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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 2:16pm


As beginning Kindly asking not to spam the Topic with questioning so we can keep it clean and understandable for all. Instead you can mail me in the Game forum (humans) and private me or game mail me (magmars)

General Event information

Schedule and Rewards

Necros Spheres Rewards and Rewards from Curiosity Shop

Most Recent Questions:

1) How to get Palms?
Upon completeing of Main and Recurring tasks

2) How to get Liche coins? Why do I get only one type?
Can be found when hunting for monsters whose level is not more than 1 lower than yours and when delivering energy crystals (CC, Temple).You may exchange the coins with another players for the ones you need.

3) How do I activate Necros Sphere? Do I get all shown prizzes?
You just need to click "use" on it and you receive one of the shown prizzes.

4) Does will give me achievement, help me in fight and let me ride it?
Yes, there is achievement! Yes he will help you as per the following info - The Arhas does not fight in battle, but, responding to its master's summons, it relieves them of all standard poisoning effects and negative spells and heals by up to 70% of its maximum health, after which it leaves the battle. You cannot summon an Arhas to the same battle more than once with any magic resources (horn). And yes, you can ride it.

5) Is the Mummy Pet eternal? I can upgrade it only for Palms or I can pay for it?
Yes it is eternal and you can upgrade it with either Palms or game gold.

6) When Curiosities Shop will open?
It is always open. Just the rewards will be added in the end of the event as usual.

Useful link for later stage - Zombie translator

More info will be added soon...
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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 2:18pm


Quest available at Shiko.

Collect Liche Coin 1 pcs, Silver Liche Coin 1 pcs and Gold Liche Coin 1 pcs. then return to Shiko.
In exchange you will receive Simple Necros Sphere

Quest Completed!
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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 2:20pm

Eddition of the first post***

Question N4 item is Arhas Amulet
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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 2:39pm

if zombie translator not works at yours try this


Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 3:09pm

Advices from Ru server players...

1) All quests can be done 1 time a day, if you don't have much time to play, this will be enough to achieve what you want at the end of the event.
2) In the caves hand over red crystals, since for them you will get more coins.
3) Fight Vetrtsida/Rainbow in the beginning of the event when many coins and animal blood drop so you can carry on the future days when you will have more tasks.
4) When you get the Simple Necros Sphere do NOT forget to use it each day of the event.
5) On 24th November at the River Maid/Living Rock will appear quest giving premium blesses. Try to gather as much as possible for your own good.
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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 3:15pm


Accepted at Shiko. Bring him 3 zombie coins and an Amulet of Resurrection.

Quest done.

2 Recurring quests open:

1) BOV Character - Once Every 6 hrs
Bring him 3 Silver Liche Coins.

2)Drowned Girl/Golats the Vampire - Once every 8 hrs (available on 6th Nov)
Magmar/Human blood (or alike) earned from abttlefield upon killing player fromt he enemy race and animal blood (received upon killing a monster not more than 1 bellow your lvl.
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Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 5:23pm

How to burn a coin:

Click "use" on the either of the Liche coins and it will turn into Palm
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Thursday, November 5th 2015, 11:29am

Eddition to recurring quest mentioned at Quest N2

It is not the BOV Npc, it's the Healer that give the quest.
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Sunday, November 8th 2015, 10:17am

8th November more recurring quests open

Quest for lvl 11+

«Disturbed Solitude»
Location: Silent Cove

Straight attack of a Vampire for your level right after taling the quest.

Reward 3 palms, 1x 50 silver coin and potions

Underwater quest:

«Dead Masters of Sunken Ships» from Character Akvarius

Attack 3 vampiders in the at the entrance of sunken ship (click on the barrels).Vampires will be according to your lvl.

Reward: 3 Flaundin rep (up to 2800) + potions . No palms for this quest!
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Sunday, November 8th 2015, 10:19am

Underwaters quest

Available for everyone, not only for mages!!!!
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Wednesday, November 11th 2015, 7:24am

11 November - New Recurrign quest open!!!

Character: Salamander (magmars) Furratsy (humans)

Your goal: Obtain 4 Glowing Coal at Gorge of Gondi and take them to the Salamander. (magmars)
For humans sould be Water related elements and straight forward quest of where they are located.

