Game rules

After the registration the player receives 5 silver coins. The player works on their character’s development by completing quests and fighting automated monsters or other characters.

After a victory in a fight, the player receives a bonus in the form of a level up or an improvement of a character's attribute and Gold (virtual game currency).

The player can also receive game currency or items by doing quests and defeating monsters.

The game currency is mainly for obtaining consumable goods (e.g. various elixirs) and repairing weapons and armor.

Players always have to abide by the following rules:


§1. Power leveling and using more than one character


  1. Power leveling of a character
    It is not allowed to have several characters registered by the same player with the purpose of improving the wealth of any other of these characters.
  2. Registration of a second character
    It is permitted to register more than one character on the side of both races, but they may not enter the same fight or participate in the exchange/trade of game items and/or gold. If a player has an additional character that is mainly used for giving an advantage to his other character, e.g. by using it for activities that are concerned with obtaining game money and /or items and giving it to the first character, this will be regarded as a violation of §1a. The game administration may charge diamonds for compensation.
  3. Creating/using a character to circumvent a ban of another character
    If a player is banned for any reason they may not, under any circumstances, create a new account or use their existing ones.
  4. Using a game character to circumvent game limitations
    The commercial use of a game character in order to circumvent game limitations is not allowed. This includes the use of amulets of resurrection, the use of a character for spying locations or registering a character to avoid curses in the forum or in the chat.
  5. Using a game character solely for disturbing other players' gameplay
    The creation of multi-accounts with the sole purpose of intentionally looting other players, without having the intention to progress, advance or play the account, can be considered as a destructive action.


§2. Trade 

  1. Trade in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is free. The only limitations are defined by §§ 1, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 15. 


§3. External programs 

It is not allowed to use external programs to improve or automate game features (bots, cheats). This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The use of external programs for trades and commercial services.
  2. The use of external programs for leveling up.
  3. The use of external programs, macros or URLs for receiving and processing resources.
  4. The use of external programs, macros or URLs to initiate or accelerate attacks on monsters. 


§4. Fights and Battles

  1. Participation in fights with a previously agreed outcome is not allowed. 
  2. Agreeing on the course or outcome of fights in battlefields (e. g. crystalline caves, arena, temple, tallaar) is prohibited. This includes agreements on victory and defeat between opposite teams but not tactical agreements within a team. The course of the fight includes anything that influences the fights. It is prohibited to agree with the opposite side on: 

    a. The use of belts (slots).
    b. The use of blessings and other buffs
    c. The use of summons and mounts.
    d. Completing quests and collecting resources.

  3. Naked fights in PvP events, including PvP events on the Plateau of Silence and Ancient Plateau.
  4. Players need to be equipped in battlefields according to the battlefield requirements.
  5. It is not allowed to enter battlefields and not to take part in the course of the battlefield.
  6. Attacks outside of battlefields must comply with the attack rules. Further details of the attack rules may be found here.       

§5. Nicknames 

  1. It is not allowed to select a nickname that contains vulgar language, insults, political or racist statements or references to foreign websites or that copies or ridicules the name of an NPC, admin or another player so that it can lead to confusion. 
  2. Only Latin letters are allowed.


§6. Insulting of other players and the administration 

  1. The dignity of all players and the administration as well as persons outside the game may not be violated inside and outside the game. 
  2. Sending a letter or a gift containing insults is not allowed. This includes offensive and invalid statements about other players in a character's profiles. 


§7. Violations of the chat rules and the forum rules 

It is not allowed to violate the chat rules and forum rules. It is the players’ responsibility to inform themselves at least once a week about changes in the game rules, the chat rules and the forum rules.


§8. Abusing errors and game issues 

It is not allowed to abuse errors (“bugs”) and to pass information about errors on to other players. They need to be reported to the administration immediately.


§9. Copyright 

It is not allowed to pass on the software connected to the game and other material that is protected by copyright and other laws without consent of the owner.


§10. Explicit Content 

It is not allowed to pass on sexual explicit content that is not suitable for underage persons.


§ 11.  Encouraging unlawful actions 

It is not allowed to break current laws or to encourage others to do so, such as actions connected with illegal drugs, terrorist activities, actions against a democratically elected government, unlawful pornography or any sort of discrimination.


§12. Transfer or spying on access data, entering accounts of others 

  1. The access data of your own character (login, password) may not be passed on to other players, no matter if this is done for free or of you receive game money or items or real money for it. 
  2. Tricking players into giving away their password, spying to find out access data (password, email address, answer to the secret question) is not allowed. 
  3. Hijacking a game character or helping with hijacking a game charter are not allowed.  
  4. It is not allowed to leave the character to other persons.


§13. Gaining financial profit, abuse of services 

  1. It is not allowed to exchange items or services from Legend: Legacy of the Dragons for real items or services. This includes services like obtaining game money. It is also prohibited to exchange items or services from Legend: Legacy of the Dragons for items or services in the game when this happens via using real services (Terrabank and SMS service), e.g. asking to pay Diamonds on a game character. Items or services can only be exchanged for items and services in the game. 
  2. It is prohibited to offer a game character or game resources for real money.


§14. Deceit 


It is not allowed: 

  1. General:
    1. To deceive a player with the goal of receiving or selling an item.
    2. To deceive a trade partner about the characteristics of an item.
    3. Deceit, delusion or concealing information from the administration or the guards.
    4. Deceit and delusion in the name of the administration.
    5. The forgery of evidence. 
  2. Trying to deceit can be punished according to §14-1. 


§15. Destructive Actions 

The administration can give any sort of punishment for: 

  1. Baseless criticism containing contempt towards the creators of the world of Faeo or violating the dignity of Administrators, Mentors, Jesters, Heralds, Forum Moderators or Guards.
  2. Public statements about leaving the game.
  3. Offensive statements about the creators of the world of Faeo.
  4. Any other actions that can have a negative impact on the development of the game, such as spreading false rumour or lies about the game, administration, volunteer structures or other players in general.


If one character of a player is already in prison all characters belonging to this player will also be banned for the duration of the punishment.

The administration acts only according to its own discretion.

Using the benefits of the game is only done by the player himself and according to the tel quell principle, the administration cannot be hold responsible for any direct or indirect damage that occur to the player in connection with the use of the game or the impossibility of using it.

These rules can be changed by the administration without previous announcement. It is the duty of the player to check the rules at least once a week for changes. If a player does not check the rules or a player continues using the game after checking a new version of the rules it is assumed that the player knows and accepts the new version.


For further clarification to our game rules, read our forum "Rules, Punishment and Fines Clarification".


Update Juni 2021




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