Online RPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons






After a whole night spent almost sleepless, the dawn of a new day arrived.
The army was lined up, the muscles of the soldiers tense in their mighty armor, the weapons held in their hands, the companions of a life by their side.
Everyone knew that the odds of winning were slim.
Everyone knew that the enemies were more numerous.
But in spite of this, no one stepped back, not one step.
No fear of the opponent, only a deep respect.
And an insane desire to start fighting was growing within them.
The commander then, at the head of the platoon, turned around: he clearly saw in the eyes of his soldiers the determination proper only to those who are aware of their means, to those who dedicated their existence to the art of war.
And galvanized by that sight, marked by the scream in response to his every sentence of the whole army, with a half smile on his face, he said:

"In every war
it doesn't matter if you win or lose,
live or die,
how you win
how you lose
how you live
how you die!"