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Friday, December 20th 2019, 7:37am

[OTHER] New Years Resolutions

Weekly knowledge test: 20/12/2019-02/01/2020

If you would have one ingame wish, which one would it be? And what is your most important "New Years Resolution" for 2020?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
  • Every week (Friday morning) we publish one question to our game:
    Legend. Legacy of the Dragons.
  • From all correct and complete answers up to 5 participants will win one promotional game code each.
  • Only complete and detailed answers will be rewarded. If there is more than 5 detailed and complete answers the most unique answers have the biggest chance to win.
  • Copy and paste-answers will NOT be considered. Same goes for trolling or spamming or inadequate language.
  • Personal attacks on other players in your answers/posts as well will NOT be accepted.
  • Answer must be in English. You can answer in your mothertongue only if you post understandable translation in English in same post as your answer.
  • The winners will be chosen by a mixed team of magmars and humans. The decision will be final.
  • Codes will be sent to winners via private messages in the forum or per post ingame.

Good game and good luck for all! :drink:
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Friday, December 20th 2019, 8:02am

simply answered..... to have old friends / players back to game < especially those lost to us all

resolution: to not get suffocated by my 40lb cat XD

a merry Christmas / Happy Holiday to all

Love to everone :)

:beer: if its beer-30, whiskey-time, or wine time :wink: best pour spare glass :sneak: im on my way :dance::drink:kiss2:


Saturday, December 21st 2019, 7:04am

My wish would be for clans like Darkside to treat opposite race with respect...

and for the resolation: I would love to have pets inside the base... missed my pet rabbit :lol:


Saturday, December 21st 2019, 4:33pm

My wish is to cap lv 20 before end of next year.

My resolution is to continue to pursue clans like DS
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Sunday, December 22nd 2019, 4:18pm

My wish would be that the game would go under big changes to make it have higher levels than 20, more, more interesting, gameplay-changing items, maybe a new race and new places and a whole new valor system which would be a backwards valor that would go down to Chosen By Demons.

Here's my new year's resolution: I'm going to stop wasting my time and resources and start putting them to good use. Being and staying level 19 for a while until I've taken care of everything i need is one of them, another one is starting to take actions and making it a miserable experience to even log in for any human who dared to cross me back in the day (and some magmars, too). No more appeasement, no more compromises, no more concessions and sure as hell no more DarkSide. They will pay for their crimes at the end of my Artful Cunning Beast Spit.
I am not those men! I am Salahaddin.


Sunday, December 22nd 2019, 9:10pm

Jabba's New Year

My wish for the new year is to regain all the gold that I lost to gambling (Well of Fortune, Chests etc.) That cost me real much..
My new year resolution is not to waste that much gold, unnecessary. Trying to keep them at hand must be easier, just need a little bit will :embarressed:
At last we have the mighty Chewbacca.


Monday, December 23rd 2019, 1:26am

My wish would be get s+ tier mount for level 5 such a cerador, scorpolion etc.

My resolution is getting artful pieces and complete my set as soon as possible ^^
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Monday, December 23rd 2019, 7:42am

My wish is that this game becomes as fun as it was in the past,and maybe game improve to get to that stage once again

My resulution is to become great at pvp and be better person in general :music:
I don't have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.


Monday, December 23rd 2019, 8:52pm

My wish is that the admin/devs would heed their own advice/rules and STOP implementing Russian Language to so many events/quests. Wouldn't be so bad but it is rarely fixed after people take the time to report all of them. Does anyone check things first? If they do then they should be fired as some text is still in Russian after months!!

Otherwise...I would love to have the option of calling your pets to a fight like mounts/wraiths/shadow etc, so, instead of it automatically joining your fights you could choose what it did. Auto - or not auto.

Resolutions?...don't have any, never had any, never will have any. I don't need a year change to push me to do something. I do it or I don't :bllll:

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Wednesday, December 25th 2019, 11:42pm

See you all in 2020 :)
You really know its "game over" when the most fun we have is talking in forums...


Sunday, December 29th 2019, 1:38pm

New Years Resolution : PV will try to be good and nice to everyone in game who i was a b**** to in past :angel:
(yeah i said TRY)

Happy New Years to you all in game both mags and humans alike

ohhh and ..Sithy we all know you are a big non scary teddy bear really :D

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Wednesday, January 1st 2020, 5:33pm

Wish: admins come down from their fortress of paypal and revive the damn game to an extent that EVERYONE stops complaining about lack of players and involvement. dont let WoD remain as a stupid joke while u earn from it lol

Resolution: come back to game only when the above-mentioned wish comes true :lol:
uhm that sounds like 'never'. damn