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till you win it
hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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Friday, February 9th 2018, 8:11am

3rd sk missed text :angel:
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Friday, February 9th 2018, 8:39am

sk 2 missing as well :pinch:
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Sunday, March 4th 2018, 3:53am


You have stumbled across the diary of a captive Magmar. Listen carefully, warrior, I will tell you more:

I am surrounded by pitch darkness. I am in a cave with high arches, the air here is musty, it's difficult and unpleasant to breathe. I was incarcerated here by the Humans to uncover the secret of domesticating Atshi Bats. It soon became clear they had thoroughly planned it all beforehand. They even found a translator, a Magmar. The swine! Has he no shame, betraying his own people, working for the enemy!? Imagine, he must go home every night, look into the eyes of his wife, hold his children's hands...and the next day he is once more selling his soul.

I fear that more than anything...I overheard them...they intend to torture me. All I have left is the hope that I am mentally stronger.

Three days now. I have less and less faith that they are searching for me. They are beating me mercilessly and body is like one giant head is spinning, my hands are trembling, I can't stand. I got one crumb of comfort when I managed to spit in the ugly face of the translator! He beat me again for that...but that doesn't matter, no! I can't smile anymore, his eyes, shocked, bewildered, a stupid look, bit-by-bit extracting his revenge, doing his evil. The beast. Soon I'll get him, and then nothing will save him.

My God, I never knew that mankind could do such things...He shut me in an iron box with hundreds, thousands of insect. I tried all I could, I could hardly breathe, I shut my eyes tight, I tore at my chains, but I couldn't do a thing! Spiders swarmed everywhere and all sorts of other bugs covered my body, climbed into my nose, mouth, ears...I felt every touch of the their horrible little feet, I felt its every movement, like it was one giant organism, made up of thousands of these small, swarming insects. I had only one thought in my mind, to toss this beast aside, so that I would not have listen to the crunch of their bodies being crushed my hands, to free myself from this thing covering my whole body.

I tore at myself all day. I get a lump in my throat every time I remember the insects. I don't know wait they will do to me today, yesterday I threw up on the translator's boots. His face became so distorted with anger, that I was terrified, genuinely terrified for the first time in my life. But I won't let them break me, I won't. If they know how to tame Atshis, if they possess such a secret, then slaughter would be inevitable. I must hold out. For the sake of my friends who believe in me, for the sake of those whose fate depends on me...

Ill...I'm so ill...I can't stop my hands shaking...I'm going mad...I don't know how long I've been here, I don't how long I've been unconscious. Days, perhaps only hours...I'm so weak that I wouldn't even be able to fight my way out of a paper bad. My left eye is all swollen, I can't open it. They were cutting my body...I remember counting to 54, then everything began to sway, a red mist came over my eyes, I vomited violently, tasted blood in my mouth. The translator was in a frenzy, evil, he spluttered and yelled in my face, but I didn't hear any of it...scum. He doesn't deserver to life, not even a quick death. It was easier today, not to spill the beans, because I physically couldn't speak. I began thinking about the Dartrong Arena where those young Magmars, barely in their teens, take their first, unsure steps on the path of art of war. I remembered the great battles and the triumphant warriors, the friends I lost, my first battle axe, the first trinket, which my father and I broke open, my beautiful Zorb, bestowed upon me by fate. I remembered, and I knew that there was no way, that I had no right to betray all of this, to give them everything just because a few brutes had managed to force me to my knees.

It's getting worse. I can no longer feel my body, my hands and legs are numb...I ache all over, the end is near. The translator couldn't take it any more - his rage overcame him and he ordered me dead. I fell into despair, rolled around on the floor, howling like a wounded animal but then I understood that if I made him give such an order, I had beaten him! It meant that they knew they could not break me, I had shown them, my will was stronger. I showed them...I was able...

I have never feared death. We all have to die sometime. We cure terrible illnesses, we lick our wounds, pick ourselves up again, and all we are doing is putting off the moment of death, the moment we leave this life. And death comes all the same. And that's how it will always be, I can promise you that.

It's the waiting for death that is worse, a terrible torment, as the hours and minutes drag endlessly by, like leeches, sucking all your strength. You know have little time left, but wait, and you wait...Then your conscience deadens, and then becomes excessively sharp, but the world becomes something different, all your old values are no longer important. This diary was my last friend, my last testament, in which I have recorded all that has grown in my soul my throughout my life, from my birth to my final days. Maybe I will die, but at least I will die with a smile on my face because my people can now live in peace. I will depart with home and faith in all that was sacred in my life, in all that lies before me...

I can hear footsteps now. They are coming for me. This is it...
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Saturday, June 23rd 2018, 9:03pm

sk6 poetic... :xmasparty:

Jack Frost stalks Sadweiss,
Blizzards dance wildly hand-in-hand,
And all the while snow and ice
Form their Christmas wonderland.

