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Saturday, May 18th 2024, 7:59am

External link error

I play the game in Chrome browser, because the client is too laggy and outdated imo. The issue I am experiencing is when I want to link any in-game fight or other in-game links, into chat, somehow the game thinks it is an external link. I have created a ticket on the Technical Support page, but no solution and have been waiting for 2+ weeks. It is not a big issue tbh but it is slightly inconvenient. So I thought maybe someone had the same problem and wanted to share their solution. Below there are a couple of snips of this error.
Thanks for reading! :smile:


Saturday, May 18th 2024, 2:33pm

Hello, _BSK_

warofdragons.mygames counts as an external link. Instead, by logging in via, you can easily and smoothly share links to the game.

Have a good game!
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Saturday, May 18th 2024, 9:52pm

Thank you Aykutluk that solved the problem :smile: , for some reason when i searched the website in google that is the one I came up on...

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