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Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 3:26pm

Contest: Mascot for the lottery! Stage 3.

Dear players,

As it was explained and mentioned here: Contest: Mascot for the lottery!, we are looking for an organizer for our Big Fat Monthly Lottery and we need your help to make it real!

This is the third and last of the stages of the contest: create a story for the organizer. What we are asking our players is to come up with a unique story that they think would explain the organizer's origins and motives in organizing the lottery.

The first stage, which can be found here: Contest: Mascot for the lottery! Stage 1 and the second stage: Contest: Mascot for the lottery! Stage 2 have finished. It has been decided that the organizer will be called Liusaidh and will look like the one on the picture below.

It is worth mentioning that it has not been decided whever the Organizer has a pet or not. This will also depend on the story that the players will create. Should there be a pet, its name will be Fang. Otherwise, it will just be a fur, worn as an accessory.

Terms and conditions:
  1. The story can not contain any names, veiled expressions, abbreviations, figures and numerical values citing slogans, appeals, inscriptions that are in any way related to national socialism, Nazism, fascism, racism, extremism, terrorism.
  2. The story can not be offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, hurtful, harmful, promote drugs, profane and ethnically, racially or sexually offensive or impart any real-world hostility toward a specific nationality, race or religion, as well as any direct or indirect insults of "Legend: Legacy of Dragons" players and clans.
  3. The story must comply with all the current rules of "Legend: Legacy of Dragons".
  4. The story should belong within the fantasy universe of "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons". You may not use references to common everyday motives/objects like mobile phones, modern guns, modern vehicles; signs of currencies, pacifism, radioactivity; references to real-world sport teams, among other references that fit poorly within the genre.
  5. The story should mention the character's background and why they decided to start organizing the lotteries.
  6. The story can be based on already known facts about Faeo and its Chronicles, however, it should not change the story or outcomes of the original.
The winners will be chosen by the events team. All participants will receive a reward for participating.

  1. place: Legendary Working Tool Certificate + 200 rubies
  2. place: Working Tool Certificate + 150 rubies
  3. place: Working Tool Certificate + 50 rubies
  4. Participation reward: 35 rubies
The story must be submitted in the comments to this thread before 23.10.2017 12:00 Faeo Time.

Put down your swords and unleash all your creativity, warriors, tell us our lottery organizer's story!

Lisad | Community Manager


Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 3:52pm

"One for sorrow, two for joy;
Three for a girl, four for a boy;
Five for silver, six for gold;
Seven for a secret, never to be told;
Eight for a wish, nine for a kiss;
en for a bird that's best to miss."

She was sitting in the grass, leaning her back to an enormous tree. Her fingers were playing with the green grass whilst she was looking up to the tree crown, watching the birds. "It is a curious thing with numbers," she said to her loyal wolf puppy Fang. "They seem to have so much power!" But Fang was more interested in chasing around the beetles and butterflies. She had to laugh, when she looked over and saw Fangs unsuccessful efforts. But the old rhyme still kept turning in her mind. She always had a love for numbers. Her favourite number was seven. Seven for a secret. "That´s right", she smiled, "I love revealing secrets."

For her, even her own life was a big mystery. She has been left in the woods whilst she still was a little girl. An old sorceress found her crying, hungry and freezing. She took her to her hut and kept her. She named her Liusaidh, the word for light in the ancient tongue. As the little girl did bring light and love to her home. The witch taught Liusaidh everything about nature and animals and how things are related to each other. Luck and mysery. Good and bad.The sorceress could tell the future from a handful of gnome dices with numbers on it. And she never used to fail. That is how Liusaidh discovered her love to numbers. "Numbers never fail you!" she explained once more to Fang, repeating what she learned from the sorceress. But the little wolf was more interested in chasing his own tail.

