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Saturday, October 22nd 2022, 7:01pm

Fifteenth Anniversary Guide / The Heavenly Valley of the Dwarves

Main Quest:
Talk to Festival Organiser (You will find an icon of a mask on the left side of your screen)

After a conversation with the Organiser, you will find an envelope with a map and an Anniversary box in your backpack.

UPD: Now once the event starts, there is a mysterious envelope appearing in player's backpack. You will get an appropriate notification informing you about it.

First you need to use the envelope, and then head to Pendrick the Wise/Flaviy the Wise.

Dialogue: "Stairway to Heaven"

Now your task is to collect all 5 fragments of the map. Here is a list where you can find each fragment:

For Humans:

1st: Communal Grave / Village of Kingala
2nd: Vassals Tombs / Wirgold Estate
3rd: Wild Forest / Wolf Wasteland
4th: Ridge of Kayar / Allayas Wasteland
5th: Virigiya District

For Magmars:

1st: Place of Sorrow / Village Angriyar
2nd: Manor of Budrimakh / Forgotten Graves
3rd: Forgotten Mines / Gorge of Gondi
4th: Village of Maettro
5th: Vurdaliya District

PLEASE NOTE: You only need 5 fragments, 1 of each. The double listed locations mean you can choose the one you are closest too.

After collecting all 5 fragments you have to use it in a backpack, solve the puzzle, and then bring it back to the Wise Man.
He will send you to Gredeya/Brugilda.

Your new task is to: By using the Map of the Gnomes, find the Key to the Heavenly Gates, which is hidden in a Durgharg Bone Chest.

How to look for the chest?

1. You have to use the Map in your backpack. It will reveal a location where you will be looking for the chest.
2. Once you are in the location, you have to launch the Hunting Mode.
3. In the bottom left corner you will find a Magnifying Glass. Drag it around the screen to find whether you are closer or further from the chest.

When you receive a Partially-Decayed Chest, you have to open it, and then continue your search, which is a repetition of all the above steps!

Once you obtained a Durgharg Bones Chest, you have to use it to get the Heaven's Gate Key.

Now prepare Gnome Coins (16pcs.) and Quicksilver (16pcs.) and take them along with the key to the Witch. She will then ask you to bring her 2 flowers and a Gnome Treatise.

Let's start with the Treatise:

By continuing the dialogue with the Witch, she will let us into the Juggernauts' Library. There you have to click on each book that's selectable, in order to find the Gnome Treatise.

(You need to be patient because sometimes the book might be very small and hidden in the back of the bookcase)

IMPORTANT! When you find the Treatise, you will be attacked by a Guardian (30,000HP for 6lvl players, 70,000HP for 16lvl players, 105,000HP for 20lvl players). Guardian uses some annoying effects, so you might want to just lose the battle, you will keep your Treatise anyway! (However, if you decide to battle and win, you will be rewarded with a Lottery Ticket and a Deck of Cards).
Tips on the battle: When the effect is blue - you should not block and stall, when red - use block and stall. Whenever you have the 10s debuff, also stall.

Now to the flowers:

The Witch gave you a special potion. You have to use it in order to be able to see the flowers.
1. Flower is located in the Graves of the Poor/Mentaliya Settlement
2. Flower is located at the Gryphon Crossing/Wyvern Crossing
Both flowers are visible in the Location list on the right side of the screen:

After collecting a book and flowers, you have to head back to the Witch, who will ask you to bring her the following resources:
-Crystalline Coal (1pc.)
-Bubbly Metal (6pcs.)
-Ragtikhron Leather (6pcs.)
-Leather Scraps (1pc.)

After handing all the resources to the Witch, you will receive a Charged Key for the Heavenly Gate.
By using this key, now you can enter the new location from the City Fair grounds.

(There is a quest continuation when you talk to Miriam, and then head back to the Wise Man, in order to obtain an Achievement: The Heavens are open to me!

Daily Quests:

In the Celestial Valley players can perform daily quests to obtain reputation and tickets.
In order to be able to complete the quests you need to exchange the reputation you've already got for tickets.
10 reputation pts. = 1 ticket, 1 quest = 30 reputation pts.
So investing in tickets get you doubled reputation.
You can exchange the tickets and reputation for items and badges in the Foemir's Store (accessed via dialogue with Foemir).

