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Sunday, June 14th 2020, 4:33pm

[June EVENT] New Race

Your task:
Jesters want you to draw or paint your own version of the new race appearing. Will they be friendly or hostile? Dominant or helpful? What is the name of this new race?

Event regulations:
  • The entry must be a drawing or painting.
  • It must reflect the style and comply within the world of Legacy: Legend of the Dragons
  • A simple sketch is not enough. It should be painted or drawn in colour and in detail.
  • It must be your own design.

    More information to terms and conditions, event schedule as well as rewards here

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Wednesday, June 17th 2020, 12:57pm

The Primordial Race

In an era prior to the creation of magmari and humans, there was only chaos where elements and energy mingled moving without stopping in the vortex of nothing.
From this eternal vortex, suddenly the first spark that gave birth to the first race was born, the Primordials "the first" children of sheara and the first generation of beings that was born from existence.
These entities would have had to lay the foundations to shape the whole Creation but their thirst for power and the desire of some to reign over others a violent battle flared up and sheara was forced to banish her own children by locking them in the portal of eternal chaos .
Portal that apparently during the event of darkness has reopened and allowed the entry to feao of the Primordials, a race unknown until now to their descendants, humans and magmars.
This time will they fight side by side on the same side as a single army? will they defend their territories and their supremacy united against fierce ancestors in search of revenge?


Wednesday, June 17th 2020, 11:46pm

The Peaceful race. was seen on the horizon of the night. These were the relatives of the Feao dwellers who lost in the past. There has been chaos in the past, throwing them on the far west horizon and closing the portal. Relatives of the feu dwellers who mutated in the far west horizon had established another world and lived there to this day. The distant west horizon opened with another deafening bang, and another world appeared before the eyes of the people of Khair and Ogriy. The division was increasingly opened up, and this slow but unstoppable new world merged with the Faeo world. Everyone knew from this moment on, life as never knew would never be the same. Maybe this new race and the world know how to bridge the disagreements between magmar and the human race?

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Thursday, June 18th 2020, 5:50pm

Wolfman Race

Dominent, aggressive and like to rule the lands.
Allied with the Wolfman and the wolrld is at peace, become the enemy and the battles will be epic and bloody!


Thursday, June 18th 2020, 10:42pm

Not far from Faeo, surrounded by the sea, there are small inhabited islands.
Here everyone got along: they did not know hate, war, hunger. But one day all this ended: the children first disappeared, then the teenagers.
The inhabitants were all frightened and began to blame each other even if, in their hearts, they knew they were all innocent. Until, one night, they were attacked by a myriad of monstrous creatures. They were cursed, winged creatures, half man and half bird, harmless looking (similar to that of mermaids), enchanting but cruel and murderous. Their food was blood and flesh and they were very hungry which is why they massacred all the villages. Only one elder was saved: he was the oldest, the wisest, the storyteller, the one who knew all the legends and all the history, the one who taught the boys. He found himself face to face with one of the creatures. She spared him saying "stinks of death" and he, looking at her face and not believing his eyes, shivered and said "The evil has come to earth ... the STRIGI are back". He literally died of fear.
Wonce all the inhabitants were killed, the head of the striges divided them into groups in search of other food. It was a stormy night and, wandering in the dark, two of them discovered a land: the Striges arrived at our house.

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Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 4:46pm

In the historical conflict between Magmars and Humans, some of them in the two factions didn’t feel right,
they were tired of the clashes and they rejected the continuous hostility that
caused only death, fear and destruction. So, secret groups of Magmars and
Humans were born and they periodically and secretly met to create a strategy
that would lead to a truce between the factions.

But, these groups of rebels
were discovered by Dartrong’s and O’Delvays’s Commanders who, to carry out
their ideals and the struggle for supremacy, decided to turn them away to hide
their existence from their community and future generations. The Commanders
with Sheara’s help exiled the rebels in an ancient world light year away from their
lands; they brutally took them away, pulled from their homes, from their
families and from their assets. Only one of them was able to
bring with himself the most important thing he had: an old fisherman before
leaving those lands was able to hide in his vest a strange egg that he found in
his fishing net during a stormy night while he was fishing and he jealously
preserved it for a while.

In the new world the exiles
started from the beginning, they started a new life collaborating each other,
everyone with their own skills and from the love between Magmars and Humans a
new race was born:
The Descendants.

The Descendants were a
fantastic race, a sort of half-blood: they were tall and athletics, their skin
was a mixture of the two original races and they seemed to get the best
features from each of these: they had a great intelligence, typical of Humans,
but their physical force was typical of the Magmar,s people, they mastered
weapons with dexterity and they were particularly suited to the art of war and

They felt deprived of their
roots, resentful for their marginalization and blinded by a strong desire of
revenge, the Descendants worked hard to rule over those who had denied them;
they trained a lot and bred in centuries the small creature born from the old
fisherman’s egg, which growing became a powerful and mighty water dragon, they
called Tàlassar and consecrated as their protector.

After many years, finally
their plan is complete and the Descendants, with the Tàlassar’s help, are ready
to show themselves to the eyes of their natives. At midnight of the 1000th year
from the exile of the rebels, Tàlassar create an huge sphere of power...the
might is incredible...and a deafening bang resound up to Faeo’s lands arousing
fear and curiosity between the unsuspecting inhabitants of Khair and Ogriy...

The night is stormy and
lightning lights up the faces of Faeo’s inhabitants...Tàlassar with an ultimate
power charge destroys the sphere creating a dimensional hole in the
horizon...For the first time the eyes of the Descendants meet with the eyes of
the people of Faeo...

From today a new threat has come on Faeo; the Descendants are back in
their native lands for revenge about what suffered from their exiled ancestry.
The panic assails Faeo's people and immediately warriors start an arms

...A new struggle for the supremacy has started...

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Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 7:12pm

The Great Prophecy
Humans and Magmars had been in bloody wars for centuries. According to the prophecy, the strain of the magmar race was based on humans. Some slaves' bodies were cursed by being mutated because of the magic that a black wizard full of evil did with an unknown language, and their bodies were burned by fire and became ash. But they didn't die! The ashes were reincarnated in a volcano on the hair continent and the magmar race with superior powers was born. the only purpose of this race was to avenge people who curse them. And for centuries, some raids on towns and cities have massacred thousands of people.

According to the prophecy of the great wizard Baguron of the human race, , the only way to destroy the magic of the black wizard is a hybrid baby born from the combination of the Human and Magmar race. This baby would be a great warrior and rule two races. And centuries-long bloody wars would end. And that expected warrior was finally born. As long as he follows his destiny, the great warrior will end this curse later.


Monday, June 29th 2020, 3:27am

Race: Platinum Dragons.

History: Millions of years ago the Platinum Dragon gathered his knowledge and treasures in a temple which hidden in an illusory world, placing entrances in different worlds so that those blessed by dragons can take advantage of all his legacy, but to protect it from chaos and ensure that only the best warriors reach their treasure, created in their own way and power dragon knights who have called "Platinum dragons" these race of dragonoids guard the entrances of the temple and will not give truce to those who want to seize the treasures of the platinum temple without being worthy of them.
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Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:20am

Race: Invincible warriors

The war between magmares and humans is becoming more fierce, it has brought too much destruction to the Faeo world, damaging many of the creatures that inhabit the world. The gods when they witness this, get angry and think to punish these two reasons creating the perfect race For the battle, wanting to eradicate the magmares and humans from the Faeo world with the help of these invincible warriors. Will the magmares and humans leave their problems aside and unite for a problem that threatens their extinction? Could they change the opinion that the gods have about them?
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