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Tuesday, April 9th 2024, 9:39am

Mysterious Statue of Experience bug

i encountered an issue with Mysterious Statue of Experience. On browser i have never ending loading screen when i try to use it, on game client screen loads without energy and silver coin image, when i try to use it i'm getting "payment issue" bug.
Is it possible to use it in any way?


Saturday, April 13th 2024, 10:24am


I checked this and seems there is a problem with the level 1 statue. I have reported this.
As an alternative way for you, upgrade it to level 2 and it will work normally. But if you don't plan to upgrade it for now, you will have to wait until the issue is resolved.

Have a good game!
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Saturday, April 13th 2024, 12:12pm

Hello, that's right,
I just upgraded it to lvl2 and now it works.

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