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 Luck Glow01.09.2017 11:00

The elders that restlessly observe the  Well of Fortune and  Mouth of Fortune in the continents' capitals, brought good news to the people of Faeo. They found out that now and then the fire in the bottomless split burns brighter than usual, while the calm water of the well is covered by impenetrable fog. 

During this time everyone who throws  10,  100 or  1 in the altars of the fate, can attract the attention of the higher forces and receive quite a real reward: ranging from regular elixirs to unique armor. Having named this miracle Luck Glow, the elders encourage the warriors to seize the opportunity to get valuable gifts!

Soon after the event has ended all Faeo inhabitants will get a special prize - Amulet of Luck. However, as we all know Lady Fortune smiles upon those, who does not fear risking, while Gods love generous donations. That is why the race, whose warriors have thrown in the Well of Fortune or Mouth of Fortune more coins, can count on a reinforced talisman. Its magic allows its bearer to get the blessings of the gods three times. The blessings will increase the received valor, gold coins, and the chance of items not breaking in case of defeat in battle. Amulet of Luck that the warriors of the other race receive will give such an effect only once.
Also by taking part in the event, you can acquire rare cards: Armor-plated Dinichthys, Phosphorite, Tournament of Worship, Chosen by Gods, Burial Mound Dzerug.
Test your luck at the  Well of Fortune at O'Delvays Square and  Mouth of Fortune at Square of Fire and take advantage of this opportunity to obtain valuable items and unique achievements.
The exact time of the event can be found in the events tab in game.
Don't miss the moment when Luck Glow shines over Faeo!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Recker 01.09.2017 11:32
if you think you can get those cards or bows for like 10-20 golds just dont do­ it
2. MaGÎLLaT 01.09.2017 12:31
not even can get statuette lol
3. not a chick 01.09.2017 19:50
im interested in a tool certificate
4. Lord Rahl 02.09.2017 19:37
Mirror event please :o)
5. Lord Rahl 02.09.2017 19:38
I have statuette from this event, now need from chest (how is possible get from­ chests, I bought so many and no statuette) and mirror event :o)
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