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Friday, June 7th 2024, 11:18pm

In the external hunting mode filter "Resource filter", the resources with a blue border are not displayed in gray when deactivated; they remain with a blue border. When deactivating the monster filter, the blue frame disappears.

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Saturday, June 8th 2024, 1:04am

I have not found a field for "Empty cache"

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Saturday, June 8th 2024, 1:35am

The loot statistics are not yet completely clear. The time values are on NaN.
There are also symbols that can't all be interpreted, some have a 0 underneath, which doesn't make sense to me, as you can't loot a number with 0.
And I supposedly haven't looted any gold.


Saturday, June 8th 2024, 7:18am

A little glitch

Raging today using…t_id=1065984038 , I noticed a small glitch in the animation. My avatar was not in correct placed in fight screen. As seen in file attached, avatar is placed a bit higher than the adversary. The placement is correct when I do not use a cover potion
Pinaxi1 has attached the following file:


Saturday, June 8th 2024, 10:55am

- bar of chat is so small .... really difficult to read- bar with tab is enormous ...

- open a new tab with right clic isn't possible anymore, need add new tab where i get google :puke: and then type the url of the wanted page in place of google url. Really not easy

- Stop with google, that open at every new link- Pet that should be on bottom is on knees

- Text on not active tab aren't really visible.

- image in belt settings are enormous. Need scroll to see all belt slot. Take too much time to find the right one

- animation in fight x 4 .... It looks like my character has taken quadruple dose of amphetamines. :lol: But mob still hit under 15

- how to use food? need every time search in bag? I do not want auto eat, just clic on food i choised

Forum: almost every words are underlined, like for a correction. How remove that?

What is with discord and telegram?? I do not want any info going in telegram nor discord. How to disable these 2 things from game?

For now, i will not use that new client. I can't open easiely a new tab with right clic, i can't read name of tab (grey on grey) a reflection on the screen and become just impossible to read name of tabs ...
save belt is really difficult with these enormous image, can't use food etc .....


Saturday, June 8th 2024, 2:52pm

I am fighting as a scorpio without transform elixir. And I "have" a drop showed in client but there is nothing in backpack.
Keyball has attached the following file:
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Saturday, June 8th 2024, 2:59pm

Fighting with a pet on my knees :D
Dahlia in blue has attached the following file:
  • pet.gif (86.1 kB - 42 times downloaded - latest: Jul 13th 2024, 9:11pm)

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Saturday, June 8th 2024, 4:39pm

Time information in the exchange is in English, although the language is set to German.

Jeff_Sin has attached the following file:

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Saturday, June 8th 2024, 6:05pm

eine funktion einbauen womit man inhalt oder chat nachrichten übersetzen kann... siehe google chrome (mit rechtsklick seite oder ein text übersetzen)

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Sunday, June 9th 2024, 12:16am

Drops werden nicht angezeigt im Chat (oder zumindest nicht alle), nur im Chatlog, warum auch immer.
Es werden im Chat keine

  • "Sequana" started this thread

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Sunday, June 9th 2024, 3:22pm

With a big thanks to the team for their efforts to produce these guides quickly, you can find more information about Dwarium here:

We will still be looking to add more information as required, so please do keep posting your questions and comments.
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Sunday, June 9th 2024, 4:40pm

How to add a link to favorites?

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Sunday, June 9th 2024, 10:12pm

Êine Anzeige für Ping wäre gut und wenn es Probleme gibt, das man die dann auch irgendwie teilen kann.

Eine Screenshotfunktion wäre auch gut um eventuelle Beweise für Vorfälle liefern zu können.

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Sunday, June 9th 2024, 10:40pm

Bei verpasster Schlachtfeldbestätigung kommt ein Feld in russisch.
Jeff_Sin has attached the following file:

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Monday, June 10th 2024, 7:07pm

Das Problem ist für uns Deutschsprachige, dass der Client anscheinend nur für englischsprachige (com) konzipiert worden ist.

1. Problem: Wir kommen selbst wenn wir auf Sprache Deutsch eingestellt haben, auf die englische Newsseite, ändern wir das .com auf der Newsseite zu .de dann kommen wir zwar auf die Deutsche Newsseite, haben aber keine Zugriffsrechte für die Kommentarfunktion.

2. Problem: Wenn z.B. ein deutsches Item gepostet wird, dann wird das nicht bei jedem als Deutsches Item angezeigt, auch wenn im Chat der Deutsche Titel steht. Bedeutet, bei manchen wird das de-Item zu com-Item gewechselt.

(Beispiel: Ein Kollege postet "Saftiges Rochafleisch" mit Deutscher Beschreibung in den Chat, ich klicke drauf, komme ich zum englischen Item "Juicy..." mit Englischer Beschreibung)
obwohl ich beide Sprachen auf Deutsch gestellt habe (Im Profil und oben rechts im Einstellungsmenü).

3. Problem: Die Eigenschaftsseite ist ein Wirrwarr aus Deutsch und Englisch (Denglisch), Manche Information werden in Deutsch und manche in Englisch angezeigt.
z.B. Reputationen und Einflüsse, Angaben für abgegebene Skalpe, für große Schlachten, Gesamtkühnheit, Maximum-Angaben für Krits etc. sind in Englisch, alles andere in Deutsch.
Für Kampfpassangabe 2. Zeile in Russisch: [Боевой пропуск] Общий прогресс COM

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Monday, June 10th 2024, 10:12pm

Beim Problem 2 ist auch schlecht, wenn man im Kampf die Effekte eines Gegners/Bosses ansehen will, die aber nur in Englisch auftauchen.


Monday, June 10th 2024, 10:46pm

I miss the "show super-blow"-feature of the old client. That was useful after changing combos, and is essential in cc386

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Tuesday, June 11th 2024, 5:34pm

So, I've only using new client every since it's dropped and I'm happy with it... I don't use most of it's functions as I don't need them but the one annoying thing I have noticed is that while fighting birds and being afk if I switch from the client to a browser, when I switch back the animation goes to 0.5 instead of 4 :lol: and I mean terrible fluctuation...and no, this time it's not my computer... it's less than a year old and way, way above the requirements of this game (or most other triple A games as well) :D
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Wednesday, June 12th 2024, 2:54pm

sorry, cannot even start


Wednesday, June 12th 2024, 2:54pm

Pop up windows

I have a small issue with pop-up windows.
Everytime one opens, it gets smaller. So for example if I open a chest, the pop up window will be 10x10, then the next chest I open, the window is 5x5 etc. So I have to manually stretch them everytime otherwise they get so small that I can't click on use. It does it for everything (food, rune elements, decks, combat backpack...) I tried updating scripts and ticking the "Dialog boxes always on top of the cleint" but did not make any difference.

If you have a fix for that already, I am eager to know it :)



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