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Monday, June 29th 2020, 11:09am

Complaints about Magmar Mentors

The form of submission for the complaint:

1. The reference to the Mentor: Name of the Mentor
2. Date and time of incident
3. The nature of the complaint: Please include full description and chat log.
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Monday, May 10th 2021, 10:13pm

1. Altarie
2. 10.05.2021 21:41
3. I have asked the mentor about a game related issue. Instead of trying to help, she first laughed at my response (21:43, with the ":upal" response), and then went "I wonder what the issue would be" then followed it with "It's probably a technical problem, not a game knowledge problem." And afterwards continued the conversation with talking about IT, 256 bit names, just making fun of me and my problem with how characters have different weights and everything. The mentor, instead of doing the mentor job she is supposed to do, which is helping players with their problems, just went ahead and wasted my and her time as well as not finding a solution to the problem, but instead adding a new one on top of it. I still don't know the answer to my question and 25 minutes of my day just went down the drain. If the rest of the mentor team is like this, then we are all doomed, I can't even get a simple answer for a simple question.

Chat log:


Chat log has been copied and saved by relevant parties. Edited now for further discussions offline. Someone should be in touch shortly.

Issue has been handled
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Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 10:47pm

1. Raging
2. 25.08.2021 21:15 - 22:10
3. I asked Raging a question, after 45 mins of waiting until they finish temple and chaotic, I was told that I wasn't going to get an answer today, and to my next question they simply said they're too busy with other things they were doing in game to search for an answer.
Are mentors no longer required to answer questions in game? Or is the head mentor too busy on her holidays to properly train new team members?

21:15 rubecula » Raging: how much healing exp do you get by using lvl 21 healing scroll?
21:16 Raging » rubecula: should be 21
21:16 Raging » rubecula: like all previous ones
21:17 rubecula » Raging: it only works like this until lvl 9
21:18 Raging » rubecula: 21:15 To confirm your participation in the battlefield "Temple", click HERE no later than 21:20:28. Learn more about the current battlefield. All other applications have been cancelled.
21:18 rubecula » Raging: hmm maybe i wasnt clear enough, it's magical healing experience
21:18 Raging » rubecula: will check that later
21:18 rubecula » Raging: very well, i will be waiting
21:53 Raging » rubecula: Need more research on that one
21:53 rubecula » Raging: I'm waiting
22:02 Raging » rubecula: most likely not today, i'll try to catch player with high magical healing skill
22:04 rubecula » Raging: 45 mins waiting to be told that I'm not going to get the answer, nice
22:05 rubecula » Raging: how about this: from what level can you heal magical injuries? RU mentor site says 10, scroll level is 10, but COM/PL mentor sites say 11 and 11 makes sense. which is true?
22:10 Raging » rubecula: don't know and i am busy on pvp to search that info for ya


Please contact the Head Mentor in the game

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Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 6:03pm

1. Aymira
2. (Nov 22nd 2021, 1:22pm)
3. Abuse of forum rights given for another use, to edit personal entry in official sort of game contest. Kindly understand that any person can use the forum editor and preview to see how their post will looks like and to edit at the same time, without having the need to edit later on by the powers given for work. This is abuse of game powers for personal use. Here is a link to the edited post:Consecrators' entry Have seen a few past weeks, if i take a look, most-likely will find them to be added in few days.


the given complaint was rejected from the mentoring side. The argument is not related to the work of a mentor.

The case was forwarded to the organizer of the competition.
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