Women bustle, young and old,
Children slide around on their sleighs,
And on the fir tree branches like gold,
The decorations shimmer in waves.

A grey smoke gingerly reaches to the sky,
Ashes in the stoves drowsily smoulder,
The smell of fresh warm bread lingers high,
As dusk descends on Sadweiss's slumber.

But then silence stalks like a thief,
As the Warden returns shaken to the core,
And weakly falls before the Chief,
Just one word falls from his lips, "Kroffdor!"

The Elders shut themselves in their hut
As the people fall silent and wait.
Children abandon their toys to rot,
In the yard, in the park, by the gate...

Seeing no locks, no bolts, nor even a guard
Nor bad fates or an army by the gate,
Hundreds of Kroffdors burst into the courtyard,
Leaving death and destruction in their wake...

Warriors came to their senses and led
The battle, cutting the silence with clashing swords,
And under roofs rotted the dead,
The eternal wanderer of the warrior hordes.

Then something entered the folly of battle,
Spinning a wild dance, weaving the fight,
Eyes filled with silent ecstasy, a ritual
In harmony passion and peace prevailed over might.

And the Kroffdors escaped the uprising,
And the victory and collected gold,
Proved the desire for freedom rings
Clear, and her laws prevail as of old.

Jack Frost stalks Sadweiss,
Wild blizzards dance again, hand-in-hand,
And on the first day of new snow and ice
Emerges another Christmas wonderland.

Again the wings of time rush along,
Again battles come and go,
But they continue to shoulder their own burden
This proud, independent nation...
forum is fun and benefiting with lots of info


Saturday, June 23rd 2018, 9:04pm

forum is fun and benefiting with lots of info


Tuesday, July 3rd 2018, 2:28pm

sk 6

In your hands is a very unusual suicide note. Listen, warrior, and pay attention to every one of my words.

How could you live, how could you exist, if you were born in a putrid, fetid cesspool? How would it be possible, if from the very first day of your existence you found yourself oppressed by your own origin, your own appearance, your own race? How could you live knowing you are a part of the filthy, horrific nation of Chaos? That was my fate. Now it is my choice to die, to perish before they begin teaching me all the tricks and skills needed by a true warrior, a true servant of Chaos. I must go whilst I am still young enough to be left untouched and untroubled by the higher powers with questions and worries of conquest of new worlds, wars for universal hegemony, politics, power? But the powers-that-be don't know that by the time I was two kes (by which Chaos measures age), I had examined and studied in detail my surroundings, by three kes I had analysed it all and now, at four kes, I have reached my conclusions. And that is why I want to die, why I must die. I am talented, gifted even, and highly intelligent, according to any criteria, in any world. I have mastered the languages of 15 worlds, on each of which live two races. This suicide note, this last testament of mine, is written in 28 of those languages. I have not had time to master the script of the small, amusing Loggers and the sand giants and I don't wish to offend them with my illiteracy in their language. They would never forgive me. And, imagine this - my name is so awful that it can't be pronounced in any one of these languages! I've always hated it. Even my poor mother, if such a terrible creature can be called a mother, had difficulty pronouncing it. It's a good thing we don't adopt pet names for children. That would be even worse. Oh, it's such a shame that I'm not a Human! Humans have the most beautiful names?but there we are, I digress.
Don't for one moment think that I have lived my four kes in vain, only complaining about my suffering! That's not so! I have spent it searching for a way to destroy the creatures of Chaos! And now I intend to try it out?on myself! I hope it works. The last two kes of my life have been spent applying my experience, conducting experiments and studying all the merits and deficiencies of Chaos organisms. And, finally, I've found a way! Perhaps I will do something to be proud of, after all!? Thank you! Enough now, farewell! It's time! Tonight I shall do what is necessary ? it will be the darkest night in all these kes?
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Sunday, July 8th 2018, 3:49am

sk 7

You have come across the page of a historical book called the "Chronicles of Bygone Days". Listen carefully to what I am going to tell you, warrior.

