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Sunday, December 10th 2023, 1:53am

Hunt Screen Filter - NEW?

I've just noticed there is a filter on the hunt screen for each resources & each monsters but it's only on the browser.
This is a great addition I've been wanting for longer than I can remember but why isn't it available on the client?

Is there any info on when it will be added or is my client out of date or something?

Again, fantastic addition as it'll make collecting resources & hunting, much easier than simply turining off the resource colour filter. :jump:


Sunday, December 10th 2023, 2:45am

The mob filter is a HTML5 feature so is currently only supported on browser. Our version of client still runs on flash so it is not an issue on your end.


Sunday, December 10th 2023, 4:15am

Ahh - I was thinking that after I posted. That's a shame as it would be really handy but browser has a lot more downfalls than client so I'll just cross my fingers that it'll be added soon.
Thanks for the quick reply :peace:

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