Since she could think about, Liusaidh wanted to work with numbers. Every night she had the same dream:

>>She saw herself sitting in a pub and throwing the dices. She was choosing four numbers and wrote them down on a huge board. The pub was crowded with people who had numbers written on their scrolls. After a short moment, several where jumping up in joy and waving their scrolls. They did have the matching numbers to the ones she has thrown with her dices. They came forward to her place, glad to be one of the lucky winners. In that moment a white light flashed into the room, the door opened and Sheara stepped in with a huge bag of rubies. She gave the bag to Liusaidh and Liusaidh gave all the lucky winners their share of it.<<

"What a wonderful dream", she sighed. But sometimes dreams come true!
I have lost my Puddin! :cry:

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Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 5:29pm

In a land stained by the blood of monsters, magmars and humans, there once lived a sweet little girl named Liusaidh. Her father, a simple and humble miner raised her himself after their family was attacked one night by a band of bloodthirsty Gungls killing her mother and tearing a limb off her father who barely escaped with his daugther.

The screams of her mother lurked in her dreams every night as she woke up frightened and helpless by them only to become a puddle of emotions and tears. Her only comfort were her father who always had a smile on his face despite the hardships and Fang, her pet fox she found hiding from some demon hounds in a hut, one day.

As she grew older, it became clear that the strong trample over the weak, be it beast or man. She decided to be a fighter who would save the weak and helpless one day and trained hard everyday. She approached Warlord Damirus to guide her who saw his own dead daughter in the girl and trained her. Days passed, then weeks, seasons and soon years.

On the land of Foothills a mother was desperately trying to free her son from the cluthes of a Veteran demon hound who wanted todig into the boys' meat. The woman cried for help but none came to her aid. Loosing hope, with tears in her eyes the woman embraced her child who was at the mercy of the hound.

Whoosh..........A sound was heard along with the smell of fresh blood. The woman and the boy opened their eyes to see a person standing beside them. Tall was her frame with hair that ran upto her hips. Her blade was dyed red by the blood of the hound and a smile that reminded them of an old miner. They thanked Liusaidh as she left them to rejoice their new found life.

She sat on a boulder accompanied by Fang looking into the skies. What would life be if I wasn't attacked by those gungls that night? What would it be like had I not met Damirus?

The concept of gambling and the games of the pub had always fascinated her where she spent most of her time apart from training. She fondly recalled when Damirus had taken her to Mary's Tavern as a little girl for the first time. Though the smell of ale she didn't like, the infectious smiles and songs of patrons she loved.

Alright! she decided, enough with the bloodshed and tears, the bellows of beasts and cries of man. She told her pet fox, let's see what the world of gambling has to offer. Soon she became adept at the games of the tavern and with Katala's help she set up the stall in the tavern where people would place their hope and test their luck.

LET THE LORD OF LUCK BE EVER BY YOUR SIDE was the signal to start the lottery.

Soon more and more people flogged the stall. Lo and behold how the battle hardened warrior had turned into the gambler.

Soon a new name began to roam. The tales of Liusaidh, the Lottery Saint were yet to unfold.

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Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 7:16pm

How Sheara manage her personal tresury? This may be one of the questions that few people on Faeo have ever asked to himself.
How Sheara decides that luck will come on someone when she want to? This probably is one of the most asked question people on Faeo asks to themselfs.
No big deal! There is Liusaidh, she is Sheara's personal tresury manager, who give luck and money to who Sheara smiles to and unfortune to who in Sheara's opinion do not worth it.
Born from two scales, one from Erifarius and the other one from Striagorn, she is here to distribute luck ammong the humans and the magmars, making that everything is in the right way, in the way that Sheara want to. She is a neutral character who have no preference and no prejudments, she is friendly with both human and magmars.
Lately yo keep calm all the people whining about their unlucky, she come ammong us and created a lottery, that have no Sheara's influence, to share a bit of luck and her income with everyone.
What she will never understand is what is working on human's and magmar's minds, because she is not aware how much money you need to have to live a confortable life on Faeo.
All what she wants is only to bring some spark of joy and luck on this world of glory and battle.
Don't be jelous of others, try to care about yours, only after that you will understand what you really have. P.S. Is very very very hard :cry: but i will try my best :peace: :beer:

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Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 10:45pm


At first glance you though this girl was just simple human girl, but she had dreams and had though beyond the frame and she as one.

