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October 2015
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 Battlefields of Equals27.02.2015 15:20

Warriors! Today we are glad to open all three Battlefields of Equals - Temple of Equals, Arena of Equals and Caves of Equals!


You will be able to queue up all three Battlefields of Equals from February 27th, 16:00 till March 2nd 12:00 Faeo time.

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Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that Gloum and Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Contraband Shop. The goods they offer are so exciting, that the most respectable and powerful warriors were spotted hurrying up to the   Barrow of Sadness and the  Glade of Dreams to see what smugglers have brought from distant lands!

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 Winter Gnomish Trade Fair24.02.2015 15:15

UPDATE: Gnomes have started to pack their things, hurry the fair might close any time now!

Warriors! The travelling Gnomes are back again! They were spotted at the City Fairs with their treasures that they are willing to sell to you! Come quick to see what they have got for you!


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 The Insignia of the Dragons20.02.2015 13:00

Warriors! Mistress of the Dragons Sheara has decided to reward Humans and Magmars and dedicates a special event to the Dragons, who are always on guard and support the warriors in times of hardship.

The Insignia of the Dragon

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 Temple of Equals20.02.2015 12:00

Warriors! Today we are glad to introduce a new type of battlefields - Temple of Equals!

Temple of Equals is one of the new Battlefields of Equals, which will be available to queue up from February 20th, 12:00 till February 23rd 12:00 Faeo time.
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 February Bags20.02.2015 05:19

Brave warriors of Faeo! February was very saturated with events, you had many things to do but you did great. Very soon the event «February - Awakening of Feelings!» will come to its end, but now we invite you visit a special shop with event rewards at Tindoline's, which every warrior will be able to purchase with Carved Hearts.

Pay attention to the Conlegret card from the special Event Deck. After the end of each Monthly Event you will be able to buy cards like this and by the end of the year you'll become the owner of complete set of 12 cards.

Вор ЧигрикМошенник Глум

If you don't have enough Carved Hearts visit shops at Chigrik's and Gloum's! These enterprising contrabandists have special February Bags, on the bottom of which you will find Carved Hearts.

You can purchase these bags both for gold and for diamonds but you'll be able to buy them one time only for each currency.

Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!

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Since ancient times Maurin whisperers have been known as masters of sealing energy of sacred Tailsime in magical stones, known as arkats. Like talisman, arkat helps its owner in battles thought increasing of their characteristics. The more edges this magical stone has, the more energy of sacred tree it can hold inside, thus the more powerful it is.

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 Winter Yeti Games17.02.2015 07:24

Brave warriors who have already started exploring Snowy Islands can continue getting to know its inhabitants and help them to prepare to the Winter Games. You'll meet Inchu the Speedy Canoeist at Floating WharfНа, who is renowned for his dashing maneuvers in the cold waters of the Frozen Sea, Uataun the Northern Witch Doctor at Ice Arena, who can heal any sickness or wound, Guntur the Young Warrior at Confrontation Island, who is getting ready for his rite of passage.

Right after all organizational questions are resolved and the Islands are ready for the competition, brave and determined warriors may assay their strength in competitions. There are 6 disciplines in Winter Yeti Games: Fishing, Gelanf Hunting, Target Practice, Fighting Superiority, Single Combat and Canoe Racing.

Take part in friendly competitions and earn medals, which after the end of the Winter Games can be exchanged for the valuable prizes!

Show northers tribes what warriors of Ogriy and Khair are capable of! Winter Games are on!

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 Love is in the Air13.02.2015 12:00

If you smell a scent of spring in the air when it is still winter in the calendar, if a smile involuntarily appears on your face, if brave warrioresses or warriors seem to you incredibly pretty – it means that, St. Valentine's Day is soon to come! Hurry to Tindoline the Fairy – winged sorceress, who will lead you through the mysterious paths of love and help you find your second half! Eventhough Fairy's tasks may be hard at times - can that really be an obstacle for a true warrior?

You shouldn't trust Tindoline with everything! You yourself can become a bringer of great news and tenderness. Equip yourself with Cupid's Bow and go hunt for lonely hearts! The more arrows will reach their targets, the better! Each shot gifts you with a gift of being able to collect Fragrant Kiss Flowers!

Счастье для каждой

Earn unique achievements which you will be able to brag about among your friends! What is more, you will be able to make neat bouquets with Fragrant Kiss Flowers and give them to the local beauties. All female NPC of the World of Feao will be ready to receive this marvellous gift from you, in return they will award you with achievements and other gifts!

Due to the upcoming St. Valentine's Day there will be neat souvenirs available at gift shops in Faytir and Baurvill. If you gift them to your second half - s/he will be greatly surprised! Choose a gift to your liking yourself!

Don't hide your feelings, tell your loved ones that you love them! Have a great and merry day!

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 Arena of Equals12.02.2015 12:00

Warriors! Today we are glad to introduce a new type of battlefields - Arena of Equals!

Arena of Equals is one of the new Battlefields of Equals, which will be available to queue up from February 12th, 15:00 till February 14th 23:59 Faeo time.
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