Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Item information

Armor-plated Dinichthys

Level 9  66

Lifespan 90d
For a long time it was believed that this type of fish, encased in bony armor-like plates, had disappeared forever from the murky depths that wash up on the shores of Ogriy and Khair. There was even a jokey saying among fishermen: Our nets they hauled in something great, a fish encased in armor plate! But recently these fish have started showing up again in the waters of Faeo, and experienced fishermen, who are masters of their art, should be able to catch one. Demand for the fish surged immediately, as it has a wonderful taste, and its armor is used by jewellers to produce precious Dinichthys crumbs.
Consumption restores 1110 life.
Skill necessary: 180