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Thursday, October 24th 2019, 6:25pm

Captain obvious


"If you use Seasonal deck and Eye of Truth, you have much higher chance of getting Crystals of Truth" - "powered by Innos"

Really, the more blessings you have the better? Good news, nobody knew it before!)) You forgot to mention talent for crystals of truth, gimme a prize too))


“If you have to do many secondary profession creations, such as making elixirs and runes, it is better to wait and do them all together with 'Success of the Artisan Elixir'. It can be bought in professional shop and it increases chances of getting double ingredients.” - "powered by Stellar"

Is the store closed, people can't see what's sold there??


"Do you have too much pet food and barely ever use pets? Do you rely on your mount heavily and do not want to sell your organs to buy the food? Thanks to Elt Cube, you can convert 33 Pet food to create 18 'Sack of food'." - "powered by Wakanda"


With Elt Cube, you can convert Elixir of Invulnerability into Elixir of Destruction/Hurricane/Rock skin and vice versa, based on your preference!" - "powered by NekrosisOR"

There you go, three links to Elt Cube recipes.
Recipes from Site Google
Russian largest collection of Elt Cube recipes
German website with Elt Cube recipes

Why are you giving prizes for telling obvious things? I predict you or someone else will say "For people who don't know it!", but if so then why don't you just create a post on forum with all advices what's better to do what way and make a system flood in main chat so people could see it??

For now it looks like you have friends in game, and you're giving them prizes for nothing!
Wait, we old guys had seen it in the game many times already! Previous admins did it!

Also your wife's "Bridge contest" was same thing, when people were just opening game client folder where there are images of all locations with location names and giving right answer, cheating and getting free prizes!


Thursday, October 24th 2019, 6:27pm

Even a broken watch shows the time right twice a day. This, this thread right here is a broken watch doing that. Take notes please.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Thursday, October 24th 2019, 6:34pm

LMAO really wanna write something back on here but ill be nice and wont :D ....At least some people are trying to put together some form of activities for people to enjoy and oh wow they win a little prize for it....dont see how the people chosen are fixed though :))


Friday, October 25th 2019, 2:18am

yea only useless things and bugs release at that tips. Players share bugs with adminstration and they share bug with everyone soemtimes :D

I see more useless events from this but this event can take second or third place on feo history :D

i shared things too around 2-3 month ago cracker jack tips why not share them and i dont get any reward for them ? :D isnt it enough to cracking :D or u dont like them ? or u dont like me ? or whatelse . i really dont care reward and you sharing things but just we have powerleveling rules at normally . but with this administraiton gifts can by pass these .

also these things people can learn from mentors. Soon we will see at there " mentors can help you on quests and guards help you on rules", "admins are admins" , "roses are red violets are blue here free code for you"

these codes contains punch, cent, inca ,ee,coal, truth etc i know.


Friday, October 25th 2019, 7:17am

It may be super obvious to some, but you will be amazed at how many people who still don't know a lot about the game mechanics, either by being just ignorant, idgaf and idc attitude, etc etc.

As for giving out prizes for these tips, well that is a totally different topic/matter/debate altogether. Anyone can submit tips and stand a chance to get the prizes being offered, so to those who feel the winning tips are sooooo obvious, then give some pro tips and get yourselves something for it, as I'm sure these pro tips will trump all these obvious tips and you can get a prize every single time.

All I can say is, do not underestimate the ignorance of human beings in general. I personally don't care if the tips are obvious, my only problem is................. now those who read these tips will know to use red tools for Storm Temple. Contrary to popular believe, and some claim this tip is very obvious, I can tell anyone that it is not. I go to BF enough to disagree with anyone who says otherwise.


Friday, October 25th 2019, 3:31pm

please make crackerjack prize a scorpolion and fix it for me to win guys :D


Saturday, October 26th 2019, 1:28pm

I barely log in as it is and My IQ drops faster just by reading this whole forum...
Not even going to Waste my breath over a Stupid arugment, :sleeping:

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