That saw the world in different way, beyond war that has been going of for ages between race of humans and race of magmars in world of Faeo.

In her childhood she was the same as everyone else and she though that the only thing after she becomes older is participating in endless war, but that was not true.

One day when she first time went to city fair she meet some great people and she understood that there are things that are better to do that people can do rather than just fight to death every day, but people did not thing that there are other things that are more important to do in their life rather than dedicate whole life for war between other race, so the quest of her life began that day she knew she has to do something to change what people thing and he began thinking.

Then one day she remembered the talk she had with the Nadilarie at fair about everything organized how things go and how they should go trading, selling thins and beyond.

So she though that there have to be something that could unite the races so they would at least see one thing that could be done in their time rather than the war.

Then by seeing all the great things in fair she though that there is only one thing that is missing that people could enjoy, and that is a lottery so she dedicated here time and money to make that a reality rather than just a dream.

So the war keep going as it usually did for long period of time, it took 1 year or hard work to finally finnish everything that needed to be done to make lottery happen, now she just needed to make people participate in it, that was harder than previous task, but with help of here friends from fair she managed to do it and finally for once the war was over and the races lived happy as they should have been in begging and they finally learned that there are greater things in live rather than war.

By doing all that, Liusaidh finally was happier than in the begging that he accomplished something that changes the world of Faeo, but still that wasn't the last time we will see Liusaidh changing the world..........
I don't have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.


Friday, September 29th 2017, 7:13am

All that she had left were little coins jangling at the bottom of her purse. She needed money bad so she took up gambling with her last few coins.. thus the beginning of her addiction. She drank heavily and took up smoking. Every night she was back at that casino again gambling her precious coins away into the machine until that one golden moment. BLING BLING BLING the slot machine went off and she won the jackpot! She thought this was a pretty cool moment so she decided to start her own lottery.



Saturday, September 30th 2017, 5:05pm


"What a marvelous day!", Luisaidh was strolling down Village Angriyar, searching for the slighty crooked wooden bridge that would lead her to the Inn at the Bay of Vurdaliya. Avoiding over the treacherous Necrasphodel stems that grow in the dry rubble, she recognizes the small dwarf house on the other side of the ravine.

She couldnt hold her laughter, as she remembered how much fun the dwarf was to be around with, and she wondered how time had treated him since last. She sped towards the bridge, and in one leap she landed halfways on the bridge. In two further leaps, she had already reached the front door to a dwarf house, which she knocked on. A little humanoid with glasses looked down at her shoes, then glanced upward. His face first frowning, he came closer to the girl standing there, now grinning he pulled out strange and funny toys from his ears and mouth, trying to make the pretty girl laugh. "What have we here, do you not fancy my tricks any longer?" She kneeled down to greet him, and kissed him on his cheek: "Well I cant speak for you, but atleast I´ve grown mature." Smurri laughed, waving her inside. They went on about their time theyd spent together, sipping dwarf coffee, a specialty only found in Khair. The day turned to afternoon, not long after it was evening. "I need to go Smurri. I havent told you yet, but I came back to Faeo for this special work, one that only I could do." Smurri was surprised at first, then he became content and calm. "I know what you came here for, darling.
I had heard rumors of some deity from another world with the prowess to change the future had appeared years ago, and now that I think about it, it was around the same time I last saw.... Luisay!! Where are you off to now?!" Smurri yelled as he hadnt noticed, Luisaidh was already leaping over the next bridge on her way to county. "Well I wish you sincere luck with these abominable creatures, Magmars and Humans have no bounds for the hatred they bear, I hope you wont get caught up in their mess, too." He wiped from his cheek a tear, and returned to his hut with his usual chuckling noises.


