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Monday, April 19th 2021, 9:30am

Green Tallaars

We are aware that so-called "Green Tallaars" - agreeing on effects - have been a common thing on PL Server.
However, on COM we will not tolerate any breech of game rules and we will handle any violation of game rules.

Agreeing on buffs is a violation of game rule Article 4b and will be punished with a starting fine of 50g, doubling every time when repeated:

4. Fights and Battles

Participation in fights with a previously agreed outcome is not allowed.
Agreeing on the course or outcome of fights in battlefields (e. g. crystalline caves, arena, temple, tallaar) is prohibited. This includes agreements on victory and defeat between opposite teams but not tactical agreements within a team. The course of the fight includes anything that influences the fights. It is prohibited to agree with the opposite side on:
a. The use of belts (slots).
b. The use of blessings and other buffs.
c. The use of summons and mounts.
d. Completing quests and collecting resources.

Naked fights in PvP events, including PvP events on the Plateau of Silence and Ancient Plateau.
Players need to be equipped in battlefields according to the battlefield requirements.
It is not allowed to enter battlefields and not to take part in the course of the battlefield.
Attacks outside of battlefields must comply with the attack rules. Further details of the attack rules may be found here.

Also, to be clear: in Tallaars and in Meridian Vaults everyone is the opposite side, be it magmar or human.

Please everyone make sure to get familiar with game rules:…?obj=cat&id=168

If there is any questions or clarification needed, please ask guards for a better understanding.


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