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Sunday, February 6th 2022, 12:31am

On the pages of the past and the future Part I

Hi, i have an issue with the quest "On the pages of the past and the future Part I " (a guide here ) when i had to do something with the Mermaid:
1.8 Maeli the Mermaid/Sorena the Mermaid - Mini-quest has 1 options:

a) If you have completed - Scattered Necklace [8] just go trough First dialog that she remembers you for the pearls that you returned to her.

b) You did not completed Scattered Necklace [8] - You have to give her Amulet of Battle Zorb [6]/Amulet of Luan tiger [6]

i choosed b) , but i can't give her my luan tiger amulet, and i can't return to choose a)

Also i got the message "Quest" when i try to talk to her.

this is what she say to me:

*The mermaid stares at you in amazement.*
What? What has this got to do with Chaos and the sorcerer?
*The mermaid suddenly falls silent, thinking about something, and then she bursts out and starts to babble excitedly.*
Perhaps you have heard, warrior. I have heard many interesting things! Only I am not going to say a thing until you bring me an Amulet of Luan Tiger. Well... And I will not utter a word about your Chaos!

Alright, Sorena... It is a difficult task, but I will find the amulet for you.

I think I will try to find your pearls, dear Sorena.


Sunday, February 6th 2022, 2:49am

did u buy a new amulet or u tried to turn in the one u had already? needs a new one. old one wont work.


Sunday, February 6th 2022, 2:27pm

Oh ok ^^ thank you for the answer :)

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