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 Divine Protectors04.02.2014 09:48

Since ancient times, the Habu tribe has worshipped two powerful goddesses, receiving patronage and all kinds of benefits in gratitude for dedicated service and generous offerings. The Water Nymph, mistress of the water, has fuelled the bug-eyed creatures with magic power, preventing them from becoming exhausted in battle. Sylph Fairy, the Air Goddess, has instead a destructive influence on the charms of Habu opponents, striking the power of their magic in battles.



Brave warriors of Faeo! Now you have an excellent opportunity to gain the favour of the ancient goddesses and obtain powerful protectors in battle. The secret of the location of the amazing Sylph and Nymph altars, known by the clever Habu, has been revealed!




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The goblin, who runs a shop selling curiosities in the capital, has decided to expand his collection of ancient items that were hidden all around Faeo centuries ago. Of course, goblin customs prevent this miser from doing this himself. It is much easier to find one or several assistants, make them do all the work and then take part of the treasure they have discovered.
The enterprising shopkeeper does not see anything wrong with that: at the end of the day he will leave a large share of the treasures with his assistant! And if you need to sweat a lot to find the hiding places that contain riches - isn't that what warriors are for?  
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It is risky to start a friendship with the pathfinders  Fergus and  Ortego. Of course, neither of the Tomb Raiders will stab you in the back, but either one of them could send you off on a fatally dangerous journey. Before you know it you will be agreeing with the treasure seekers and fulfilling their requests whatever the cost. The cunning treasure hunters are very persuasive... And this time it is really important to carry out the task set by the pathfinders. For a long time in the Forbidden City there has been a group of crazed Zarlogs, ready to rip anyone they come across to shreds. The Tomb Raiders reckon that sanity can be restored to these fierce creatures, but in order to do that the River Keeper Skull trophy must be obtained...


Fergus Ortego

If you have reached level 16 and have investigated the Forbidden City and its surroundings, it would be a good time to take part in this thrilling adventure, where nobody can guess what awaits at the next turn! Ahead you can expect a meeting with the charming Maurina Mistress, a multitude of explosive confrontations and bloody battles, and most importantly - a great and worthy reward for your efforts... Hurry along and meet the Tomb Raider  Fergus, who lives in  Basmont, and the pathfinder  Ortego, who lives in  Narrowford, – and the whirlpool of incredible events and incidents ahead will have your head spinning!






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Warriors! Don’t miss the opportunity and fight till death on the battlefields! If you are blessed by Sheara, all items that are worn during fights will be indestructible.



In order to support you in the permanent fight against chaos the great goddess grants you the possibility to train your abilities in the battlefields without damaging your armour.

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 A Chicken Laying Golden Eggs23.01.2014 15:22

All country-folk have heard about the chickens that lay golden eggs through legends and fairy tales, but the scholars always thought it was nothing but wishful thinking. Now, however, rumours are spreading that a few chickens that have this ability have appeared. It goes without saying that everyone would love to get their hands on one!


Image gallery of online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Ikvan the Peasant has found such a bird among the chickens in his coop, and another has fallen into one of Image gallery of online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Kugar the Hunter's traps. Now you must find a way to get either the simple peasant or the wily hunter to hand over the chicken.


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 Hunting the Invisible23.01.2014 09:49

A new order has arrived at the border of the civilized lands: mages in the capital believe this region has become the centre of attention for some kind of evil force... They are ordering daily patrols that should aim to identify magic anomalies and have even sent several charged amulets for this purpose.



The brave sentries cannot manage their posts and follow the new order, so they are keen to pass this task on to adventure seekers. You have to go on patrol, without really knowing anything about what the threat is because it is concealed from the eyes of mere mortals. But if you complete the task successfully you will earn a worthy reward!




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 Road to Meridian Lands22.01.2014 12:09

The Meridian Lands await brave explorers who want to go where no human or magmar has set foot before! Of course the local inhabitants do not welcome outsiders. Both the Maurins and the Zarlogs are suspicious of strangers. Be prepared to come across those that prefer to meet uninvited guests with arrows, spears and battle magic. There are also plenty of other dangerous creatures in the Meridian Lands, be it the ever hungry feathered Rocs, the evil spirit possessed Nephertos or the crazy Droolizards!



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A library, carefully collected by an owner who mysteriously disappeared many years ago, was found in the ruins of an ancient castle. The scholars and thinkers of Faeo are unbelievably thrilled about its contents! Going through bug eaten shelves, they found many valuable folios, among which there is a list of all the books stored at the library.




However, when they looked closely at the list, the researchers were rather disappointed, for some of the amazing collection dedicated to the history of Faeo was missing. The suspicions of the wise researchers fell on ever present monsters, which may have entered the ruins and inadvertently swallowed the durable leather covers. 

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Would you like to sit on the back of a powerful mount on your journeys through Faeo rather than having to walk long distances? Wouldn't a strong animal be a great support in your battles? Learning to ride on a mount is the dream of every young warrior in Faeo. Many of them come to Arnica and Orfin to learn this skill but since the mounts in the stables need large amounts of food, they have to pay a fee for the riding lessons. However, the more members of either race have mastered the riding skill, the more powerful will that race be and because of that Arnica and Orfin are willing to offer a special discount on the first riding skill for a short period of time.

Discount on the Riding Skill in the onlinr game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
If you don't have the riding skill yet, head to the Wirgold Estate or the Mentaliya Foothills and take riding lessons with Arnica or Orfin. These riding lessons normally cost 45, but if you come between Monday, January 20, 13:00 Faeo time and Wednesday January 22, 17:00 Faeo time you will get a 10 % discount and you will only have to pay 40 50. So hurry up! With your first riding skill you will be able to saddle a Berona Tiger or a Crion Zorb.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 2)

Warriors, it is about time to re-start the Happy Hours! This weekend you get the chance to proof your fighting skills and crush your enemies in the Crystalline Caves.


The gods of war are merciful and they  reward the winners and the defeated with double Valor in the Crystalline Caves. Warriors, you better do your best to please the gods and get your reward!

As usual you can buy the Anti-Ageing-Potion in the Battlefield. Just click on the box in the starting location and you will pay  1 and get the Anti-Ageing-Potion

The Happy Hours in the Crystalline Caves start Friday at 15:00 Faeo time and end on Sunday at 22:00 Faeo time.

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