Ever since the Zorbs arrived in the colonies from unknown lands, Magmars have shown a keen interest in them. The beasts possessed unbelievable strength, great stamina and speed and were very intelligent. Why waste such a beast, if it could be harnessed for the good of all magmarkind?! Tempted by such a thought, the inhabitants of Khair made several attempts to tame and domesticate the beasts, but failed every time. Neither lash, nor trap, neither tasty morsels, nor taking their young worked ? it was impossible to snare them. Consequently, Magmars gave up on such hopes and left the beasts in peace for several long decades?Until, one day, a profound monk, dressed in an unusual, blinding-white heavy armour, appeared at the gates of Dartrong. Standing there, he sullenly examined the crowd that had gathered and then demanded to be taken to the Elder. Soon after, messengers were dispatched across the whole of Khair, offering the most able and experienced hunters a chance to take part in a new effort to tame the Zorbs. The stranger proposed a strange deal to the Magmars: he would help them tame the strongest and most experienced beasts in front of the entire herd, in order to demonstrate Magmar superiority. He explained that any herd rejects a leader when it witnesses it lose its power or suffer defeat in battle, and then selects a new one, more often than not the one who won the battle.
In exchange for his help, the monk demanded the souls of the continent's 12 best fighters. Some took his words for a joke, some offered to string him from the nearest gallows, but someone else stepped forward, offering his soul as payment. And that night, 12 of the strongest and most courageous Magmars disappeared. According to the Elder, they did so of their own free volition, in the name of their people, considering it no less honourable a death than a heroic death in battle. From that moment on, the deal was sealed.
The best hunters were collected from across the continent and skilled blacksmiths were ordered to prepare new weapons and armour. Everything was got ready for the forthcoming campaign. Magmars, remembering the multitude of past failure, did not pin much hope on the stranger and arriving at the hunt location, they set tens of traps to convince themselves of success. The monk merely smiled and said nothing. Everyone hid and began to wait. Soon, a huge herd appeared from the forest. The leader was obvious instantly, striding ahead of the herd. As he walked, powerful muscles rolled under his tough hide, his feet fell heavily, kicking up clouds of dust and his eyes shone as if on fire, lighting up the field. Suddenly sensing the presence of strangers, he let out a booming, lingering noise and whole herd stopped instantly. Over the course of the next five minutes, the Magmars observed in amazement how the Zorbs avoided all the traps lain for them, following in each other's footsteps, plodding along, one after another.
For some reason, as the herd passed by, not one hunter hit on the idea of tracking it inconspicuously. In the uneasy silence, dried branches snapped so loudly under the Zorb leader's feet that it made those behind twitch. A noose suddenly tightened round his hind foot and, as he pulled on it, he activated the simple mechanism. A wide net fell on his massive back, falling over his flanks, and became entangled under his belly, round his neck and feet, preventing him from moving any further. The huge hulk began to toss about, destroying stout branches and kicking up huge clouds of dust. Furiously shaking his head and letting out a horrific noise, the leader tried everything to free himself. In seconds, the net was torn to shred. The enraged beast threw himself at his captors, trying to crush them. Time and again it went on the attack, oblivious to the swords and axes cutting at him.
The whole herd stood around, watching indifferently whilst forming an impenetrable circle around the battle. If the leader was lost, they would simply find a newer, stronger one, worthy of leading them. The smell of blood hung in the stuffy air, yet the Zorb continued the battle, using all his strength, in which he had a definite advantage.
The Magmars realised they did not have the strength to conquer him and hope for a miracle to save them from the infuriated beast. The battle was slowly but surely approaching its inevitable conclusion- failure, when the stranger suddenly appeared on the battlefield, predicting victory. His armour was shining especially brightly and, in his palms, the air condensed, becoming pale blue. Looking the beast in the eyes, he approached it in earnest, not dropping his gaze as he asked the Magmars to step back.
The Zorb leader stood to attention, as if chained to the earth, and made no effort to resist the stranger's actions. The stranger raised his hands to the heavens. Rustling, like old sheets of paper, the wind rushed across the earth, causing the blades of grass to stand up and create a ring surrounding the two adversaries who stared each other in the eye. The leader began to gather his strength and speed, kicking up dust, whilst small fires began to shimmer in the palms of the white-armoured stranger, strongly contrasting with the pale blue luminescence of air.
Within a minute, the Magmars were witnessing an extraordinary scene, as a cacophony of sounds and colour mixed chaotically, bright scarlet clouds rolling like waves across the darkened sky as the Zorb leader and the stranger were engulfed by a colossal funnel, buzzing like a swarm of bees. The sounds were then suddenly cut short, as if severed by an unseen blade and a sepulchral silence descended. In the eerie silence could be heard the measured whisper of the elder, warmly and sincerely speaking to the Zorb in an incomprehensible language. Falling silent, he threw an amulet to the ground, which scorched a ring of grass around it, and stepped back from the Zorb. The Zorb took an uncertain, heavy step towards the stranger. The stranger stepped back again, and once more the Zorb followed. The amulet, which looked a large gold coin, pulsed with a soft light, and the closer the Zorb got to the stranger, the stronger the amulet pulsed. And, in this way, the stranger continued to pick up and throw the amulet down, summoning the Zorb each time, compelling him to follow.
The remaining beasts noiselessly stepped aside, breaking the ring and releasing the encircled Magmars.
And, so, victory was achieved at the cost of twelve great souls, a victory the path to which had spread across decades. All that lay ahead was for the great hunters to lead the huge herd to Dartrong, to combine the beasts' power and loyalty to the Magmars' strength and intellect, turning the Zorbs into their protectors and friends.
His task accomplished, the mysterious stranger disappeared into the night, having turned the next page in the book of great Magmar conquests.
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Saturday, August 25th 2018, 1:52pm

打工是不可能打工的,这辈子都不会。做生意又不会做,只能玩玩龙战才能维持生活这样子 :hug:

哪一天我不玩龙战了,那说明我的人生丰富了 :wink:


Saturday, October 13th 2018, 2:56am

You have discovered an autopsy report on a Magmar. Listen carefully to what I am going to tell you, warrior.

