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 War of Pumpkins. Results.07.11.2018 09:00

 Jesters War of Pumpkins - Final results!



A decision has been made!


  Jesters  proudly present you the winners of the War of Pumpkin Contest:



Winner of the competition:   Katraz 


The Arboris King has come back to life
He lurks in the shadows and hides in the light
No element can penetrate this creature
He is harder than a rock or iron with no features
For Death has no hold and there is no fear
From this Arboris King no shelter is near
The King once cared for other trees
Now serves Evil spirits in the forest with leaves
Awaiting the next victim he sees!



+ 10 Reward Chests



In second place:   Wonder Fool


I want to learn, I want to grow,

Until the chronicles will show.

And everyone shall know my name,

And sing in songs of my big fame.

But I fear it will never be,

‘cause nothing rhymes on ‚Urchi‘.



+ 7 Reward Chests



And in third place:   zAquisgran


Even in the darkest moment
There is hope if there is a friend
Writing messages as we know 
The other actually feeling low

And even now when cell is locked
And no one knows where ist the key
To give up would be truely wrong
Remember ugly ducks are strong!

No injury - no war - no ban
Can take apart that faithful clan
I´ll wait for you – you´d wait for me
Thats what we swore us: Loyalty!



+ 5 Reward Chests



Winner of the Players vote!  garra de dragon __Leo__ 


This is a poem
that tells a legend
What happened in the cemeteries of the clan Burial Grounds.
a brave general next to his troop
he defended his people from horror
Because humans came to destroy the population.
The general and his troops fought with honor.
but they were overwhelmed with great terror
When they saw that they lost, they asked for help.
to King Magish`¨`s, who saw the opportunity
to grow his army,
I use their magic and I transform them.
in skeletons of a warrior
That drove the humans out of the clan burial Grounds.
the warriors paid a high price.
becoming guardians of King Magishs
for eternity



+ 3 Reward Chests


All other participants who meet the requirements



+ 1 Reward Chest


Congratulations to our winners!




 Thank you to all participants and we are looking forward to our next event! 


Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. zAquisgran 07.11.2018 15:18
for other winners/participants who are not online and donīt notice stuff in­ backpack automaticly 15:13 Reward Chest for winning the Pumpkin­ Challenge: Premium Elixir of Giant 5 pcs, Premium Elixir of Life 10 pcs, Pumpkin­ Stew 10 pcs, Crystals of Truth 50 pcs, Mithril Palm 1 pcs Thanks­ jesters for the idea/ the event !
2. Wonder Fool 07.11.2018 16:01
wait what? I think i don't have a reward chest... those open up­ automatically in BP? i got all the rest of the reward, but no chests... !?
3. Katraz 07.11.2018 16:18
Yeah I got everything but the reward chests. Congrats all!
4. zAquisgran 07.11.2018 16:23
Puh, i know that english is not my mothers language but i really think one­ should understand the text above... Why should i have posted that text if­ you find a reward chest in backpack? Why should it be important whether one has­ been on- or offline before if you´d find reward chest in backpack? ... :-)
5. Wonder Fool 07.11.2018 16:54
well, i quite understand you, and i wouldn't have asked, if wasn't sure­ that at least one of the things you listed did NOT appear into my BP... i­ don't know about elixirs, about crystals about palms BUT i'm pretty sure­ i had no pumpy stew in BP before and i have now­ 750: and­ you wrote there should be 10 per chest, so the one thing i'm sure about is:­ i got none more than the 750 from the general reward. And for that i wonder if i­ got the rest. nothing about language, was just trying to get it clear, thanks­ anyway for the post, zA ;)
6. Lisad 08.11.2018 09:23
@Wonder Fool The walnut was not part of the chest, take a look at the rewards,­ the walnut is a reward for the first 3 winning places.
7. Lisad 08.11.2018 09:35
The chests contained the following items:
Premium Elixir of Giant­ x5
Premium Elixir of Life x10
Pumpkin Stew x10
Crystals of Truth­ x50
Mithril Palm x1
8. Wonder Fool 08.11.2018 10:03
oh damn :cap: praise those who can read... stew is not nuts... i agreee, sorry­ :D... so thanks again :D
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