Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Best bank client certificate

Quest items
Level 0  300.00

Lifespan 7d
Item does not occupy space in backpack
This item cannot be «frozen»
Becomes non-transferable when owner changes
The owner of this certificate gets additional rewards when wxchanging  10.00 in bank for golden coins:

When exchanging diamonds you can get an additional reward:
- either money amount that varies from  10 till  35 gold;
- or a gift, which you can present to any player;
- or one of the items listed below:
Reflection Gem 5 pcs
Shoemaker Token 5 pcs
Small Bag of Thalers 3 pcs
Joker Card 2 pcs
«2019» gold coin 1 pcs
Certificate for 5 diamonds 1 pcs
Pack of Cards 1 pcs

Partial exchange (for example  5.00 +  5.00 diamonds) does not count!
Additional information is available on the infoportal.