don't atack lv 1-4 humans except looters, and never seen you doing that on our lands.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 5:51pm

It's a war game, yes, but we have temple, tallar, etc.. Mag can kill humans in human territory no prob, but i want ask to admin to dress a new rules for protec mag and human when only players with 3 or 5 lvl differents can attack someone in this ladder.. like say Fox Face " they play to fail you on improving your character "

I A Groot
and Kayser Soze, a lvl 11, what do you whant to do in front of lvl 20? Mmmmh ;)
If you have lvl for kill someone 3 or 5 lvl below to your lvl, you can but more, it's very useless...

If there is this rules for lvl 1-10 why not for lvl 11+?

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Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:04pm

@fox face I really dont know how you can say that? there are always children as war casualties
what is the definition of insanity? :glance:


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:04pm

Well it's totally simple, my friend. As the very well known philosopher, thinker and artist Eminem once said in his great piece of art: This is the survival of the fittest.

You either adapt or you get consumed, that's how it works. I'd actually like it if the attack rule was completely removed, I mean the lowlifes are staying under level 10 deliberately so I can't attack them. What a bunch of cowards, don't you think? :P
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:07pm

Kayser Soze, Okay, with your red tool go attack lvl 18-19-20 humans :)


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:08pm

How about i come and attack you while you're still in Allayas Wastelands? I can bring you a mirror to look at yourself and admire how charismatic you look as well :D
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:16pm

If you want ahaha, but I notice that you do not have much courage to pick on the lower lvl in any case, you never expressed the desire to attack a higher lvl, but hey, I do not think you can understand, in anyway, I grabbed the person you were, and my talk with you stops here aha


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 6:51pm

Meh, you don't have a sense of humor, guess I'll use you as my punching bag :P

That being said, I'll stop taking the thread off its tracks and let people discuss what should be discussed, see ya nerds.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 7:45pm

@ Battl3K1ng69, only accidental and unmeant, and soldiers that kill children intentionally are then judged by court-martial. What you probably mean is casualties of weapons of mass destruction, which we don't have here in this game.

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Saturday, January 12th 2019, 7:55pm

The rules protect low levels. If you get your red tool broken, you can buy another one, if you get injury, you can go and get yourself a healer.
On the other hand, if a new player gets rekt by lvl over 9000 exe and gets over 9000 days wound, they'll just log off and never come back after learning how much would gold it cost them to have it removed and how long it would require them to hunt monsters that drop half a copper coin.
I had full set of purple wounds when I was lvl 3 (which I was given by 11+ players), which lasted 3 days, my speed was so low, my travel time increased from under 1 minute to over 2 hours, not all players can deal with that and not all would find that acceptable and fair.


Saturday, January 12th 2019, 8:05pm

Fairy Tale.. this people is in rules same before 5lvl below, there is 3 lvl below..

Rules i want remove there are for 11+ .. you same lvl 9 you can kill lvl 11 but you front of lvl 15+ hard/impossible..
I repeat, what do you want to do front of a player who his lvl is 5 highter himself?

I mean that whoever is attacked has at least a chance to defend himself... no FREE kill for NOTHING, beacause no valor, no scalp etc..


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 1:50am

Soldiers, normally, don't attack children

funny,you compare level to age :D may be discounts on everything for older age humans/magmars?

this rule is a waste of human resources,for ppl who worked to make this rule and for those who keep this rule


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 4:36am

I know how to fix this very easily

lvl up and stop being a noob


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 11:17am

I Am Groot, i'm aggre with you "this rule is a waste of human resources,for ppl who worked to make this rule and for those who keep this rule"
And for someone say "children" it is an argument that discredits all its arguments, it would not be discrimination? it's not the subject yet

.. so for you all people below your lvl are a noob? Do you know what you say? your message it's useless in this subject, we need a constructive criticism


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 11:41am

Lv1-10 are safe (5 lvls rule applies tho, but you can just silence mage + double weakness and call help).
Lv11+ can hunt in safe locations (Get good in hunting kroffs/eldives/serpas).

You walk around - your risk.

Do you need resources in locations? Pick in safe zones or ask low levels to pick for you (pay them).
Do you need to go in instances? Just use teleports or use estate teleports.


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Sunday, January 13th 2019, 1:15pm

I repeat, what do you want to do front of a player who his lvl is 5 highter himself?

I will die if someone +5 levels attacks me, but it is no different if I die to someone of my level who is better equipped/stronger than me, or even if a lower level attacks me and I am with trash slotted in my pockets (i.e. 6 elixirs of giant and 2 poison slots).

It boils down to you die if someone stronger (at the moment of the assault or in general) attacks you and you can't survive till help comes. Thence people who advise to level up and get stronger have a point.

All I can do vs 5 levels above me is smash them with mirror, throw hex and add couple of balls and chain on top. It's a war game and those who are stronger kill those who are weaker, it's the way the game is. I'd rather have more people, battles and invasions than safespacing people 5 levels below a raiding enemy.


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 2:10pm

no i have a point here if your lvl20 you will be able to kill the lvl20s it pretty much explains itself

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