Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Shadow Transformation Charm

Level 7  3  33

This item is non-transferable
Item does not occupy space in backpack
A magic amulet that can change the nature of items and transfer items from the kingdom of light to the domain of darkness. It can turn a regular weapon or piece of armour into equipment for your Shadow.
  • Can be applied to items from level 6.
  • It transforms rare, unique and artful items, that do not require rank, into their shadow analogue, corresponding in level and style and also not requiring rank for use.
  • It transforms unique and artful items, that require rank, into their high quality shadow analogue, corresponding in level and style, but requiring the same rank for use.
  • When items are transformed any runes, bezels and charms they have are lost.
  • Only Shadow, with the required level and rank, can wear shadow items.
  • Shadow items are reflected in the Shadow backpack, they have no weight and cannot be broken; they cannot be broken into crystals or fragments.
Number of uses: 1.