Sunday, October 1st 2017, 3:11pm

"The weight of multitude wishful thinking is a thing of power." - Shearra

When does a goddess sleep? Some of us would probably say never and
would give reasons like she's a goddess, and deities dont sleep. Or
sheara is omnipotent, she doesnt need mundane things like sleeping.

But just close your eyes, listen to your breathing for a moment
and let your mind imagine this scenario,
that for every minute of every hour of every day for every month for every year
for over close to a decade;
you hear the voices of the multitude inside your head. Praying and wishing
for good fortune. Every clink of a bouncing coin thats thrown in the
well of fortune resonating in your mind. Who can sleep with that?

And so it was decided and it wasnt an easy feat even for a goddess, who i might add
suffers from insomia; Sheara needs a mortal assistance to herp her out of this.

So while sitting on her throne at her sky palace, the goddess started thinking
of a scheme to even out this odd predicament of hers. Something that would satisfy
the citizens of Faeo, something that would let her sleep even for a short while.

Oddly it may seems i need to even this out... the goddess thought repeatedly.
The citizens of Faeo is primed for a number of good things to happened to them she said
out loud.

A monthly lottery! Im a genius! How did i come up with this excellent idea!
the goddess bursted out.

Now i need an unbiase servant to facilitate this event, and so with a wave of her slender hand,
a bat of her long eyelashes and a little jiggling of her perfect bossoms;
out comes a woman covered in wolfs fur besides the well of fortune. Then the goddess
gave her conciousness and the goddess was happy.

This mortal needs a name, mumbles the goddess. An even numbers of vowels and
consonant should do it
she says. Something with an L and an S, a little bit
of I and an H. Liusaidh! that would be her name
exclaimed Sheara.

And that is how the wishful thinking of the multitude was manifested and how the monthly lottery
came to be; however unusual it was.

May the goddess smiles upon you and hope that Liusaidh draws the numbers youve picked.
I will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and scrape your bones dry.
And still you will not have suffered enough



Sunday, October 1st 2017, 10:19pm

as he had been born in a family of warriors wanted to be a warrior, but when he was very young, he did not fight well, nor did the amnesia of arms decide to devote himself to something else

one day he saw that the jente wanted to have a lot of gold he came up with the idea of making a lottery to make the jente happy and thus created the lottery of faeo


Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 5:14pm

During long time FAEO was in chaos, days and months were neverending, warriors from both continents passed their days trying to survive the raids, making their best to clean the world from beasts.

Sheara saw life was getting harder for warriors from FAEO, so she decided to use all her powers to create a Demigod: Liusaidh, but forces from Evil knew about it and a fierce fight started, interrupting the process and causing changes on her aspect, the shining colours she should have had were lost, her pet melted with her skin and almost all her powers dissapeared, except one, the possibility to make some warriors happy sharing her luck and her rubbies.
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Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 5:18pm

Her origin is quiet obscur..
It has been said she was Poker's daughter, it has been said she was tindoline's cousin ..all is supposition, superstition ? *

What is sure is she always appears each months when moon is full.. when wolves are like crazy. She likes to play with all, trying to guess the wrong and the truth, trying to understand each part of any gameplay.

It was said that when she was a child she couldn't take any decision. So her father (are we sure about ?) built her a big wheel with multi choices and told her to follow it's decisions. The poor girl suffered a lot about those choices until she grew up enough to perfectly know the wheel. Today she has fun she plays with people of Feo every month for us to feel like when she was a child having to follow a destiny wheel for a lottery, with doubts, wishes and hopes.


Friday, October 6th 2017, 7:12pm

Ogrganizer name

Her name should be some thing nice like sweety but since she it a mag, how about (Gorgona) sounds like a good mag name :)

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Monday, October 9th 2017, 9:50am

_ENVY_ please note that the stage for choosing a name for the organizer is long over. Please read the post carefully, we are now creating a story about the organizer's origins.
Lisad | Community Manager


Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 2:05am


a lucky girl, a girl who lives his days enjoying the excitement of luck.