Here are the daily quests and how to complete them:

Celestial Archery (Foemir the Gnome)
After a dialogue with the Foemir, equip the Gnomish Bow and then talk to the Gnome again (gray dialogue).

You will be attacked by a Kretch Manequin:

In order to win this battle you have to pick an arrow adequate to the effect displayed above the Kretch. (For example if the effect says "UP", select the arrow "Aim Higher")
After winning the battle head back to the Gnome Foemir to claim the reward.

Aerial Battles (Foemir the Gnome)
Queue up for a special battlefield where you fight your opponent naked, with limited blesses to use.
Please note: It seems that this battlefield is currently not working, hence the quest cannot be finished, this part will be updated once the battlefield can be accessed.

Prizes for the Celestial Fair (Foemir the Gnome)

For this task you will need 5 pieces of Ragtikhron Leather. By using the needle in your backpack 5 times, you will create 5 plushies that you will then have to bring back to the Gnome.

<img src="" alt="0pLvNdv" title="0pLvNdv" style="font-size: 0.8em;" />

A Celestial Delicacy (Foemir the Gnome)
Bring to the gnome 2 pcs of Liciousberry, 2 pcs of Beef Beetle and 2 pcs of Crayfish.

Breath of Rage (Foemir the Gnome)

Kill any superbeing.

Fair - to be! (Foemir the Gnome)
Bring to the Gnome one of the following:

• 3000 marvelous glasses
• 30 Faulty Efrill
• 50 Fire Flowers
• 30 Evil Eyes
• 50 Cuckoo Flowers

Order not only in Thoughts (Miriam)

Complete the Crystal Ball puzzle.

A question from me - an answer from you (Miriam)

Answer Miriam's question related to the game lore, etc. Most of the answers can be found in the library, however feel free to share your quenstions and answers too :D

So far we've got:

Who have invented the Elt Cube?
Answer: Gnomes
Who have created the Human Race?
Answer: God Egos
What is the Nymphius Goddess a symbol of?
Answer: Immortality
Who, imprisoned in an underwater prison for many centuries, is guarded by the flaundins?
Answer: Chaos Demigod RaskriuTsu

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Saturday, October 29th 2022, 10:26am

Any information about the quests of miriam deck effects and their prizes ?


Saturday, October 29th 2022, 11:04am

TJ sent me that list when i asked him

Tasks from the deck. All tasks must be completed under the effect of the corresponding card.

The Great Feast | High Priest’s Card
Eat 500 gammon

Day of Judgment | Justice Card
Kill 500 mobs

A Little Starstruck | Star Card
Give Martisa 1000 gnome coins after 00:00

Peacekeeping Forces | World Card
Kill 5 enemies. Only battlefields, contested zones and sky/abyss

A Joke up Somebody’s Alley |Jester’s Card
Follow quest from Sheamus. Use popgun in enemy city fair
Card Jester - take a popgun from Jester for 1k dwarf coins, use it at the enemy Fair

Love Projectile | Любовный снаряд | Lovers
bring 1k dwarf coins to the ritualist (palace of marraige), give a gift to anyone

...You Can’t Avoid Ten | Death Card
Kill harcide 10 times. Die to harcide 10 times

The Sleepless Night of Pearls | Moon Card
mine resources at night (00:00-04:00)


Saturday, October 29th 2022, 11:05am

only rewards i saw were a small chest for doing 4 and some achiev for doing all? not 100% sure


Thursday, June 1st 2023, 5:16pm

You will have exactly 2 hours to try and find the hidden chest. Continue?
Confirm action "Find Dugrkharg’s Bones Chest"
You cannot start searching for new treasure!

So, what now?


Thursday, June 1st 2023, 6:01pm

nice nice dobrze dobrze hat hat


Friday, June 2nd 2023, 6:00am

"Tips on the battle: When the effect is blue - you should use block and stall, when red - do not use block"
It's opposite. RED = Block, BLUE = No block


Friday, June 2nd 2023, 6:33am

"Tips on the battle: When the effect is blue - you should use block and stall, when red - do not use block"
It's opposite. RED = Block, BLUE = No block
Thanks, will update