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Friday, June 15th 2018, 7:46am

[EFFECTS] Invisibility

Weekly knowledge test: 15/06/2018-21/06/2018

What is Invisibility? How does it work?

Post your answers here.


For all who do not know the game yet some simple rules:
  • Every week (Friday morning) we publish one question to our game:
    Legend. Legacy of the Dragons.
  • From all correct and complete answers up to 10 participants will win one promotional game code each.
  • The most detailed or unique answers have the biggest chance to win.
  • Copy and paste-answers will NOT be considered. Same goes for trolling or spamming or inadequate language.
  • Personal attacks on other players in your answers/posts as well will NOT be accepted.
  • Answer must be in English. You can answer in your mothertongue only if you post understandable translation in English in same post as your answer.
  • The winners will be chosen by a mixed team of magmars and humans. The decision will be final.
  • Codes will be sent to winners via private messages in the forum or per post ingame.

Good game and good luck for all! :drink:

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Friday, June 15th 2018, 9:30am

Invisibility is an effect that you get on using specific invisibility potions which you get from either fair or rare chests etc.

After using the pot , depending on its effect duration, you become invisible in the sense , you cannot be seen on location , or in fights and even appear offline to your friends and not visible.

This effect though is invariably lost if you enter enemy territory and u cannot get it back when you return then

When invisible, you appear as Santa to your opponent in fight :wink: although your shadow if used, during the same fight , does reveal your identity

When invisible , also you cannot be hexed, mirrored or attacked since you do not appear in location screen

The invisible pots that are available vary according to duration ie
15 min by and

1 hour by…artikul_id=6323

3 hours by
5 hours by

As soon as the effect wears off though , warrior is back to his/her usual self


Friday, June 15th 2018, 12:45pm

Invisibility? Where? :)

You can say that Invisibility its a bless that has no effect on your stats but will allow you to hide your name from other players in different circumstances.

How can some players gain Invisibility bless:

Potions (usually bought from trade fair and premium shop):

Elixir of Invisibility :
Elixir of Invisibility :
Elixir of Invisibility :

Spells (usually bought from trade fair):

Scroll of Fleeting Invisibility Magic:
Scroll of Passing Invisibility Magic:
Scroll of Lasting Invisibility Magic:

Researches (guide here):
"Wind Rose" Research:
"Haldebor Fortress" Research:

Conlegret packs (by assembleing packs-permanent one, buy from fair or from mirro magic-ephemeral ones):

Military Ranks of Faeo Pack of Cards I:
Military Ranks of Faeo Pack of Cards II:
Military Ranks of Faeo Old Pack of Cards I:
Military Ranks of Faeo Ephemeral Pack of Cards:

Reward from quest ("Find and Destroy","Confined in stone","Saving Korlak"):

Vampire Potion

Working mechanism and advantages

Where does Invisibility work:
1. in battle (only own player territory, and neutral locations - Faygo, Plateau of Silance area, Ancient Plateau)
2. in list of players on the location (in the areas from no.1)
3. in chat when using effects on other characters (bless, curse, mirror, shackles)
4. in system message about the leaders of the great battle and event snnouncements (mirror magic, bandit)
5. in battles at Hand of Abyss

Where Invisibility doesn`t work:
1. enemy territory
2. battlefields

1. execute own race without other players know you
2. hide blesses in fight (players under Invisibility effect cant be checked with )
3. cant be cursed or mirrored since other dont know that youre in location
4. while picking with profession monsters dont jump you


Friday, June 15th 2018, 1:22pm

Invisibility is a special effect that hides you from other players by making you appear to be offline. If you have an invisibility effect you can't be attacked or targeted at all, by players or mobs, and in fight you appear as Father Christmas with the name "Invisible". You can be identified by your pet, in-fight stats and fight log if your opponent is bothered enough to work it out. You will also be revealed if you call your shadow or if you are stalled until the invisibility effect expires, after which you will appear in location.

Invisibility effects can't be used in the opposite race's land or battlefields and if you try to enter one of these whilst you have an invisibility effect, it is removed immediately. You can however be invisible in neutral locations such as the underwater, The Isles of Swirling Mists, Land of Eternal Frost, the Plateaus, and Fay Go.

A different effect also referred to as invisibility is the vampire potion, which makes you appear like in the image of the OP rather than as Father Christmas. It doesn't make you appear offline or hide your identity, but it does make you untargetable from attacks and negative effects.