The Magmar body lying before me is the same as a Human body. It consists of a head, a torso and appendages (two arms and two legs). There is no tail. The first digression from Human anatomy is immediately evident ? the skin has a specific violet colour.
As is apparent from the trepanation, the cerebrum is not divided into two hemispheres, but presents a complete whole. I believe that this explains the swiftness and preciseness of Magmar movement, because the nerve impulses in their body have a far shorter distance to travel from the receptor to the necessary part of the brain. Opening the sternum reveals a further particularity. There are two hearts, symmetrically situated on the right- and the left-hand side, in front of what appears to be the lungs. It seems that four blood circulation circuits support a Magmar life and, one must surmise here, that after the failure of one heart, a Magmar can continue to live thanks to the other. Furthermore, the first heart might, like a malleus, lead the second. Is it really a perpetual system?
I have just conducted an opening of the thorax. It shows that the 'lungs' are not elastic, like Humans lungs! Usually, expanding like a sponge, the lungs enable the inhalation of however much air an organism needs, but with the Magmars it is quite different. At first glance, they are made of some sort of porous obsidian. In other words, they are hard, meaning they cannot expand and can only hold a limited amount of air. So, what is the secret? What supplies the two hearts with oxygen?
I would suggest that the clue is in the bodily tissue. The Magmars probably live like insects, thanks to tracheal respiration. Such a respiratory system consists of a set of superfine pipes, which I can now see under one of the layers of skin, the magmadermis. These tiny canals are capable of independently supplying the bodily tissue with oxygen, at the same time, like the pulmonary system, maintaining the cerebral cortex. The results of the analysis have shown that, instead of blood, magma flows in the veins, arteries and vessels. Post-mortem, the magma cools and upon contact with air, coagulates and hardens. According to its composition, it is perfectly suited to supporting life, providing all the necessary substances: it contains a great quantity of chemical elements, as well as volatile components and vaporous water. Judging by the evidence before me, when the Magmar breathes, the air is heated up as it passes from the nasopharnyx to the lungs. As the magma dilates, the oxygen enters it and is carried along the arteries to the cerebrum.
It should be noted that the magma appears to be the reason for the unusual skin colouring. I am unsure about during life, but post-mortem it acquires every shade from violet to light blue. Particularly picturesque are the bright orange veins and large arteries along which the magma usually flows.
After a thorough inspection of the upper layers of skin, I have found some barely noticeable black dots ? pores. Presumably, like Human pores, they expel unnecessary salt and toxins.
Of course, these are only my assumptions, but the Magmar has one huge plus! It does not suffer from illness. A Magmar is unaffected by viruses, microbes, bacteria or infections because they cannot survive in such temperatures. That means that a Magmar is less vulnerable and has better vitality than a Human, as well as being more enduring and able to adapt to practically any surroundings.
No less surprising, according to our specialists' opinions, is that Magmars are afflicted by partial daltonism and cannot perceive the difference between red and yellow, but they do have excellent vision and can see objects over great distances.
Coarse skin means a Magmar's sense of touch is diminished, but even here there is compensation! Sharp hearing and an excellent sense of smell allow the Magmar to sense objects by the smells and sounds that emanate from them.
It seems that this particular Magmar trait has both positive and negative aspects.
On the one hand, the Magmar is not susceptible to the pain caused by external injuries. But, on the other hand, the mind is unable to discern what is dangerous and what is not dangerous and cannot subsequently develop suitable reflexes.
One thing is clear: this organism is not identical to the Human organism, although most of the differences are of neither a positive, nor a negative character, if the whole picture is considered. The war between our races would have been settled long ago if we were not capable of almost exactly the same. Sometimes they have the advantage, sometimes we do and so it will always be if a third being does not appear that is capable of disrupting this equilibrium.
The study of Magmar anatomy is opening up new boundaries to us, allowing great advances in science. I am sure that further research will give more and more new results, which will allow us to move our profession to a whole new level.
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Saturday, October 13th 2018, 2:59am

sk 8 done
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Monday, December 2nd 2019, 3:18am

大家好,还真的能说中文诶。。。。 :P


Wednesday, February 12th 2020, 4:36am

hi let's meet in game and have some fun :]
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