As a child, she always knew that her life would be a random event, since she was a girl, she had two great passions, fights and games of chance, and when both of them joined her life from then on she was a great Russian roulette.

now retired from the necessities of the battles, spends his days dissolving of the lotteries and raffles in its trips by all the world Efeo

always looking for the emotion of luck and chance.

:smile: :smile: :smile:


Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 5:06pm

Life is always full of stories , twists and turns.
Whether you are humans , or magmars.
There are never a dull and empty moments when you look at life.
Wealthy men have their own stories to tell.
The poor have their own stories too.
The wealthy has it all , they say , the poor has so little to show.
The wealthy is always scared their wealth will be robbed away.
The poor has always something little to share.
Who is happier ?
My name is Liusaidh.
We live in the Valley Of Fire.
And as you already know the place , we are among the poor , but we are happy.
I realize that now.
My parents love to gamble.
Each and every day in their lives , they would spend almost the whole day going to this place I hate the most.
I never did like what they're doing.
They would always bring me and my little brother, Fang , along , of course , and there I saw many people participating in events.
I saw little kids like ourselves were left unguarded while their parents were too into this gambling thing.
Poor kids, i always said.
I guess we are luckier.
My parents love us.
Although I didn't like what they do , I do love them.
Until they told us , things I never really thought much about at that time.
"We're always at war. Most of the times , we're sad. We move places just to make sure everyone is safe. Making sure you're safe. If you think dad and mom loves to gamble , think again... We don't want both of you to forever live like us. Keeping that in our mind , it gives us a little hope , however the way we have to do to achieve it. It gives us something to hold on to and a smile for the day."
I still remember these words.
And of all the time of the year , this month hits me the most.
Ancient Zarlog Gods.
They took my smile away.
We're poor , but we're not cowards.
Father and Mother took their swords and armors to battle them.
Mortals versus the ancient.
How would the end be ?
I still remember that day , just a moment ago , my whole family was at the fair.
Then it's just me in the battlefield.
With my dying brother in my arms.
We won the battle but I lost everything that day.
Father and Mother died an honorable death.
I could still feel their unconditional love until today.
Tho it's sad , painful and hard to forget , life must go on.
"A smile for the day" are the words i will hold on to.
Sheara , let me be the joy bringer after the hardship.
The people are my family now. Let me give them the smile for the day.

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Thursday, October 12th 2017, 2:02pm

Everything has its origin, and each one of them has an end.
Even numbers itself will shows you the circle of life.
From zero until nine, it turns back to zero with a new circle of life.

People often says numbers represented luck,
Some also believes that numbers represented power.
But Liusaidh believes that numbers could also shows you the future.

A mysterious warrior who recently arrives to the city.
It is a mystery from where she came from, but she loves to play with number.
Thus, she always spent her time and stay at the tavern to be the mediator of luck.

Some people will cheers, happy with their fortune.
But some with a sullen face, thinking the lady luck was not on their side.
The mysterious warrior will look on, staring at the flocks of people.
While thinking to herself, only the fated one could earn the fortune of the world.

There is also often a story saying that the mysterious warrior, Liusaidh was accompanied by a spirit.
Some people often heard her mumbling to herself, and thought that she was talking to herself.
But there are some rumors spread wide, not once, nor twice but many that the fingers couldn't count.
A person saw a spirit following behind the mysterious warrior.
Is it a cursed spirit? Or is it the protector for the person who can sees the future?
No one could answer that, and that rumor will remain as an unproven truth.


