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 Battles for the Trade Ships21.09.2018 13:00

Trade ships of  Galash the Merchant and  Squire Voldemar are at full speed to the distant shores for the extraordinary goods and wonders. The maddening race is on: tired sailors can barely stand on their feet, the sails are ripping away from the gushing wind and the whole ship is creaking up almost as it can feel the pain from the waves that are fiercely beating at its sides. And as if it wasn't already enough trouble for our brave travelers – the ships are surrounded by bloodthirsty predators waiting for an easy prey. And these are not some hungry little fishes that you can get rid of with a swing of an oar, these are the pirates, the fearmongering sea wolves and cutthroats from all over the world... 
Save the merchants from the sea vultures! To find the ship in trouble at sea you must turn to the help of the magic compass that will transfer you into the heat of the battle with the power of magic. From the number of successfully fended off attacks will depend how much goods will the ships deliver to your continent. And also the price of those goods!  

Help the merchants! Do not leave them behind! More victories at sea - less money spent on land!

Attention! Your equipment won't break in the fights with the Captain and all your injuries will heal right after the battle. You will also gain more valor than usual.

Attention! You can enter the fight alongside the Captain only within an hour from the start of the fight.

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. VeryLucky 21.09.2018 13:43
hey where sport elixirs :/
2. - AsSaSsIn -_908 21.09.2018 14:29
yeah, what happened to the sport elixirs, they didnt have expiration date -.-
3. Easy_Cazador 21.09.2018 21:57
yes, what happened to the sport elixirts? please solve that

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