Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons






  A T E Ş
It was a calm night, the Magmars have gathered around the campfires they’ve built before the big day, talking about what they would do with the big bounty they would get after raiding the Humans. One of them was going to get himself new armor, the other was going to build new buildings in his estate, everyone had their own plans for the golds they were going to have. What did not know was that Humans had known these plans and have already prepared to attack them once they all went to sleep. As the Magmars started to go to their tents one by one, Humans slowly moved closer to them. They started to kill every single Magmar who was foolish enough to give into the need to sleep, not forgiving any single one of them. One Magmar, five Magmars, a hundred Magmars were killed in a matter of minutes.

The commander couldn’t sleep the whole night, rolling from one side to another in his bed, thinking about the raid, thinking about the possibility of failing, thinking about the possibility of Humans making their move first, he just could not take a single lose, it should be a perfectly executed successful raid. While pacing back and forth, something in the far distance caught his eye. Some weird looking creature, not completely visible, but as big as a Magmar but… there was something wrong, it was not possible to see his lava filled veins. He immediately understood what it was. It was a Human; a Human has infiltrated the camp and was killing the sentries. He immediately got out of his tent to warn his fellow soldiers but as soon as he left, some Human swung a sword at his face, he ducked, punched the Human in the face, took his sword and killed him on the spot.

That was not it, he was sure of it, only 2 Humans could not have infiltrated. And he was right, as soon as one of the Humans saw him, he blew a whistle and there were now ten Humans against him and more were on their way. He screamed at top of his lungs “Intruders! Wake up, everyone!” but out of hundreds of tents, only fifty Magmars could join him, he thought they were all still sleeping, he screamed louder “I said wake up! We are under attack! Get your weapons!” but no one else joined him. It was then he understood that all but fifty of his fellow soldiers were killed by these miserable Humans who did not have the spine to attack when they were ready, he was being filled with rage, he could not control his anger, he roared with all his might and said “I will take ten Human heads for every Magmar you pathetic wretches have killed today! Do you hear me!”the Humans wanted to kill him quick and get done with it, they have started to attack on the commander, but his rage filled wrath was so powerful that within seconds all Humans were lying on the ground with a hole in their stomachs, bleeding to death. He reached his warriors and said “Take formation! Never let them get past you!”. The warriors have all done as he said, they were now ready to fight them all. First batch of Humans attacked, all died at the ends of these fifty-one Magmars’ blades, same for second, third and fourth batches. They were all attacking to kill, yet all they have managed was dying after leaving scars in the bodies of these brave Magmars.

They have fought until the morning, when the sun was rising, the last batch of Humans were trying to run away, “After them! Go!” ordered the commander, eventually catching and executing every Human they’ve caught as they begged for their lives.

“What do we do now?” asked one of the warriors.

“We do what we were going to do.” Said the commander

“Yes, sir!” said the warrior.

“But not as we originally planned to” added the commander. “We will make them pay for this. From now on, we will not show a piece of mercy to any one of them for they have not shown any for our martyrs. We will burn their villages, we will kill all who try to oppose us, we will make them bend to our will.”
“Sir, yes sir!” said the warriors all together.

“Are you ready, my fellow warriors? Are you ready to avenge our brothers and sisters who have fallen today? Are you ready to die for our glorious nation?”
“Sir, yes sir!” shouted the warriors.

“Then move, let’s go make them pay!” said the commander and started his assault on all of the Human villages in their path.

They have burned everything they’ve found, killed every Human they’ve seen and never spared anyone. It has been years after that, the Magmars now are known for their mercilessness and brutality, in the battlefield it’s impossible to escape them, it’s impossible to hide from them and it’s futile to try and fight them. Their mere presence is enough to scare Humans and immediately start to pray to Sheara for mercy.

Those fifty warriors and their commander have served the Magmar nation until the day they have left this world, but their legacy continues, the clan they have created still lives.

By our fire, you shall burn!