Friday, October 13th 2017, 9:23pm

One day Sheara heard about one famous organizer who have performed one lottery in which
was attacked by bandits, but they couldn't rob it because the organizer take them down in a moment.
She name is Liusaidh. She is a female warrior, brave and when she wanna do something, just she do.
Sheara was very impressioned and invited her in castel for propose to organizer the a one big lottery for the anniversary days. After when Liusaidh arrived, she accepted her proposal and decided to prepare the lottery in city.
She start preparing giving to the humans and magmars to perform certain tasks to complete. Now the question is how she can be in a both territories without being attacked by anyone? The answer is simply: she disguises itself.
After a long time for preparation the lottery for anniversary days is finally complete. Everyone participated in this event and won more things.
In finally, Sheara was very thankfull and appreciate her work and for this she rewarded her with a lot of money and gave her a beautiful present, a little wolf. His name is Fang and is very helpfull and devoted to his master.
Now, Liusaidh and Fang will continue their journey together and will have the opportunity to cooperate for other tasks.


Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 8:35pm

Liusaidh had always been a lucky girl. She could always signed for the shoulders when she went for a walk with her mother growing up. As she got older she would easily when she played Duel or Tribol. She won so much that Katala wanted to hire her to deal the cards for him so he would not lose as much Marvelous Glass.

One day she was walking in the woods when she was attacked by a pack of wolves. They had her surrounded and she had no way to defend herself. She called out for someone to help her. Suddenly there was a bright light all around. Standing in front of her was a woman.

"How can I help you?" Asked the woman.

"I am afraid of the wolves and it seems like my luck has finally run out." Liusaidh replied.

"So you rely on your luck alone to get you through life. Do you think that luck is all that is what needs to get by?" The woman said shaking her head. "There are other things then luck people need."

Liusaidh started to cry. "I have always had good luck and I guess I never thought about others. Can you please help save me? I will do anything. I don't want to die."

"I will save you on one condition. You must share your luck with other people." The woman said as she faded from sight. On the ground where the woman had been stading was a bag with a dragon symbol on it. Liusaidh suddendly realized she had been visited by Sheara. She slowly moved to the bag, opening it she found it was full of rubies. Looking around she saw that she was in a meadow of grass. No wolves or anything around to harm her.

As she started walking home she thought about what had just happened. "How could I help others?" She thought. Over the next few days she kept pondering what to do. Then it occured to her. A lottery. There is no skill needed for that. The winner is just lucky to pick the numbers right.

She went to the elders and offered to put on a monthly lottery with the winners getting some of the rubies she recieved. She hoped that she could share her luck with others.


Thursday, October 19th 2017, 1:26am

some say luck does not exist and you can only succeed with slow and good planning , not to Liusaidh, she travels the lands of Faeo to orginize the lotteries of the greatest festives in the world boosting hope in the hearts of those who blieve that luck is something shallow and the true determain of success is hard work and well earned goods, she shows the world that there is more to life than just hard work, and that you are sometimes in need of a little faith to win a great deal .


Thursday, October 19th 2017, 1:51am

some say luck does not exist and you can only succeed with slow and good planning , not to Liusaidh, she travels the lands of Faeo to orginize the lotteries of the greatest festives in the world boosting hope in the hearts of those who blieve that luck is something shallow and the true determain of success is hard work and well earned goods, she shows the world that there is more to life than just hard work, and that you are sometimes in need of a little faith to win a great deal .

this is the origin story i forgot to add it :P ..........
Liusaidh was known as a common adventurer among the inhabitants of Faeo, wandering the lands in search of greatness and amazing adventures she stumbled across the tomb of king magish, and although was warned by Shiko the paladin about the unforgiving horrors of the tomb nothing could stop an adventure thirsty hunter from venturing inside the tomb of an undead ancient king, but things went to the worse when she stumbled across the unforgivable king Magish, doom was a certainty but with an act of luck she manged to find a secret entress leading out of the tomb of the fearsom undead king and with some treasure in hand as well, after that day she swore to show the inhabitants of faeo that luck exists and it always shows when you need it the most