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 Clan Wars Quiz!24.06.2019 14:30

Warriors of Faeo! This seasons of low level clan wars has come to an ending. For that occasion our Chronicler’s Team has decided to team up with the Goddess of Luck - Liusaidh and prepare for you a sum up of the clan wars in a short test that everyone can particpate in!


To participate send your answers to the questions in the in-game mail to Liusaidh !

Ready, set, go! Good luck warriors!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 1)

 Jesters Delight Edition 0924.06.2019 12:00

 Jesters present the most important Headlines around Faeo!



Find out what is happening in the World of Faeo in our latest edition of  Jesters Delight Edition 05/2019

Enjoy the lecture!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 1)

 The Purge Review results!12.06.2019 17:00

The Purge Review is over and you have send us a lot of nice pictures and stories Jesters are very pleased with your participation - though there is never enough or too many taking part!



 Jesters also decided that there was enough entries to create two categories: Picture and Stories! 

 Thank you for your participation! 


Author: Lisad  More (comments: 4)

 Clan Wars. Inteviews05.06.2019 17:00

Warriors of Faeo! With three weeks of this year’s clan wars coming to an end and league selection being right here upon us, the Chronicler’s Team has decided, in keeping with tradition, to bring you this season’s clan war interviews.


You can find the rest of the questions and answers in our library!

We are currently preparing a new round of interviews and we would love to have all clans to come forward to participate. If you wish to take part in next interviews please contact:

Warlordekkie for Human side,

-TheRiddle- or LordOfNightmares for Magmar side.

We still have a long road ahead of us!
Stay tuned for more news!
Author: Lisad  More (comments: 5)

 Liusaidh's Challenges05.06.2019 12:00

The greatest idol for  Liusaidh always has been Sheara. And so it is only natural that she is trying to follow in her idols footsteps whenever possible. That is how she came to the idea to organize Liusaidh's Challenges. However, it is not as big as Shearas Challenges had been nor is it as well rewarded.



But  Liusaidh still hopes, you all will enjoy the tasks she has chosen for you and do your very best to fullfill them!

 Good luck and may the fastest contenders win! 

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 10)

 War of Dragons YouTubers #303.06.2019 13:00

  Jesters present: The War of Dragons YouTubers!



According to your feedback we have slighty changed the evaluation of our Best YouTubers and also created three different categories: Fights, Guides and Other. Ranking now is a mix between Likes and Views. Further only the inputs of the current year - right now 2019 - are taken in consideration.

 Thank you to all our YouTubers

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 0)

 The Faeo Purge - Review!22.05.2019 16:00

Warriors! The Purge is over and we want to get some feedback about it!


How was your first  Purge experience in Faeo?

 Share your Purge experience with us! 

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 0)

 The Faeo Purge20.05.2019 16:00

Warriors of Ogriy and Khair! The Purge will be starting tonight!



Be aware! In only a few hours the Purge will begin. We hope you all have got your preparations done in time.

Pay attention to the event Regulations!
Warriors!  Jesters hope you will enjoy the slaughter!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 9)

 The Faeo Purge16.05.2019 14:00

Brave Warriors of Ogriy and Khair! It' s Purge Time!

Warriors be aware! Elders have heard your prayers and asked  Jesters to introduce the first Faeo Purge Event.

Pay attention to the event Regulations!
Warriors! Start your preparations now to be ready for the slaughter!
Author: Lisad  More (comments: 24)

 Jesters Delight Edition 0907.05.2019 11:00

 Jesters present the most important Headlines around Faeo!



Find out what is happening in the World of Faeo in our latest edition of  Jesters Delight Edition 04/2019

Enjoy the lecture!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 0)

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