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Wednesday, May 29th 2019, 5:36pm

[Fun Writing] Lost Pages of Arena (Part 1)

You all have probably heard or experienced "team 3" stealing your wins in the arena?! It doesn't happen often, but from time to time, the "team 3" comes out victorious. So, we decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. We decided to uncover all that lurks in the shadows. Here is all the information that we have found.

Who or what is "team 3"? To learn more about it, we talked to the Keepers of Arena, Burz and Cabur. They experessed their concern with this "team 3", but kept their appearce of tough and invincible throughout the interview. They did not know what was causing this anomaly, but the interview was not a total bust. We got to know some key piece of information, but the most interesting was a direction where we should search next. We were guided to go meet an old man, who used to be champion of the arena at one point and so, we set out for deep inside the wild-forest. Let me tell you, the journey is not easy and this forest has always given me creeps, but my team and I are determined to uncover this. We had to eventually let our tigers go as this journey would have to be done on foot. Why is this old man even living this far in?! If he was a champion, shouldn't he be living in city in luxury?

Eventually, we reached an old looking hut deep in the forest. This place reeked of dead and decomposing life. After a few callouts and knocks, the door slightly opened and old, weak looking figure was standing infront of us. We introduced ourselves, but got no response from him. He didn't seem inviting, but we were going to get the answers, one way or another. The man didn't even appear alive as he didn't blink nor move his eyes once. As soon as we mentioned the strange anomaly in the arena, his expressions suddenly changed. We could tell that he knows what that anomaly is or what is causing it. So, we pressed forward and mentioned how this anomaly is taking wins from rightful winners causing them financial losses in terms of blesses and losing valor. After a slight pause, a single tear fell from the man's eye and he stammers,"It was all .... It was all just an accident. We.. We.. We just wanted to joke, just prank. Didn't know this happen."

With that he paused, and ordered us to get out. Upon pushing him further, he called his ghostly grumvol and warrior summons and gave us a last warning. We weren't planning, nor were ready for a fight so, reluctantly, we left. This old man can't be the only one who knows about it and tomorrow I'd have to hit more books in old library. That night, as I was resting in Tavern, enjoying a drink - a man approached and sat on my table. I wasn't expecting a company, nor was in a mood of one, but before I could ask the man to not bother me, he said, "I have information about 'team 3'."