Friday, June 15th 2018, 11:37pm

Invisibility grants you...well invisibility XD unlike the picture shown above it actually turns you into saint nick himself! You will be shown as offline and buffs are hidden unless the specific buff link is checked. While invisible you can still freely move and pm others. as long as you stay in your race specific or neutral areas, the invisiblilty effects wont disappear until the timer runs out (shown at the exp bar) or you step in enemy territory or in BF (its weird becuase theres 2 decks that specifically grants you invisibility and its about valour and ranks, but you cant use them in any sort of bf i have been to)
One thing I learned the hard way is that being invisible does not means you are 100% safe from getting jumped (i never used it for pvp before that) if you are doing rb at neutral areas. Other players can still see you in the fight list, even if it only shows Invisible [0] they are still free to join for assist or againt you.


Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 12:59pm

Because many (I think all) important information you can read in this forum above, I will just try write here easy my experience with invisibility elixir.

1. if you want hunt in neutral teritory (special in Fay-Go) without attack from enemy side, use IE. But ... many times I want more gungels in my fight. If I had IE, more gungles never joined my fight.

2. many of us like metamorphosis potions - if you hate see your avatar in battle, you can be zigred, scorpion, bone dragon ... (primary its usefull if you want hide if you are block or unblock). Invisibility potion give you ... wait for it ... look of Santa :o)

3. under effect of IE you are in game, but others see "NOT PRESENT IN GAME"

4. if you dont want "show" your identity in fight with magmar, dont use your shadow. Shadow stil have your name and he hasnt secret identity under IE effect

5. when I see diamond price of IE during Fair events, I think I lost many advantages of this IEs. Because price is high.

That was my experience with IE. :o)

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Thursday, June 21st 2018, 10:33am

Invisibilty is a type of bless that hides your character, there are different things that it does:
- it hides you completely and you seem like being offline, you can move around and nobody will notice that you are there, because you appear offline and invisible in location.
- it hides you while fighting, it won't appear your name and you will seem santa claus. Here there are different types, the one that hides only your name but your level remains, and the one that hides you completely.
- When hexing someone, blessing someone, or any other thing that you can do to another character, your name also will be hidden.

Just need to pay attention that it doesn't work on human land, and neither in battlefields.

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Thursday, June 21st 2018, 12:56pm


Invisibility in an effect that makes your character to appear as "Not present in game" for the rest of players, so nobody may see where you are or what are you doing.

It also hides you in fights, showing you as Invisible [0] in battle. This way people can not guess who is the invisible player using his/her level as reference. The chat will hide your name too if you use a negative effect over another player as Rasperry Twig or a curse.

It may be used combined with other stuff provided by the game to hide your character from other player's eyes, like "Hidden mask" so nobody may se you as "Not presente in game" and suspect you are invisibile. Is not possible to be combined with armor style items since invisibility effect makes your character to look completely different in fight too.


There are some potions that provide this effect at fair events, but you can get them from rare chests too. Rarity (colour) of the potions and time lenght of the effect changes with the price:

Green one:

Blue one:

Purple one:

There are some scrolls (spells)that protive this effect too:

Green one:

Blue one:

Purple one:

Some purple researchs, as Wind Rose and Haldebor Fortress ones may give you this effect too.

Utility of the effect:

Most of players use it for evil purposes, like executing someone eventually or abuse of a player chasing and executing him again and again. However, it may have some useful utility for your game development, as cursing people without punishment to improve your Bringers of Evil Reputation or invade enemy lands to reach their city bank.


Thursday, June 21st 2018, 10:46pm

Invisibility is an effect that permit his owner to become invisible in the game with LIMITATIONS.

the features are:
- you become invisible for all players in the game.
- you won't appear in chat list
- you won't have any listed active effect on you during the whole time
- your nickname won't appear in fights, only a "invisible" string will appear in replace of your nickname

what are the limits?
limits are:
- in fights, it will be showed your level
- if you summon your shadow, it will carry your real nickname with her
- if you walk on opposite side territory or instances or pvp battlefields, you will lose invisibility
- there is the possibility to be recognized through your level, your amulets/rings, your buffs, your pet, your shadow, your position even (people can send you gifts and your position will be reallocated to the new one while still being invisibile), your spells used during fight...

this said... what are them good for?
- hunt without many problems or thoughts about players of opposite race
- raise your hex - exe - revenge against your enemies

you can retrieve them in many ways:
- fair
- violet books on fej-go
- elixirs as reward quest
- pack of cards

GOOD LUCK on your hunting time!
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