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 Cave Tournament03.01.2014 08:58

Warriors of Faeo, the order of the Underground Knights invites you to take part in a new cave tournament from Friday January 3 at 14:00 Faeo time till Sunday January 5 at 22:30 Faeo time. So, warriors, get ready for the bloody battles! Sharpen your weapons and improve your skills to win a good amount of Valor at the weekend!


To get into the cave tournament use the battlefield button and select Cave Tournament. Participants will have to queue in order to get into the battlefield. Each group fights against warriors of their own level group. The groups are level 3 and 4, level 5 and 6, level 7 and 8, level 9 and 10, level 11 and 12, level 13 and 14 and level 15. Players are grouped in teams of 25.

This time Cave Tournament is for everyone! All ranks can join anytime.The participation is free!
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While the respectable citizens of Ogriy and Khair are fast asleep, crooks are busy at work under the cover of darkness, going unnoticed as they haul bags filled to the brim with artefacts back to their hideouts. The following day, word of the new goods that have appeared on the Black Market spreads through Faeo like wildfire.

Rumour has it that Gloum and Chigrik have gotten hold of a multitude of rare items, ranging from dwarven treasures to the hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives, which players could use to increase their reputation. Some even claim that items which used to belong to General UyarrMO himself are among the spoils!

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 When the spirits get angry02.01.2014 08:09

Traditions and customs have always held a special place in the lives of Faeo inhabitants. Ancient stories and legends have been passed down by word of mouth about powerful spirits helping ordinary people cope with important matters and protecting them against hardships. Humans and magmars greatly revere their guardians and make it a point to thank and glorify them. But as the saying goes, even a good marksman may miss! Well, someone did forget to follow the old tradition and show respect for the spirits with gifts and to give thanks for a generous harvest and rich booty. Being the touchy and wilful creatures that they are, the spirits were rather quick to punish the negligent inhabitants of Faeo with a series of misfortunes and disasters.




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 Best Wishes for 2014!31.12.2013 12:00

Warriors of Faeo, this is the last day of the year 2013 - another year that has flown by. It is time to take a quick look back: The residents of Faeo have been heroically fighting against the Forces of Chaos and defending themselves against the dreaded attacks of the hostile races. For the first time, the warriors have acquired and built their own estates. The huge update in summer has showered you all with lots of other changes.
But now it is time to look to the future! Let’s see what the year 2014 will bring. You can look forward to loads of new features and expect to get some unimaginable surprises.
The War of Dragons team wishes you all a great start to the New Year and all the best for 2014, both in Faeo and in real life!
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Warriors, the New Year is approaching at a fast pace. A turn of the year is always a very happy event, so the celebrations in Faeo can really begin. During the New Year festival you can expect to enjoy yourself with the chance to win some big prizes at the Mini Games. You can also consult a Fortune Teller for a glimpse into the future to discover what 2014 holds in store for you.


Are you a little bit curious to know what is going to happen during the next year? Then take the opportunity during the Festival to talk to  Maritsa or  Bludiara and dare to take a peek in the Crystal Ball. Both of them will give you valuable tips for the future, and also make you very happy with the perfect present.




Author: Hermano  More (comments: 20)

Warriors, another year is coming to an end at Faeo: a year full of heroic acts and fierce battles, a year full of new features and adventures. Now it’s time to ring out the old year and bring in the new one, which promises great excitement and fabulous surprises. We will have to celebrate that! Of course, this will be another New Year Festival, but this time the preparations will be a little bit different.


Author: Hermano  More (comments: 27)

 Merry Christmas!24.12.2013 15:06

Faeo's cities and countryside are covered in snow, and some peace and tranquility returns over Christmas time as a year filled with excitement, fierce battles and heroic accomplishments draws to an end. All sorts of difficulties had to be overcome until Father Christmas was saved, the gifts placed under the Christmas trees and all other arrangements were made.


But now it's time to experience some Christmas spirit again on the town squares of O'Delvays and Dartrong and to select a nice gift. This year the Spirit of christmas is even more generous, you can get one present on Christmas Day and another one on Boxing Day!


The War of Dragons Team wishes a very Happy Christmas to all players!

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 18)

 Christmas Trade Fair23.12.2013 16:00

Warriors, it's Christmas – a time of joy, a time of gifts! But aren't the best gifts the ones you give to yourself? Menachem and Samary have managed to convince the travelling merchants to set up their stalls in snowy Faeo once again, and to put some special rare items on offer this Christmas!

  Winter Fair in the free RPG War of Dragons!  
Several people mentioned in their Christmas wish lists that they would like to see whole weapons and bows being offered again. And Sheara has provided: as well as fragments, you'll also see whole red weapons and bows. And, with red being such a festive colour, exclusive red armour will be on offer once more!


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 Find Your Christmas Stockings23.12.2013 13:57

Christmas is coming soon and so warriors of Faeo are searching for their stockings to put them on the chimney for Santa Claus to fill them with presents. But of course no one wants to use their old smelly stockings and the shops of Faeo have run out of stockings and so you might have to search somewhere else.

Sometimes you can find what you are looking for at the most unexpected places. Warriors have seen stockings in Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Allayas Wastelands and the Lost Wastelands. But remember, Christmas is not just about receiving lots of presents, it is about showing your affection to friends and giving presents, too. So, take one of the stockings and give it to a friend before the end of Christmas Eve.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 2)

 Get your Christmas rewards!23.12.2013 12:00

Warriors, you finally made it! You were on your feet day and night to finish the preparations for the Christmas celebrations in Faeo and to prevent Christmas being ruined by the attacks by the evil Yetis. You have been busy collecting snowdrifts, Christmas Tree decorations, gifts and fireflies for the Spirit of Christmas to make sure that everything is shining with a Christmas sparkle. The great festivities are now just around the corner, so the Spirit of Christmas would like to thank you all.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the Spirit of Christmas has awarded loads of Magic Snowflakes, which you can exchange for fabulous, magic, or just rare objects from now until Tuesday, 31 December at 22:59 Faeo time. This year, you will not be getting your Christmas Presents from the Spirit of Christmas, but from the Curiosities shop at City Fair, which you can reach over the Daylight Square and the Square of Fire.
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