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Saturday, April 20th 2024, 7:11am

Need help

Hello, I need to resign from a mission to start over since it does not give me the option to continue for some strange reason, how can I resign? This mission does not give me access to resign directly, I need help please, the mission is Shadows of Forgotten Heroes: Mysterious Embraces of Night

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Saturday, April 20th 2024, 4:05pm

Hi GreenWarrior. We spoke at length in game about this quest. I will contact you again :)
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Saturday, April 20th 2024, 4:34pm


I and my mentor friend have tried to find solutions to your problem but it seems that you have got the quest item that you should have got after a few stages and therefore you can't pass current stage.

You need to contact Support to get this problem fixed. Please use this forum thread to send a mail to support with the problem you are having. If you need help with this mail, please feel free to contact us in-game and we will be happy to help you.

Have a good game!
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