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   Hazzelinko [9] 
 Destruction  [8] 
Clan rating
Rating Name Value in rating Position in global rating
 Valor 107714412 44 place
 Experience 46978870 79 place
 Reputation 107200 55 place
 Clan wars 1542 3 place
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Latest achievements
Total Achievements: 61
Best achievements
Total Points: 350
 Children of Chaos
 Knights of Vertsida
News item #1
28th February 2011 - Destruction was founded.
17:26 Your clan has completed the quest Clan Upgrade.
Special thanks to all the mags that made it possible!

25th December 2016 - Merge with Uprising

9th March 2017 - Alliance with KoV disbanded - YOU CAN ALWAYS ASK US FOR HELP

Recruitment on hold.

If there are any problems with Clanmates please talk to our leaders, before taking any further action.
News item #2
New sunset, new dawn.
New beginning.

After a long and painful journey among wars between best friends the struggle ended. Through the smoke still hovering over the plateau, over the bodies of the fallen, some who are still standing are watching the sunset. Rebuilt. Reunited. Stronger than ever in the history.

The Uprising was squashed after almost a year. Insurgents are now either dead or on the other side of the battlefield, gazing over the horizon with those who few minutes ago were their enemies.
We knew that not everyone will survive. We knew it was only a matter of time for us to be made to give up or die. It was a tough fight of righteousness, fought till the end.
Even though the Uprising is gone now and the combat is over, we changed everything. We changed the perspective, we changed the rules.
News item #3
Hopeless days are gone.
With the fresh start after the riots Destruction is back on the top and standing still. Immovable.
Nothing is as it was.

Rising together undead insurgents and men of destruction.

On the day 25th of December Uprising ended.
Those who survived came to Destruction for better days.
On 25th the dawn and cold red sun brought a new beginning to Destruction.