You obtain them by clicking on the top of the Fire Sanctuary. (magmars)

When done - return to Salamander/ Furratsy

Reward 2 palms and pots accordig to the level.
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Friday, November 13th 2015, 9:17am

13 November - new recurring quest open

From lvl 3 «Fight for Dead Souls»
Lady Cordelia/Lady Guinevere

Your goal: Use the Rebirth Potion on the battlefields 5 times. Then report to Guinevere/Cordelia

Reward 2 Mithril hands and potions according to the level.
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Friday, November 13th 2015, 9:31am

Extra info

The silver coins worth 50 silver when exchanged can be united into bigger amounts with the Elt's cube:

2 x 50 silvers = 1 Golden coin - can be exchanged for 1 gold when click "use" on it
2 x 1 gold = 1 two pieces gold coin - can be exchanged for 2 golds when click "use" on it
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Friday, November 20th 2015, 7:35pm


I m beginner player ı dont understand the november event I was look site library but no understand pls some help me ty :)


Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 7:11am

A Dead Enemy is a Good Enemy / Back to Life - 15 Nov

I'm sorry I was away. Here is some update for you!

A Dead Enemy is a Good Enemy - from lvl 3, Fanatic

Gives you a pot that you must use to curse the opposite race players 5 times. Reward 5 mithril palms. Once every 12 hours.

Back to Life - from lvl 3, Norak

Gives you a pot that you can use on ally race to heal Zombie curse received either from opposite race members or from killing zombies located in Faeo. Reward 3 mithril palms. Quest recurring right after completion.
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Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 7:16am

Liche Curse Amulet - 18 Nov

From lvl 5 from Gizedor.

Bring with you Cuddly Valdagor 1 pcs and Fluffy Kodrag 1 pcs when you are going to Platoe as that is what Gizedor will ask you for. You can buy them from Gift shop located at Baurvil Hamlet (humans) or Settlement of Faytir (magmars).
Then go to Shiko. He will tell you to use the amulet 3 times (can be done in every new hour; example 09:55 and next use can be at 10:00).
First use - 1 Dark Ghoul will attack you. You must kill.
Second use - 2 Dark Ghouls will attack you. You must kill.
Third use - 3 Dark Ghouls will attack you. You must kill.
Return to Shiko. Quest completed. Rewards - 5 Mithril Palms, 50 silver coin and chance for Liche coins.
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Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 7:19am

Power over Zombies - 18 Nov

Quest Begin at Shiko from lvl 3.

He will ask you to take to Althar of Cursed and Dead God or 3 Human/Magmar blood or 5 Animal blood. Return to shiko. He will ask you to go to Goddess Aladeya. SHe will ask you for 5 copper liche coins.

Reward - 5 Zombie amulets according to your lvl.
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Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 7:25am

Dead Flower/Ruined Greenhouse 22 Nov

Dead Flower - Leolina the Fairy (humans) / Ruined Greenhouse - Serafim the Gnome (magmars) - from lvl 3
After killing zombies, obtain 3 Ptomaine and a Zombie Skull. Afterwards return to the NPC. (So far I've killed the Dark Ghouls from Gizedor quest and 2 Zombies 1 lvl bellow me and I got the quest items. I did not receive quest items when I've attacked low lvl zombies)
When you return to the NPC be sure you carry Gold Liche Coin 1 pcs, Silver Liche Coin 1 pcs and Liche Coin 1 pcs as that's what they will ask you for.

Reward - 5 pcs Mithril Palm
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Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 7:26am

Power over Zombies - EDIT

Power over Zombies - Starting from 20th of November, not 18 as stated above. Sorry!
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Wednesday, November 25th 2015, 12:55pm

«River Maid Council»/«Wise Rock Council» 25 November

«River Maid Council» River Maid (humans)
«Wise Rock Council» Living Rock (magmars)

Several option of resources donation as per personal preferences. I've taken the lowest one but the reward from all is the same. Either of the premium - Invulnerability, Rock Skin, Destruction or Huricane elixirs.

Received: Premium Elixir of Invulnerability 1 pcs. Removed:Collected Thistle 10 pcs, Agate Dust 250 pcs, Magic Black Ink 25 pcs.
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